Madden NFL 20 Coins Guide: How to Get MUT Coins Fast & Easy

Game: Madden 20
Time: 2023-02-13
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Coins are the in-game currency of MUT 20. Without them, your team is going to grow its OVR much slower than someone who is banking up coins and spending them wisely. It's fun to build your own fantasy team and in this guide, we're going to go over how to get MUT coins fast and easy in Madden 20. The original authors of this guide are Ed McGlone from


Tip 1: Do the Easy Stuff Like Challenges to Get a Bank Roll Going

So your first stop should always be Challenges in the Play Section. There are plenty of challenges to complete with coins as a reward even more. Madden 20, one of the major adjustments in Challenges is a new star-based rewards system.


New to Madden 20, you can now select your difficulty and in return get better rewards. To rack up all the possible coins from a challenge as quickly as possible, play everything at max three Star difficulty and go for all the optional challenges for five Stars which usually is accompanied by more coins. Obviously, if you can't do it because it's too hard to turn it down. It starts to become not worth it if you're repeating the same failed challenge over and over, but find your sweet spot difficulty wise and start grinding. Run through all the challenges you can until you at least have somewhere in the vicinity of 20-40K coins.


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Tip 2: Wheel, Deal, and Profit off Lazy People on the Auction House

You need to study the auction house like it's the real-life stock market.  You want to find great deals on cards whether you want to actually use the card or not, grab it, and notice when players are selling higher or lower than they normally would. find cards that are going cheap (perhaps at dead times during the day), and then flip them for a higher price via Buy Now.


Don't sell yourself short and give away a card for cheap to make some quick coin. Always go for bargain bids, and then flip them for a profit.


Popular players are generally overpriced like Baker Mayfield. So you can use some cheaper, lesser-known, but just as good players that you can use in your team instead.


TLDR: Be patient, flip cards for a profit, and you'll have a steady income of MUT coins in Madden 20.


Tip 3: Never Ever Buy Packs

Packs, for the most part, are a ripoff. It's just like going to the casino and playing slots. The times you win will almost never outweigh the number of losses you eat. There are some exceptions. If EA is doing some kind of pack promotion that is guaranteeing you something worth spending your coins on then sure go for it.


Tip 4: Play, get MUT Coins, But Be Smart About It

Finally, don't get so wrapped up in stalking the auction house that you forget to actually go play the game. You'll get coins through playing games and if you're particularly good at MUT, you can win some additional prizes too.


But if you truly want to maximize your coin earning potential in MUT for Madden 20, play smart. If you have a game in hand, don't run up the score. Chew up the clock, finish up your opponent and move onto the next one.


If you're doing challenges and all you need to do is get a certain amount of yards and the other team's score or yardage doesn't matter, go get your yards, and let the CPU just score to get the ball back ASAP.


Using these tips will make the coin grinding in MUT for Madden 20 so much more bearable and get you to the point where you feel comfortable taking your MUT team online in Head to Head and online tournaments.