Diablo IV Beginner's Guide

juego: Diablo IV
tiempo: 2023-05-08
vistas: 354

In "Diablo 4", players need to travel in a world full of monsters, and constantly become stronger to stop the conspiracy of Lilith, the daughter of hatred. The following is a graphic guide for beginners of "Diablo 4".

1. Player state

The player character has health and another resource energy, which may be mana, energy, or anger depending on the occupation. The release of the most advanced and above skills requires the consumption of this resource.

Such resources can not be replenished quickly through medicines, but can only be recovered slowly over time. Some specific skills and equipment entries can enhance this effect.

The player's health can quickly restored through potions, and the upper limit of potions and the current number can viewed next to the health bar. There is a chance to drop potions when killing monsters or opening treasure chests.

When fighting the BOSS, you can see multiple red triangle marks in the BOSS blood bar at the top of the screen. Whenever the BOSS's health drops below the triangle scale, a potion supply will drop.

Activities such as completing tasks and discovering areas will accumulate the player's regional prestige. When the regional prestige reaches a certain value, various rewards can be unlocked, including the upper limit of potions.

Players can use the collected plant materials to upgrade the potion at the doctors in various regions. So as to improve the recovery ability of the potion or add other effects.

2. Task

The tasks in the game divided into three types: main line, branch line and three. You can view all the tasks currently in progress in the [Log] interface on the right side of the map interface.

Among them, the main task will display a yellow exclamation mark with a diamond border. Since there is no automatic pathfinding function in the game, players need to go to the yellow exclamation mark on the map independently when performing the main task.

In the upper right corner of the game interface, you can also view the approximate mission location and current mission goal on the mini-map.

When the location of the task target is not clear, the system will draw a rough range with a yellow circle on the map, and we only need to search within the given range.

Side quests shown as blue exclamation marks on the map, and quest range hints are marked with blue circles.

3. Skills

The skills in the game divided into basic, advanced, and ultimate skills. Every time a player upgrades, he will get one skill point. Using basic skills does not consume resources. Each enhanced skill will have a branch in the second stage, and players can only choose one of the branches to learn.

When we spend three skill points in the basic skill set, we can unlock more powerful advanced skills, and continue to invest skill points in the basic and advanced skill sets to unlock new skill sets again.

In the skill tree interface, press the X key or directly click the [Return All] button to wash points and relearn skills. Gold coins are required to wash points.

In the early stage of the game, the gold coins consumed by washing points are basically equivalent to none, so players can change genres at will to experience the refreshing feeling brought by different skills.

4. Fighting

Item strength
The most intuitive way to judge the level of equipment is to check the [Item Strength] value in the item details interface. It is recommended to wear equipment with higher item strength first. When the strength levels of the two pieces of equipment are similar, consider the strength difference of the entry.

Defensive attributes
Armor will provide the character with an armor value equal to the item's strength, and increasing the armor value can reduce the damage the player character receives. The higher the player level and the higher the monster level, the worse the damage reduction effect that the same armor value can bring.

Each legendary item will have a legendary power entry, which can be extracted into a legendary power at the NPC and embedded in other more powerful equipment. Extraction requires lots Diablo 4 gold, so it is not recommended to use this function in the early stage of the game when the equipment is updated quickly, and the equipment enhancement function is the same.

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