GTA Online Weekly Update

Game: GTA5
Time: 2024-01-17
Views: 191

In this week's GTA Online update, players can take advantage of various bonuses and rewards. From double money and RP on tow truck services to exciting vehicle additions and weapon options, there's plenty to explore.

1. Double Money and RP on Tow Truck Services
One of the standout bonuses this week is the double money and RP on tow truck services. To access this feature, players need to own a chop shop property and a tow truck. Every 48 minutes, players can tow two vehicles and earn double the usual amount of money and RP. With max upgrades on the property, the cooldown time is reduced to 48 minutes, allowing for more frequent earnings. Salvaging cars can now yield around $60,000 to $100,000, making it a lucrative opportunity for players. If the money doesn't fit your plan, consider using Modded Accounts.

2. Lampad Tropos Rally
The Lampad Tropos Rally is an off-road vehicle that offers excellent handling capabilities both on and off the streets. Whether equipped with off-road tires or not, this vehicle provides an enjoyable driving experience. Players can try their luck at the LS Car Meet by spinning the wheel to potentially win this exciting vehicle.

3. LS Car Meet Prize Ride
The LS Car Meet Prize Ride for this week is the Anus Paragon R. This vehicle is highly regarded for its exceptional design and performance. Players can unlock it for free by participating in the LS Car Meet series races and placing in the top two for three consecutive days. While the requirement is challenging, the reward is well worth the effort.

4. Armored and Weaponized Version of the Anus Paragon R
For players looking for an upgraded version of the Anus Paragon R, completing the casino story missions is the way to go. These missions are not only fun but also reward players with a bonus item—an armored and weaponized version of the Anus Paragon R. Once completed, players can find this vehicle on the map and add it to their garage.

5. Premium Test Ride Vehicle
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S players can enjoy the premium test ride vehicle of the week, the Shih TSU Autu Drag. Take this vehicle for a spin and experience its unique features and performance.

6. Weapon Options
At the gun van, players can find various weapons available for purchase. This week's selection includes the Crowbar, Military Rifle, Rail Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Marksman Rifle, Combat Shotgun, and Tactical SMG. The Combat Shotgun and Rail Gun are particularly recommended for their effectiveness in missions and money grinding.

7. Time Trials and Premium Race
For players seeking additional challenges and rewards, there are time trials and a premium race to participate in. The standard time trial takes place at Del Perro Pier, with a part-time of 1 minute and 43 seconds. The PS5 and Xbox Series X and S players have the HSW time trial from Del Perro Beach to Marretta Heights. The premium race, locked to the Superar C category, is set on Sonora Freeway.

This week's GTA Online update offers players a range of opportunities to earn double money and RP, acquire exciting vehicles, and explore new weapon options. Whether salvaging cars with the tow truck services, winning the Lampad Tropos Rally or unlocking the Anus Paragon R, players have plenty to keep them engaged in the game. Don't forget to participate in the time trials and premium race for additional challenges and rewards. Enjoy the bonuses and make the most of this week's update in GTA Online.