10 New Player Tips for Diablo 4

juego: Diablo IV
tiempo: 2023-06-07
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Diablo 4 has just been released and there are some important things you may not know if you're new to the Diablo world. So here are 10 things to know for Diablo 4.

1. Detailed Comparison

Diablo 4 has a deeper comparison option which is turned off by default. This option will show the improvements or negative stats plus also advise what you would lose if you unequipped an item. This may not be for everyone but it's a good tool for those who love detail and want to see what the effect of the change would have on their character. You can find this detail under Gameplay called Advanced Tooltip Compare, and Advanced Tooltip Information.

2. Character Deletion

At time people may delete a character by accident or abruptly not liking what they did. However Diablo 4 has a built in recovery if you do such a thing. Right under your character selection screen, you will find an Undo Character Delete option, allowing you to bring back your most recent deleted character. Please make note that if you delete multiple characters, you can only bring back the last deleted character. But regardless this is a good backup if you should get angry and go on a deleting spree.

3. Leave Dungeon

If you're not aware there is a specific Leave Dungeon option which will teleport you at the entrance of the Dungeon you just entered. This is a good option to know especially if you finish a dungeon and don't want to teleport back to towns.

Leave Dungeon

4. Resource Transmog

When getting specific resources you can transmog certain resources into other resources. This is primarily use when crafting potions. For example, Gallowvine can be made from 5 different plants you pick. Whereas you can use Gallowvine to make 5 different plant types depending on the potions you need to make. Silver Ore can be make from Iron chunks and Superior Leather from Rawhide. This can be found at the Alchemist under Refine Resources.

5. Potion XP

While we are on the subject of potions, it's important to note that using them is extremely beneficial to the player. Regardless of what Elixir you make, you will always get a 5% increase in your experience gained that lasts for 30 minutes. So if you're leveling it's important to always use a potion. Not to mention that depending on which ever one you make, you get the added benefit of whatever that potion buffs you with. So use potions.

6. Teleportation

Say you are somewhere on the map and nowhere near a teleport bad, regardless of where you are you can always teleport to any town you
may need. You don't need to use the main Town Portal command to go to the main city and use the teleporter there. You can click on a teleporter you ve unlocked and teleport there. Also, if you're standing on a teleporter and use your map to find a location you can teleport immediately and don't need to wait for the animation

7. Side Quests Cap

Side questing is just as important in Diablo 4 and to be honest there are a lot of side quests you can find. it's good to know that there are only 20 at a time you can accept. So there is a cap in questing to be made aware of. You can find the amount you have in your Journal under side quests  

8. Gem Stash

When it comes to gems, they can take up a lot of room and benefit the user to stash them in your main city s stash. But some people are concerned that they may need to grab the gems to be able to upgrade them into a better tier. You do not need to do that. In the main cities you can leave the gems in your stash and upgrade their tier from the jeweler. They will take the inventory from your stash. However the upgraded gem will remain on the player until you stash it away.

9. Challenges

Diablo 4 comes with a lot of challenges the player can focus on with rewards for the player. You can review these rewards by hitting Y on your keyboard, or going to your map and under collections at the top of the menu. You will see challenges, when you click on the challenges you can then click the specific sub-tier and under those you can check the
specific challenge. When you click the challenge you will see if it has a reward or not. Usually the gold chest indicator at the end will advise if this challenge comes with an unlockable reward or no.

10. Cosmetics

Probably one of the most important things to know, is where can I get my sleeping wolf cosmetic, or in general any transmog cosmetic
you purchased. Well this was something I didn't know. To be able to get to your cosmetics all you need to do is head to the wardrobe in the main towns and this is where you get access to the options to add a cosmetic to your character. From all the transmog gear your salvaged and/or the cosmetics you purchased. This is where you will find all the necessary cosmetic changes your character needs.

Those are my current tips for Diablo 4 especially if you are a new player coming into this world for the first time.