Diablo 4: A Complete Guide For The Pit Endgame

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-05-11
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This guide covers everything you need to know about The Pit in Diablo IV Season 4, such as how to unlock and complete it, the difficulty, and the rewards.

What is The Pit In Diablo 4?

The Pit In Diablo 4

The Pit in Diablo 4 is an exciting addition to the game’s endgame content. It provides players with a challenging system to test their builds and push the limits of difficulty. Similar to Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts, The Pit offers infinite tiers of increasing difficulty. Players can select a difficulty level and face scaling monster levels as they progress through the tiers.

The Pit’s maps are randomly generated with two floors, each with a different layout. The maps are populated by random compositions of monsters, providing variety and challenge. To progress through The Pit, players need to fill up the progression bar by clearing both floors. Once the bar is filled, a boss portal spawns, leading to a third floor where players face the boss. Boss fights in The Pit feature multiple bosses, adding more action and excitement to the encounters. In addition, killing the boss before the timer expires grants players Masterworking Materials and unlocks the next Tier of The Pit.

How To Unlock The Pit In Diablo 4?

How To Unlock The Pit In Diablo 4

As soon as you enter World Tier 4 in Diablo 4, you will receive a new quest called “The Pit of Artificers”. You will need to head to Cerrigar and interact with the Artificer Obelisk, also known as the Portal Activator. However, to activate it, you will have to collect Runeshards by completing endgame activities such as participating in Helltides, defeating World Bosses, and completing Nightmare Dungeons.

Once you collect enough Runeshards, you will be able to interact and open The Artificers Pit portal. There, you will be able to select which Tier of The Pit of Artificers to undertake. With that set, interact with the portal and you will enter The Pit.

How To Complete The Pit Effectively In Diablo 4?

Tips To Complete The Pit In Diablo 4

Once inside the Pit, your challenge will be to kill enough monsters in 10 minutes to summon the boss.  Every time you die, the 10-minute timer reduces by 30 seconds. Each consecutive death removes another 90 seconds. If you’ve killed enough monsters in that time, another portal will open. It will take you to the boss encounter. You must kill the boss before you run out of the remaining time. Here are some tips to help you complete The Pit effectively:

    Collect Runeshards: Since Runeshards are required to enter The Pit, make sure to gather them during your endgame activities and use them when you are fully prepared.    
   Optimize your build: Choose skills and gear that increase your ability to defeat monsters quickly and deal with bosses effectively.    
   Keep an eye on the timer and focus on defeating large groups of enemies to make sure you open the boss’ arena in time.    
   Understand the death penalty: Remember that dying reduces your remaining time. In solo play, be cautious, and in group play, coordinate with your team to minimize deaths.    
   Learn the boss mechanics to defeat them without losing too much time. The faster you defeat the boss, the more tiers you unlock.    
   Collect Masterworking materials: These materials are important for upgrading your gear, so aim to complete higher-tier runs with mastery to obtain them.    
   Keep upgrading your gear: As you progress through The Pit’s tiers, continually upgrade your gear to match the increasing difficulty.    
   Know when to retreat: If a run is not going well, do not hesitate to teleport back to town and restart The Pit to save time.

What Rewards Will The Pit Offer In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 The Pit Rewards

When it comes to Diablo 4 the Pit rewards, you’ll be able to get things like the Stygian Stones – these are used to summon Tormented Echoes of bosses. Besides that, you can expect a bunch of regular loot such as weapons, armor, and trinkets or rare and legendary quality, at least, of ilvl 925.

What’s more exciting is the rewards from the Mastery Chest, which becomes available if you manage to beat the entire activity in under 10 minutes. The Mastery Chest will contain any amount and combination of the following:

   Obducite – a material used by Blacksmith for a system called Masterworking. It upgrades the rank of an item from 1 to 4.    
   Ingolith – a material used by Blacksmith for a system called Masterworking. It upgrades the rank of an item from 5 to 8.    
   Neathiron – a material used by Blacksmith for a system called Masterworking. It upgrades the rank of an item from 9 to 12.

That’s everything we know so far about the Artificer’s Pit in Diablo 4! If you want to know more about the game, please follow us!