How to Link with your PSN

Game: GTA5
Time: 2024-03-01
Views: 173

Here is the guide for linking a GTA 5 account to PSN. Please follow the steps below:

1. Use our Rockstar account to log in to


2. After logging in, go to the settings page


3. Then go to the link account page


4. Select PSN. Link account and you will be redirected to the PSN login page.


5. Log in to the PSN account you want to bind. Make sure this PSN account is not associated with other Rockstar accounts


6. After logging in, click Continue and jump back to the Rockstar official website. The binding is successful.

Finally, play the game directly on PS5. When entering an online game, the game will prompt you to transfer your account. Click OK and wait a moment for the archive transfer to be completed.