Elden Ring's Latest DLC A Deep Dive into

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2024-03-14
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In the wake of the recent Elden Ring DLC trailer, the Elden Ring community has embarked on a fervent quest to re-examine the game's lore, with a particular focus on the enigmatic figures of Miquella and Malenia. The trailer, rich in detail and symbolism, has prompted players to revisit the base game's lore, drawing connections and speculating on the deeper meanings behind the imagery presented.

The Monk and the Golden Spike
One of the most intriguing scenes from the trailer features a yellow-robed monk impaled by a golden spike, a striking image that ties into several of Elden Ring's overarching themes. This character, despite appearing briefly, could hold the key to understanding Miquella's actions in the Land of Shadows.

The Land of Shadows and the Birth of the Erdtree
Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game's director, has revealed that the Land of Shadows is where Marika became a god and the Erdtree was born. This information hints at a culture predating the Erdtree, suggesting a rich backstory waiting to be explored. The Land of Shadows, with its distinct culture, may offer insights into the origins of the Erdtree and the world of the Elden Ring.

Theories and Speculations
One theory suggests that the statues found in the game, depicting monks with trees, symbolize the creation of the Erdtree. This theory is supported by the presence of multiple trees in the Deeproot Depths, hinting at the Erdtree's dominance over other growths.

Another speculation revolves around the Crucible, a concept frequently associated with the trailer. The Crucible, described as a primordial form of life, may play a significant role in the Land of Shadows, where aspects of the Crucible are celebrated rather than shunned.

Queen Marika's Ambitions
The theory further posits that Queen Marika's rise to godhood and the establishment of her rule over the Lands Between are intricately linked to the Erdtree. By growing her own Erdtree in the Land of Shadows, Marika could have asserted her dominance, leading to the suppression of other powers and the veiling of the Land of Shadows to protect her sovereignty.

The Golden Spike: A Symbol of Curse or Divine Punishment?
The golden spike impaling the monk character is thought to represent a curse or divine punishment, possibly related to the efforts to grow Erdtrees. This curse might have been a measure taken by Marika to prevent the emergence of rival Erdtrees, ensuring her Erdtree remained supreme.

The Bound Bodies and the Warning
A particularly haunting image from the trailer shows bound bodies in a swamp, illuminated by a mysterious light. This could symbolize the fate of those who attempted to challenge Marika's rule or grow their own Erdtrees, serving as a warning to others.

A World of Speculation Awaiting Discovery
As the release of the Elden Ring DLC approaches, speculation and theory-crafting abound. The trailer has provided a wealth of material for fans to analyze, offering glimpses into the game's rich lore and the potential directions the DLC could take. Whether these theories hold true remains to be seen, but the excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in the Land of Shadows are palpable.