Diablo 4 Season 4: How to Summon Tormented Bosses

Game: Diablo IV
Time: 2024-05-14
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In this guide, we’ll cover how to summon the Diablo 4 Season 4 Torment bosses. There will be six Torment bosses: Torment Varshan, Torment Grigoire, Torment Zir, Torment Beast in the Ice, Torment Duriel and Torment Andariel. You will need some materials to summon the bosses. For example, to summon Torment Andariel you need 6x Sandscorched Shackles, 6x Pincushioned Dolls, and 3x Stygian Stone. Here are details on how to summon each boss:

Torment Varshan· 3x Gurgling Head     
· 3x Blackened Femur     
· 3x Trembling Hand     
· 3x Malignant Heart     
· 3x Stygian Stone
Torment Grigoire· 15x Living Steel     
· 3x Stygian Stone
Torment Zir· 27x Exquisite Blood     
· 3x Stygian Stone
Torment Beast in the Ice· 250x Sigil Powder     
· 27x Distilled Fear     
· 3x Stygian Stone
Torment Duriel· 6x Mucus-Slick Egg     
· 6x Shard of Agony     
· 3x Stygian Stone
Torment Andariel· 6x Sandscorched Shackles     
· 6x Pincushioned Dolls     
· 3x Stygian Stone

Each of which require a special material called Stygian Stones in order for you to summon them. Next, we will explain in detail how to obtain this summoning material.

D4 Stygian Stones

1) Completing The Pit

The Pit is a special dungeon that players can access upon reaching the Torment world tier. To enter The Pit, you need Runeshards, which can be collected from activities such as completing Whispers, Legion, Helltide chests, or finishing Nightmare Dungeons. Once inside The Pit, you'll face a series of challenges, and upon completion, you'll be rewarded with Stygian Stones. Typically, you'll get one or two per run.

2) Using Gold To Buy

Stygian Stones are tradeable items, so like other boss materials, they are tradeable between players, so when season four rolls around you'll be able to purchase them with gold.

3) Buying On U4gm

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Last remember, these summonings are meant to be challenging, so make sure you're ready for a tough fight. Gather your Stygian Stones, brave the darkness, and let your legend be etched in the annals of Diablo 4 Season 4.