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Roubles play a crucial role in the game "Escape From Tarkov" (EFT), serving as the primary currency within the game.

Main Functions of Roubles:
1. Roubles can be used to purchase various in-game items such as weapons, armor, medical kits, and bullets. These equipments are essential for enhancing player survival rates and combat effectiveness.

2. Players need roubles to upgrade their characters and expand in-game functionalities. For example, buying specific skills or unlocking new game content.

3. Players can sell unneeded items to in-game merchants in exchange for roubles. Moreover, as players level up, they unlock more merchants and advanced trading options, which usually require a substantial amount of roubles.

4. If players regret selling an item, they can choose to buy it back from merchants at a certain percentage of roubles.

The role of roubles in EFT extends beyond mere transactions and purchases; they are key to survival and progression in the game world. Managing and accumulating roubles become a crucial part of players' strategic planning.

Players can acquire roubles in various ways, including finding them in loot boxes, safes, and wallets within the game environment, or through mining and trading. Players can also obtain roubles by selling equipment and items acquired from other players, although this often requires significant time and effort.

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