Tarkov Carry Boosting Service

Tarkov Carry Boosting Service

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Escape From Tarkov Carry Boosting Service by U4GM
U4GM offers a professional EFT Carry Boosting Service, which includes various options like Power Leveling, Raid Carry, and SHOOTER Quest boosting. Among these, the Tarkov Raid Carry Service is particularly popular due to its affordability and the substantial rewards it offers.

Key Features of U4GM Tarkov Raid Carry Service:
1. Comprehensive Equipment Package: Players receive a full set of gear, which includes armor, helmets, headsets, guns, a 6SH118 backpack, and 2-4 pieces of additional equipment.
2. Priority for Valuable Loot: All slots will be filled with high-value items, ensuring players gain the most from their raid.
3. Choice of Any Map: Players are free to choose any map without incurring extra costs, even for challenging maps like the Lab Raid.
4. Raid Carry lasts 15-30 minutes on average.

If some of us die or the game crashes completely, we will restart the raid for free.

Considerations for the Raid Carry Service:
1. Access Card Requirement: Players need to have an access card to participate. If you do not have one, we can select any other map for the raid.
2. Safety and Convenience: Once on the map, we will guide you to a safe hiding spot where you can relax and wait while we secure all the necessary loot for you.

This service is designed to be safe, fast, and legal, making it a great option for players looking to enhance their experience in Escape From Tarkov without spending excessive time or money.

Fast Delivery

Fulfilling orders quickly is one of the most important things. U4GM staff will do everything possible to help you get your Tarkov Carry Boosting Service order as soon as possible.

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Refund Policy

For any reason that you want a refund before order delivered, U4GM will issue the refund within 24 hours.

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Whenever you have any questions, problems, concerns, advice, you can reach us on live chat, Skype, Discord, e-mail. U4GM customer support 24/7 available for you.