The Best Builds and Weapons in Elden Ring [Update]

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2024-03-15
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This guide details some of the best builds and corresponding weapons in Elden Ring, including their fighting styles, equipment management, and stat selection. Help players quickly understand all aspects of the builds and choose the most suitable build in different battles. (content is continuously updated)

5. The Indomitable Tank Build Guide

This version focuses on heavy armor, shields, and powerful super-armored attacks, utilizing spiked fence shields and pulley crossbows to deal sustained damage and control the battlefield, finishing off enemies with devastating attacks. Whether you're facing hordes of enemies or challenging boss fights, this build will make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

I. Weapon Selection: 
1. Spiked Palisade Shield: This shield is a formidable weapon on its own, capable of smashing through enemies with its strong hyper armor. It also inflicts inherent blood loss, making it a versatile tool for both offense and defense.

2. Pulley Crossbow: The pulley crossbow is the only crossbow that is not considered "dog water." When paired with bolts that have built-up status effects like frost, it becomes a potent weapon. It complements the tank playstyle by providing ranged attacks.

3. Optional Secondary Weapon: Pike 
While the crossbow serves as your ranged option, having a secondary melee weapon like the Pike can be advantageous in close-quarters combat situations. It provides additional flexibility to adapt to various combat scenarios.

Tank Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

II. Combat Strategy: 
1. Shield Attacks: The spiked Palisade Shield's attacks should be your primary focus. Utilize its strong hyper armor to break through enemy defenses and stagger them. Experiment with different attack patterns to find the most effective combos.

2. Pulley Crossbow: Use the pulley crossbow to engage enemies from a distance. Frost bolts are particularly useful, as they can apply the frost status effect, slowing their movements, and further weakening your foes. Additionally, the poison-infused attacks from your shield contribute to wearing down enemies over time with bleed and poison damage. This allows you to control the battlefield and pick off enemies before engaging in close combat.

3. Guard Counters: One of the tank build's strengths is the ability to perform guard counters. When an enemy attacks while you are guarding, quickly release the guard button and press the attack button to perform a counterattack. This move can break enemy stances and create openings for devastating follow-up attacks.

Tank Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

III. Equipment and Talismans: 
1. Armor: As a tank, you need to prioritize heavy armor for increased poise and defense. Look for armor sets that provide high protection while still allowing for decent mobility.

2. Talismans: 
a. Arrow Sting Talismans can increase the attack power of arrows and crossbows fired by players using long-range weapons such as bows and crossbows by 10%. Three iron arrows are drawn on the amulet, which represents its ability to enhance the attack of long-range weapons.

b. Spear Talisman: The Spear Talisman allows you to perform guard counters effectively, breaking your opponent's stance and creating openings for devastating attacks. It can increase the damage done when players use assassination weapons (such as spears, swords, etc.) to counterattack by 15%. It can be found in the Lakeside Crystal Cave on the west shore of East Liunia Lake. It can also be obtained through the Elden ring item shop.

c. Shard of Alexander: This amulet increases your overall damage by 15% and is especially effective when used in conjunction with heavy attacks.

d. Lord of Blood's Exultation: When nearby enemies or players are affected by the bleeding state, their attack power can be increased by 20% (12% in PvP) for 20 seconds. This is an important talisman that is very suitable for players of the bleeding genre, as it can greatly increase the damage output of bleeding attacks.

e. Kindred of Rot's Exultation: When there are enemies or players within 5-6 steps nearby who are affected by poisoning or corruption, their attack power can be increased by 20% for 20 seconds. This effect can take effect simultaneously with another talisman "Lord of Blood's Exultation". Each BUFF can be stacked to increase damage. For players who use poison or corruption attacks, Kindred of Rot's Exultation is a very useful talisman that can greatly increase damage output.

Tank Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

IV. Stat Allocation: 
1. Strength: Prioritize strength as it directly affects the damage output of the spiked Palisade Shield and pulley crossbow. Aim for a high strength level to maximize your offensive capabilities.

2. Arcane: Allocate points to arcane to enhance the poison affinity of the spiked Palisade Shield. This will allow you to inflict both bleed and poison simultaneously, increasing your versatility in combat.

V. Additional Tips: 
1. Stamina Management: As a tank, managing your stamina is crucial. Make sure to balance your offensive and defensive actions to avoid being caught off guard with an empty stamina bar.

2. Positioning: Position yourself strategically to take advantage of the spiked Palisade Shield's attacks. Use its strong hyper armor to break through enemy defenses and create openings for devastating counterattacks.

3. Adaptability: Experiment with different attack patterns and combos to find the playstyle that suits you best. Don't be afraid to try different strategies and adapt to different enemy types and situations.

Utilize the spiked Palisade Shield and pulley crossbow to dominate enemies with powerful attacks and strong hyper armor. Remember to prioritize strength and arcane in your stat allocation and make use of guard counters to break enemy stances.


4. Royal Greatsword Mage Build Guide

The Royal Greatsword Mage thrives on the battlefield by merging the brute strength of greatswords with the precision and versatility of intelligence-based spells. This build is tailored for warriors who seek a blend of melee combat prowess and sorcery, allowing for a dynamic and adaptable fighting style.

Weapon of Choice: Royal Greatsword  
- Main Features: The Royal Greatsword's weapon art delivers a powerful plunging thrust attack that can be buffed significantly, dealing piercing damage beneficial against a variety of foes. This attack synergizes with the spear counter talisman, enhancing its effectiveness by 15%.  
- Spellblade Enhancement: Wearing the Spellblade set boosts the weapon art's damage output, making it even more lethal.  
- Combat Strategy: Despite its slow animation, the weapon art's reach and ability to dodge attacks make it practical for combat. It's ideal for striking from a distance or up close, adjusting to the flow of battle as necessary.

Royal Greatsword Mage Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Sorceries & Staff  
- Academy Glenstone Staff: Optimal for casting a range of cold and intelligence-scaling sorceries to control the battlefield and debilitate enemies with frost.  
- Recommended Sorceries: Glenstone Ice CAG, Ice Storm, and Comet Shard are essential for applying frost, enhancing the greatsword's piercing capability.

Royal Greatsword Mage Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Gear & Talismans  
- Armor: Spellblade Armor Set for increased sorcery damage.  
- Talismans:   
 - Spear Counter Talisman (boosts piercing damage)  
 - Shard of Alexander (increases the efficacy of weapon arts)  
 - Graven-Mass Talisman (amplifies sorcery damage)  
 - Magic Scorpion Charm (optional, for further magic damage enhancement)

Royal Greatsword Mage Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Stat Priorities  
- Intelligence Focus: Prioritize intelligence to maximize sorcery potency and the effectiveness of the Academy Glenstone Staff.  
- Strength Consideration: Invest in strength to enhance the Royal Greatsword's physical attacks.  
- Balanced Growth: Maintain a solid balance between strength and intelligence, with a secondary emphasis on vigor and endurance for survivability and stamina management.

Royal Greatsword Mage Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Combat Strategy  
1. Open with Sorcery: Begin engagements with frost-inducing sorceries to weaken enemies and reduce their resistance.  
2. Weapon Art Execution: Utilize the Royal Greatsword's weapon art for high-damage piercing attacks, especially against frost-afflicted foes.  
3. Adaptive Combat: Switch between sorceries and melee attacks based on the situation, exploiting weaknesses and controlling the pace of the fight.

The Royal Greatsword Mage is a testament to the versatility and power that can be achieved when combining the art of the greatsword with the precision of sorcery. By following this guide, warriors can navigate the challenges of the lands with confidence, wielding the cold bite of frost and the crushing force of steel in equal measure. Embrace the path of the Royal Greatsword Mage, and let your enemies falter before the might of your arcane-infused blade.


3. Elden Ring John Wick Build Guide

The essence of John Wick's combat prowess is his adaptability, precision, and efficiency. In Elden Ring, this translates to a build that excels in both melee and ranged combat, utilizing weapons that mirror Wick's iconic handgun and martial arts expertise. The focus is on agility, precise strikes, and the strategic use of both melee and ranged attacks to control the battlefield. This build is ideal for players who enjoy a dynamic and versatile combat style, requiring quick decision-making and precise execution.

Weapons and Equipment 
1. Main Weapon (Melee): 
 - Spiked Cestus with the Endure Ash of War. The Spiked Cestus embodies John Wick’s hand-to-hand combat style, with its innate blood loss build-up representing the deadly precision of Wick's strikes. The Endure Ash of War mirrors Wick's ability to push through enemy attacks, allowing for counterattacks even when under fire.

John Wick Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

2. Secondary Weapon (Ranged):  
 - Black Bow with fire explosion arrows and bleed arrows. This setup provides the John Wick build its ranged capabilities, allowing for precise, high-damage shots from a distance, mirroring the effectiveness of Wick’s handgun. The use of fire explosion arrows adds an element of area damage, while bleed arrows continue the theme of inflicting debilitating status effects on enemies.

3. Armor:  
 - Lightweight armor is preferred to maintain agility and fast movement. The focus is on evasion, reflecting Wick’s ability to avoid damage through mobility rather than tanking hits.

4. Talismans: 
 - Claw Talisman: This boosts the damage of jump attacks, making your aerial assaults with the Spiked Cestus more lethal. 
 - Blood Exultation Talisman: Enhances your attack power as you inflict bleed, synergizing well with the bleed effects from both your primary and secondary weapons. 
 - Rotten Winged Insignia: Increases the damage of successive attacks, encouraging and rewarding aggressive, combo-based play. 
 - AOS (Ashes of War) Sting Talisman: Further boosts the effectiveness of your Ashes of War, specifically enhancing the utility of Endure in this build.

John Wick Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Build Strategy 
1. Utilize Mobility: 
- Emulate John Wick's combat style by staying on the move, making it difficult for enemies to land hits. Use the terrain to your advantage and keep your distance when necessary.

2. Master the Melee-Ranged Combo: 
- Switch between melee and ranged attacks based on the situation. Close in on enemies with the Spiked Cestus for quick, devastating strikes, then create distance and use the Black Bow to deal damage from afar or pick off weakened enemies.

3. Blood Loss as a Key Weapon: 
- Focus on building up blood loss with both your melee and ranged attacks. The combination of bleed arrows and the innate blood loss effect of the Spiked Cestus makes this build particularly deadly.

4. Endure Through Adversity: 
- Use the Endure Ash of War to absorb incoming attacks when closing distances or preparing for a counter-assault. This tactic allows you to maintain offensive pressure even when under attack.

John Wick Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Stat Priorities 
- Dexterity: Primary stat for maximizing the damage output of the Spiked Cestus and Black Bow. 
- Strength: Secondary stat to improve the physical damage of your attacks. 
- Endurance: Essential for wearing the best possible lightweight armor while maintaining high mobility. 
- Faith: To meet the minimal requirement for using certain incantations that complement the build.

The John Wick Build offers a unique blend of agility, precision, and tactical versatility, allowing players to navigate the challenges of the Lands Between with the same deadly efficiency as the legendary hitman. By balancing melee prowess with strategic ranged attacks, you can dominate the battlefield, making every strike count with the cold, calculated precision of John Wick himself.


2. Undead Elemental Hunter Build

In the realm of tactical versatility and environmental adaptability, the Undead Elemental Hunter stands supreme. This build is for those who thrive in the wilderness, stalking their prey with a diverse arsenal at their disposal. Mastering fire and ice, the Undead Elemental Hunter is a force to be reckoned with, employing a fantastic combination of weapons to exploit every weakness.

The essence of the Undead Elemental Hunter is versatility. You'll wield weapons that allow for quick swaps between elemental affinities, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. This build is about understanding your enemies' weaknesses and exploiting them with precision and strategic foresight.

Weapons and Equipment  
1. Main Weapon: Fire Zweihander+25  
  - A greatsword with a fiery affinity, perfect for dealing colossal poise damage and exploiting vulnerabilities to fire. Its excellent moveset allows for wide, sweeping attacks that can hit multiple targets. 
  - Equipped with an unconventional Ash of War, the Bloodhound Step, enabling swift movements around the battlefield to dodge attacks and reposition for counterattacks.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

2. Secondary Weapon: Cold Claymore+25 
  - This weapon brings the chill of frost to your arsenal, slowing down enemies and reducing their damage output. The cold affinity complements the Fire Zweihander by allowing you to switch between fire and ice, keeping your opponents guessing and vulnerable.

3. Armor: Select lightweight armor that doesn't compromise your mobility. The goal is to remain agile, enabling quick dodges and swift attacks. Armor pieces that offer resistance to elemental damages can be beneficial, given the close-range nature of many encounters.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

4. Talismans: 
  - Spear Talisman: Enhances the piercing damage of your Cold Claymore's thrusting attacks, making it even more lethal against heavily armored foes. 
  - Spirit Talisman: Boosts the effectiveness of your poking strategy, ensuring maximum damage output when exploiting enemy weak points. 
  - Green Turtle Talisman: Improves stamina recovery, essential for maintaining your aggressive attack and dodge pattern. 
  - Great-Jar's Arsenal: Increases your equipment load, allowing you to wear better armor without sacrificing mobility.

5. Ashes of War and Infusions 
- Bloodhound Step on Fire Zweihander: This Ash of War grants increased mobility and evasion capabilities, allowing you to dart around enemies and strike from advantageous positions. 
- Repeating Thrust on Cold Claymore: Offers a repeating poke attack that can be devastating when used in conjunction with the Spear Talisman.

Build Strategy 
- Adaptability: The core of this build lies in your ability to adapt to the situation. Use the Fire Zweihander to deal with enemies weak to fire and switch to the Cold Claymore against those susceptible to frost. The switch not only resets enemy resistances but also keeps your elemental damage fresh and unpredictable.

- Movement and Positioning: Employ the Bloodhound Step to navigate the battlefield efficiently, avoiding enemy attacks and positioning yourself for devastating counterattacks. Your mobility is your greatest asset, allowing you to control the pace of the fight.

- Thrust and Poke: Utilize the unique thrusting attacks of your weapons to exploit enemy weaknesses. The Cold Claymore's Repeating Thrust is especially effective against single targets, while the Fire Zweihander's sweeping attacks can handle groups.

- Elemental Mastery: Beyond just switching weapons, understand the deeper gameplay mechanics of elemental damage. Fire can burn and stagger, while frost slows and debuffs. Use these effects to control the battlefield, setting up enemies for critical hits or finishing blows.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Stat Priorities 
- Strength and Dexterity: These are your primary damage-dealing stats, crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your weapons. Balance investment between these two to meet weapon requirements and optimize damage output.

- Endurance: Vital for increasing your stamina and equipment load, allowing you to wear better armor and maintain your agility in combat.

Playstyle Tips  
- Use the mobility provided by the Bloodhound Step to reposition and avoid attacks, then counter with the appropriate weapon based on your enemy's weakness.  
- Alternate between the Fire Zweihander and Cold Claymore to exploit different elemental weaknesses, keeping enemies off-balance with your varied attacks.  
- Manage your stamina effectively, using the Green Turtle Talisman's benefits to maintain a steady pace of attacks and evasions.

Additional Recommendations 
- Considering the build's focus on elemental versatility, having a variety of elemental arrows or bolts for ranged attacks can further enhance your ability to adapt to different enemy weaknesses. 
- Incorporate consumables and spells that complement your elemental damage, such as fire bombs or frost pots, to exploit enemy vulnerabilities even further. 
- If possible, tailor your choice of spells or secondary equipment to counter specific enemies you know you'll be facing, such as using anti-magic shields or rings that enhance elemental damages.

The Undead Elemental Hunter build offers a dynamic and engaging playstyle that rewards strategic thinking and adaptability. With a keen understanding of your arsenal and the battlefield, you'll become an unstoppable force, capable of taking down any foe that dares cross your path. Remember, the wilderness is unforgiving, but with fire and ice at your command, you are its master.


1. The Melee Glass Cannon Build

Are you ready to embrace the wild, savage spirit of Enos and channel his ferocious combat style into your gameplay? If so, the Enos Melee Glass Cannon build is precisely what you've been searching for. This build is a thrilling challenge that combines aggressive melee combat with strategic use of bleed and poison effects, making you a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Build Overview 
Raised by animals in the mountains, Enos developed into an incredibly aggressive and savage fighter. His background has turned him into a true maniac in battle, leveraging his animalistic instincts to overpower enemies.

This build revolves around turning Enos into a melee glass cannon—a character that hits hard and fast but can't take much damage in return. It utilizes a dual-wield setup with a focus on inflicting both bleed and poison status effects, embodying Enos's maniacal and relentless assault-style.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Weapons and Equipment 
1. Main Hand: Dual Scavenger's Curved Sword equipped with the Poison Mist Ash of War. This deadly combination allows you to envelop your enemies in a toxic cloud, weakening them over time as they choke on your "lethal fart bubble."  

2. Off Hand: Brager's Roar for an easy switch to pop the buff, then switch back to power stance for enhanced damage and mobility.

- Opt for lightweight armor sets that allow for quick movement and evasion. The goal is to strike a balance between protection and agility, ensuring you can dodge attacks effectively without being weighed down. Armor that enhances your status effect damage or stamina recovery can be particularly beneficial.

1. Rotten Winged Insignia: Increases damage for successive attacks, perfect for a build that relies on quick, consecutive hits to maximize damage output. 

2. Thorny Crack Tear: Works well in tandem with the Rotten Winged Insignia by further amplifying the damage of successive attacks, making your flurry of blows even more deadly.

3. Winged Crystal Tear: This talisman is essential for improving your mobility, allowing you to perform light rolls and increase your evasion capabilities, mimicking the unpredictable and rapid movements of an animal.

4. Claw Talisman: Increases the damage of jump attacks, synergizing well with the build’s focus on mobility and aggressive playstyle. The Claw Talisman enhances the effectiveness of your spanker jump shots, adding another layer of offensive capability.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Additional Gear 
Incorporating items or spells that can further boost your survivability or augment your status effects (like poison or bleed buff items) could be highly beneficial. Also, consider using rings or consumables that enhance your dexterity or arcane stats, as these directly impact the build's efficiency.

Build Strategy 
- Aggressive Playstyle: Embrace an aggressive playstyle, getting up close and personal with your enemies. Use the environment to your advantage, staying mobile to avoid incoming attacks. 

- Status Effects Synergy: The key to this build is the synergistic use of poison and bleed. Start by inflicting poison with your main hand to wear down the enemy's health over time. Then, switch to applying bleed with your vicious curved sword attacks, slicing through your opponents and dealing massive damage as the bleed takes effect. 

- Buff Management: Keep your buffs active at all times. Use Brager's Roar to boost your damage output before engaging, and switch between your weapons and talismans to adapt to the situation at hand.

- Mobility is Key: Utilize the spanker jump shots and light rolling to stay unpredictable. Your ability to move quickly and leap around the battlefield will make you a difficult target to hit.

Elemental Hunter Builds for Elden Ring - U4GM

Stat Priorities 
- Dexterity: As your primary damage source, ensure you invest heavily in dexterity to maximize the damage output of your curved swords. 

- Arcane: Boosts the effectiveness of your bleed and poison effects, making your status inflictions more deadly and frequent.

The Enos Melee Glass Cannon build is not for the faint of heart. It requires precision, agility, and a fearless approach to combat, embodying the savage and relentless spirit of Enos himself. By mastering this build, you'll unleash a whirlwind of destruction on the battlefield, leaving your enemies bewildered and defeated.