The Most Important Attributes for Attackers in FUT 23

Game: FIFA 23
Time: 2023-02-13
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The Most Important Attributes for Attackers in FUT 23


In this article, we are breaking down which attributes you should pay attention to when choosing players for your FUT 23 squad.


Acceleration type

It's definitely a very important factor in choosing players right now and you should make sure to have at least one lengthy striker in your squad to take advantage of their attacking runs. Between Haaland, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dzeko, Sorloth and others, the choice is yours. Additionally Kroos, Valverde, Touré etc. are great choices in midfield!


Strength and other physical attributes

Something that by nature often comes in a package with the lengthy acceleration style is physical strength. And it definitely makes a difference, especially in running duels and when trying to shield the ball. The explosive and physically weaker players often get dominated by the opponents center backs this year. That's why you should try to balance out your team and have some players from both worlds so that you can be variable in attack!


Outside foot shot trait

With the recent patch, the outside foot shot from distance has been nerfed a bit since keepers tend to position better. However it is still a clinical tool from good positions and in 1vs1 situations against a keeper rushing out of goal. Having the trait on a few players in your squad is definitely an advantage, so make sure to consider it when choosing between two players for the same position.


Skills > Weak foot

Weak foot finishes seem to be more consistent this year than in the past. That's why having at least 4* weak foot on a player is not such a strong necessity anymore. Especially for your attackers, having 4 or even 5 star skills is a much stronger argument to choose a player. 5/3 players such as Nkunku, Coman, Zaha, Rashford or Antony definitely have their place this year! Especially with great finishing attributes players will bang in shots, even with a 3* weak foot, just take Haaland as an example. If you hava player with 4* weak foot, even more reason to trust his finishing abilities! Sometimes it feels like they are finishing on their strong foot.


Passing attributes

Passing can be a bit tricky this year and if a player has very poor stats in this category, you can feel the inconsistency in his passing for sure. However not all positions in your squad need great passing, it's just something to consider, especially in the central midfield. Players such as Kroos or Pogba can be great this year because their lack of pace is not felt as much due to lengthy, and their passing on the other hand is phenomenal!