Game mechanics and Weapons changes for Elden Ring DLC

Game: Elden Ring
Time: 2024-03-21
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It's been revealed that the Elden Ring DLC will introduce a unique attack power scaling system, reminiscent of the mechanics seen in "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice." This system will adjust your character's strength within the DLC area, aiming to recreate the challenging experience of Elden Ring's initial gameplay.

1. Complete Content for Power: 
Just like in Sekiro, progressing through certain content or defeating bosses could enhance your character's attack power. Engaging with the DLC’s challenges could be essential for strengthening your build.

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2. Build Adjustments: 
Your build's effectiveness might be influenced by whether the DLC's system nerfs or buffs attack power. An overpowered build could still perform well if attack power isn't negatively adjusted. However, expect some form of balancing to maintain the DLC's intended challenge.

3. Focus on Status Effects: 
Bleed, frostbite, poison, and Scarlet Rot could be exceptionally useful, especially if your attack power is reduced. These status effects depend on enemy health rather than your attack rating, potentially offering a strategic advantage.

4. Stance Damage Strategy: 
Stance damage might remain unaffected by the new scaling system. Builds that leverage stance breaks for critical hits could therefore remain viable and effective against DLC bosses.

Elden Ring DLC Guides - U4GM

5. Holy Damage and Gargoyle's Black Weapons: 
Speculation suggests holy damage might be more effective in the "land of Shadow." Gargoyle's Black Weapons, with their high attack rating at minimum requirements, could be a strong choice for those creating new characters for the DLC.

6. Spirit Ashes: 
The impact of the new attack power system on Spirit Ashes is unknown. These could be a valuable asset in the DLC, so consider which ones complement your build and prepare them accordingly.

The effectiveness of these strategies could evolve with new details about the DLC. We encourage players to experiment with their builds and share their findings. Whether you're tweaking your current character or starting anew, these insights aim to enhance your readiness for "Shadow of the Erdtree." Stay tuned to U4GM for further updates as we approach the DLC launch in June.