FIFA 23 FUT Champions for Starer Squads: 50K, 100K, 250K, & 500K budgets

Game: FIFA 23
Time: 2023-02-13
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In this post, we give you our choices of squad for different budgets, so that you can get yourself ready for the first FIFA 23 FUT Champions! These prices can change with new promos or SBC's, so be watchful on the market!


Our first squad is a 50k squad for the ones who are fairly new to the game mode or who weren't able to get as much as FUT 23 coins they would like. Still, we have a decent team combined from LaLiga and Premiere League! Even though the players are cheaper you can still play different formations, such as 442, 4222 or even 41212(2) but you have to be extra careful since the players have limited capability.


Let's double up the amount of coins we have and a build squad with 100k coins. This will allow us to upgrade our defensive line to a much more decent one and we switch here to Serie A! Tonali in the midfield will be also a huge upgrade compared to the previous team and your strikers are much more flexible in terms of getting dangerous!


Things are getting spicy with a brand new 250k squad. This time we will get one of the high-tier players, Dembele, to our squad and he is going to bring tons of difference. In the meanwhile, the midfield is going to be a Real Madrid powerhouse. 442, 4222 or 4231 are very useful with this team and this team can bring you to glory if you pay attention to the basics of the game!

FIFA 23 FUT Champions for Starer Squads: 50K, 100K, 250K, & 500K budgets

Now let's get to the best part, a 500k team. Without changing the defense too much from the previous team, we hugely upgrade the midfield with De Jong and Bruno Fernandes. Those 2 should be more than carrying you for a while in your matches if you are playing consistently. Getting Lewandowski as your ultimate striker (who is by the way really overpowered with Lengthy run type), will get you a lot of opportunities. When played correctly, this team could potentially carry you to the upper ranks easily!