Destiny 2: Where To Find All Visions Of The Traveler

Game: Destiny 2
Time: 2024-06-13
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In Destiny 2, locating all eight of the Vision of the Traveler will award some pretty sweet loot, such as Exotic Khvostov Auto Rifle. However, many players don’t know where they are. So this article lists all eight locations of the Visions of the Traveler that help players don’t take too long to find!

Vision 1 - The Landing

The Landing 1
The Landing 2

This one is very easy to get. Start at The Landing’s Transmat zone and immediately turn left. Continue to the edge of the area, and look for a small pool of water underneath a waterfall. The Vision of the Traveler should be in this pool.

Vision 2 - The Blooming

The Blooming 1
The Blooming 2

From the transmat zone in The Blooming, take the East path toward The Seclusion. When you spot the orange crystal, look up into the dead trees and you should see the Vision. You will need to climb up to get it, and this climb is a little awkward, so be patient.

Vision 3 - The Impasse

The Impasse 1
The Impasse 2

The next Vision is found at the Impasse. Spawn in and turn slightly to the left. Run down to the temple on the left side, about halfway through the area. Here, sitting in an ornate decorative statue, you will find the next vision.

Vision 4 - The Lost City

The Lost City 1
The Lost City 2

This Vision of the Traveler takes a little more traversing to find. Head to Micah-10 and leave the tower through the door on the side of this room. You’ll find yourself in a portion of The Lost City that you were in at the beginning of the campaign. The rooftops are color-coded to show different paths you can take, you need to look for the red one. Jump across the rooftops until you can’t continue forward anymore. Look for a small pool of water with a waterfall. Jump into this pool to find the next Vision of the Traveler.

Vision 5 - The Refraction

The Refraction 1
The Refraction 2

The Refraction is the zone that exists between The Landing and the Blooming, travel deeper into the area until you reach the crystalline caves. Look over the edge, and you’ll see an opening in the cliff where a creek flows. Jump down to the roots beneath you, and go through the gap to reach the pool where the Vision is.

Vision 6 - The Seclusion

The Seclusion 1
The Seclusion 2

The Seclusion Vision of the Traveler is easily the most difficult to get your hands on because you’ll need to have certain quests completed beforehand. You’ll need to complete the Alone in the Dark quest that unlocks the Slayer Cyst, as well as defeat the ogre boss at the end of the Cyst. Once you do, a path will open up behind the ogre and you’ll be able to head back and pick up this Vision of the Traveler.

Vision 7 - The Divide

The Divide 1
The Divide 2

Up next, we are going a bit of mountain climbing. From The Seclusion or The Impasse, head into The Divide. When you get out onto the mountain itself, just head up until you reach the summit. The clue for this Vision notes that it's hiding behind a satellite dish.

Vision 8 - The Transgression

The Transgression 1
The Transgression 2

The eighth and final Vision of the Traveler is at the very end of The Transgression area. Go to that spot, going through the structure that houses the first “Paranormal Activity” quest. The Vision of the Traveler is tucked behind a tree on the left.