Trove is a 3D voxel-based sandbox MMORPG with a central hub area and an ever-expanding number of procedurally generated worlds to explore. Clear dungeons to earn loot, mine blocks, and build your own house, items, or custom dungeons!


Trove Key Features:

An Infinite Sandbox –  explore procedurally generated worlds, and go on to create your own!

Multiple Classes to Level – unlock and switch between an ever growing number of classes.

Dungeons to Explore – an unending stream of dungeons provide rewards and a sense of direction.

Mobile Homes – customize a Cornerstone plot and access it during your adventures.

Community Created Content – use a voxel editor to submit new items or dungeons to the game.


Trove Classes

Knight - the default starter class. Knights are durable fighters who excel at melee combat. They can charge at enemies to get within range and their ultimate restores their health instantly.

Gunslinger - armed with dual pistols, Gunslingers can deliver charged shots from a distance and overwhelm their foes with a hail of bullets.

Fae Trickster - a magic user who specializes in avoiding damage by blinking away from enemies and leaving behind illusions.

Dracolyte - a magic user specializing in fire and armed with a flamethrower and a dragonling familiar. Their ultimate allows them to temporarily transform into a powerful dragon.

Neon Ninja - a fast-paced melee class specializing in stealth. Perform backflips and throw shurikens at enemies before delivering a powerful "Final Technique" ultimate.

Candy Barbarian - brutes whose lust for battle is matched only by their hunger for treats. Candy Barbarians can smite their foes with summoned thundercones.

Ice Sage - a mage focused on everything cold. Freeze foes where they stand then pelt them with summoned crystals and icicles.

Shadow Hunter - an archer armed with the power of light. Fire Radiant Arrows to defeat foes while using Sun Snares to keep them at a distance.

Pirate Captain - an explosives expert armed with a blunderbuss pistol and a cannon. Pirate Captains can summon their Man o' War ships to finish off particularly difficult opponents.

News And Guides
Trove Livestream - Darknik Dreadnought Preview (7/28)

Eclipse is the focus of this week's Trove livestream. In the livestream, you can preview the incredibly powerful new boss of Shadow Towers, Darknik Dreadnought in advance since these updates will be showed on August 22.

Trove: Revamped Reward System For Shadow Tower

The Trove Eclipse has not only brought invasion to Shadow Tower, but also upgraded a new reward system!

Trove: Earn Crystallized Sun Sparks In The Gathering Light Quest

As the launching of Sunfest, Trove offers daily login rewards with the Gathering Light quest for two weeks.

Trove: Shadow Invade With The Coming Of Eclipse

Trove has its own Eclipse now! It's said that there is a total solar eclipse bringing new invasions to the Shadow Tower.

The VFX Stream Of Trove Livestream

The VFX (Visual Effects) of Trove livestream is available now!

Trove Livestream - Visual Effects (7/21)

Friday comes again! In this time's livestream, Trove developer team will have Junebug, the Visual Effects (VFX) Artist, show the epic visual effecting skillzors she work with in Trove.

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