Destiny 2 Final Shape: All Ability Changes Revealed

Game: Destiny 2
Time: 2024-05-28
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Destiny 2 Final Shape All Ability Changes

Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion will launch on June 4, 2024, and bring with it a host of new changes and content to the game. One of the changes is adjustments to player abilities, focusing on Stasis subclasses, Well of Radiance, and Ward of Dawn Supers. In this guide, we'll break down all abilities changes!

Stasis Subclass Stasis Changes

Frost Armor - Replaces the Stasis Shard Overshield effect. Reduces incoming damage, with the reduction improving as it stacks up to 5 times. 
Whisper of Rime - Reworked to increase the maximum duration and stacks of Frost Armor. 
Harvest Aspects (Grim/Tectonic/Glacial) - When a Harvest Aspect is equipped, gain stacks of Frost Armor and small amounts of health from Stasis Shards. Tectonic Harvest creates Stasis Shards when shattering frozen enemies. 
Whisper of Chill - New fragment, that creates Stasis Shards on Stasis weapon final blows. 
Whisper of Chains - Reworked to replace passive damage resistance buff with a chance to create a Stasis shard when defeating enemies while buffed by Frost Armor. 
Whisper of Fractures - Reworked to grant stacks of Frost Armor when shattering frozen targets with melee. 
Whisper of Torment - Reworked grenade energy gains to be static rather than health-dependent, increasing when buffed by Frost Armor. 
Whisper of Reversal - New fragment, dealing or receiving physical melee attacks slows the victim or attacker. 
Base PVE Shatter Damage - Increased by 100%. 
Warlock Shadebinder - Iceflare Bolt seekers increased from 5 to 7. 
Hunter Revenant - Winter Shroud grants damage reduction in PVE and boosts class ability regen when slowing targets, while Touch of Winter's grenade interactions and Silence & Squall were improved. 
Titan Behemoth - Bungie will improve the reliability of the Shiver Strike and Glacial Quake abilities while reworking Cryoclasm and Diamond Lance to be more effective and easier to use.

Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, and Other Supers Changes

1) Well of Radiance

Grants a radiant buff for eight seconds when players exit the well. 
Healing rate reduced by half, now 50 HP per second. 
Initial heal increased from 40 HP to 300 HP. 
Damage resistance against non-boss combatants reduced from 40% to 20%. 
Damage resistance against boss combatants reduced from 40% to 10%. 
Increased Orb of Power generation from four to five when defeating targets in the Well.

2) Ward of Dawn

Allies near the Ward now slowly gain Void Overshield, similar to the Bastion barricade effect. 
Armor of Light no longer provides an overshield but now grants damage resistance. 
Weapons of Light buff is no longer provided by default; the Helm of Saint-14 exotic is required for this benefit. 
Ward of Dawn casters can generate Orbs of Power by defeating enemies with melee attacks in or around the dome.

3) Super Recharge

Bungie aims to balance the effectiveness of Ward of Dawn, Well of Radiance, and burst damage Supers in PvP by adjusting the recharge mechanic for all Supers. In The Final Shape, dealing certain amounts of damage will recharge the same amount of Super energy regardless of the Super equipped. This change will increase the uptime for roaming Supers and decrease the uptime for burst Supers.

Each Class And Subclass Changes

1) Hunter Subclass Changes

Arc Hunter - Bungie improved the survivability and utility of Arcstriders, with improvements to Disorienting Blow cooldown, Tempest Strike damage resistance in PVE, and adding blinding effects to the Arc Staff.

Solar Hunter - Increased charges, animation speed, and re-throw speed of the Lightweight Knife, while improving the knife refunding ability of Knock 'Em Down. The potency of the Orbs of Power created by the Golden Gun - Marksman Super was reduced to cut down on Super chaining enabled by some raid team strategies.

Void Hunter - Improved duration of Snare Bomb and added damage-over-time effect to enemies in the smoke, improved Trapper's Ambush with similar effects, and updated Stylish Executioner to apply to Glaives.

Strand Hunter - Ensnaring Slam and Threaded Spike potency against players in PVP nerfed by reducing Slam's radius and Threaded Spike's damage.

2) Warlock Subclass Changes

Arc Warlock - Improved the Stormcaller's resilience when teleporting into groups of enemies, fixed Ball Lightning to be more reliable, and almost doubled the damage of the chaining effect from the Chain Lighting melee.

Void Warlock - Improved the Charged Magnetic Grenade from Chaos Accelerant, improved the damage of Pocket Singularity in PVE, and improved the damage of both Nova Bomb Super variants by increasing Cataclysm seekers and tracking and lengthening Vortex uptime.

Strand Warlock - Weaver's Call now has a chance to generate a perched Threadling by defeating targets with Strand damage.

3) Titan Subclass Changes

Arc Titan - Improved damage resistance when using Thunderclap, Knockout Aspect reworked to provide chunks of healing when defeating enemies with melee rather than simply restarting health regen.

Solar Titan - Consecration Aspect PVE Ignition damage improved, Hammer of Sol Super improved when not paired with the Sol Invictus aspect.

Void Titan - Bungie increased the ability for the Shield Throw to deal with groups of weaker enemies, retooled the Offensive Bulwark ability to regenerate Void Overshield on melee kills.

Strand Titan - Reduced the melee energy regenration of Into the Fray in PVE, improved targeting behavior for Frenzied Blade, and reduced the maximum timer of Banner of War (24 seconds from 30) and reduced its damage bonuses from Exotic armor like Synthoceps and Wormgod Caress.

That is all you need to know about all ability changes for Destiny 2 Final Shape. Good Luck!