NBA 2K22 Badges Guide

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2023-02-13
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NBA 2K22 Badges Guide


Similar to NBA2K22 MT, badges also play a pivotal role in the game. This guide will show you everything about badges, including how many different types there are, how to unlock them, what badges you should get first, how to equip and change them, and more.

How many different types of badges are there in NBA 2K22?

In total, there are 80 different types of badges in NBA 2K22. Badges are classified into Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defensive/Rebounding. A caveat is that NBA players generally have more obtainable badges, so your MyPlayer build may be capped when trying to get some power-ups.

1). Finishing badges: There are 20 Finishing badges on the board, with Acrobat, Fearless Finisher, and Lob City Finisher standing as the popular ones.
2). Shooting badges: There are 20 Shooting badges in total, including the valuable Corner Specialist, Difficult Shots, and Lucky #7.
3). Playmaking Badges: You can also obtain 20 Playmaking badges, with Ankle Breaker, Dimer, and Needle Threader is the options.
4). Defensive badges: There are 20 Defensive badges in total that combine steals, blocks, and screen defense, with Brick Wall, Pick Pocket, and Rebound Chaser as top choices.

How to unlock badges?

Badges are divvied up into several categories. These include Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. You unlock badges by building up points in each skill via your in-game performance related to that skill.

Once you get enough badge points for a skill, you can choose one of the specific skill's badges.

When can you unlock badges?

You can unlock badges as soon as you progress with your player and play games. After each game, your actions are separated into finishing, shooting, defense/rebound, and playmaking.

What badges should I get first?

Some badges are more effective than others, especially those with the potential to reach the Hall of Fame tier. Blinders, Posterizer, Quick First Step, and Clamps are just some of the first badges you may aim to equip at the start of NBA 2K22.

How many badges do you need to get in the Hall of Fame?

An excellent tip to follow is that you must have an attribute rating of over 80 to qualify for most Hall of Fame badges, while an attribute rating of 99 is needed for some Hall of Fame badges such as Posterizer, Rebound Chaser, and Dimer.

How do you equip and change badges?

You can equip and change badges in 2K22 by entering a game mode, finding the player you want to see the badge off, and then selecting 'Badges' from the player screen in the game. The game will then allow you to choose from the badge categories and equip your chosen badges.

There isn't a limit to the total number of badges that you can equip simultaneously.

Can you remove badges?

Badges can be removed in NBA 2K22. To remove badges, you need to:

    • Go to your MyPlayer;
    • Find the Badges section;
    • Select the badge that you want to remove;
    • Ensure that you deactivate the badge that you want to remove by checking if it's invisible on your screen.

If you think that a particular badge does not go well with another, you may remove that badge from your arsenal. Any changes made to your player's badge selection will be reflected in your next game.

Note that after you remove a badge, you may activate it again if you want to try out new builds. The badge will be inactive in your badge dashboard, but a quick click will allow them to be available again at any time.

Hopefully, this guide has helped in getting all of the badges you desire. You can also go back to our previous news page to see the lists of the best badges in each category.