NBA 2K22: Best Tips for the MyPlayer Builder

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heure: 2023-02-13
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MyPlayer is one of the most popular features in NBA 2K22, and it allows players will be spending a lot of time creating the perfect player. This guide gathers these helpful NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder tips to help you get the best builds.


NBA 2K22: Best Tips for the MyPlayer Builder

1. Pick a Position that Corresponds with Intended Skill Set

You are starting the player creation suite, and you will need to pick a position that will correspond with your intended skill set. While there is some crossover between positions, you'll want to ultimately cover as many skill sets as possible with your players.

2. Identify Your Focus Attributes

When building a player in MyPlayer, you will need to identify a base of attributes as they will determine whether or not your player makes it to the big time. Once you figure out these attributes, make sure to boost them.

3. Adjusting Physical Attributes

Setting physical attributes to different levels will allow you to maximize potential in other areas. So, it would help if you tinkered around with these different types to get the archetype you're looking for.

4. Understand the 3-Point Shooting Ratings

In NBA 2K22, if you can get your three-point attributes to 83-85, you'll have enough weight in that area to consistently sink deep shots–as long as you master your jump shot animation.

5. Make the Build Around Your Strengths

Creating a comfortable build can mean winning and losing in NBA 2K22. So, think carefully about which playstyle you are most comfortable with and the type of player you want to create.

6. Think About Your Teammates When Creating Your Build

Talk to your teammates and create a build that will collaborate or play in sync with that build.

7. The Trial & Error Component is Normal

It is normal to have trial and error components at MyPlayer builds in NBA 2K22. Just embrace the component of trial and error, and you will be able to understand better areas you would like to tweak and improve your player in.

8. Don't Miss the G League, Brickley & College Matches

You should not act impatiently and go straight into the NBA rather than going through the process of playing in the G-League, Brickley & College matches. We recommend you go through each of the games in the respective leagues to gain both experience and essential boosts. Doing so also gives you ample time to experiment with different players and find the best-suited character.

9. Get the Gym Rat Badge

If you acquire the Gym Rat Badge, you will significantly boost stamina, verticality, speed, and strength. These attributes are essential.

10. Refer to Real-Life NBA Players

If you want to get a better idea of the kind of player you wish to build with MyPlayer in NBA 2k22, head to the Roster and check out the attributes and statistics of the real-life NBA players. Pick on the best elements of each of the players and craft your build around them.

11. Understand NBA 2K22 Dunk Ratings

For best results, when building a MyPlayer, you should aim to achieve a dunk rating of at least 92. This opens up the most favorable dunking badges and will ensure you can also use the best animation packages for finishes.

12. Takeovers in NBA 2K22 MyPlayer

Takeovers can help make your player stand out from everyone else and boost specific attributes and skillsets of your player. So, be sure to get the most out of them.

13. Don't Overthink the Type of Player Gamers are Trying to Create

The most crucial piece of suggestion is not to overthink the type of player gamers are trying to create, as the MyPlayer Suite permits the player to easily come back to edit their player once the player finds out which NBA player the person created players have shades of.

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