Our Madden NFL 21 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Madden 20 Date: Feb/16/20 17:48:31 Views: 1655

Here is our wishlist for Madden 21. What's on yours?


Advanced Contracts

Front loading, back loading, and being able to choose how much of a contract is guaranteed. 5th Year options, not connected to the scenario engine. Team and Player options Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents. Limited number of contract restructures per offseason, upgradeable in Coach upgrades.


Scenario Engine 2.0

More dynamic Scenarios. Create your own scenarios with uploading to Madden Share. Add Scenarios to Owner Mode.


Full Coaching Staffs Or at least coordinators.


Improved Scouting

Simple scouting reports, fully editable for custom draft classes. Scoutable injury rating. Improved draft storylines, also fully customizable for custom draft classes.


Improved League news

Generated articles revolving around your team, the league, and specific events like free agency and the draft. Season previews, mock drafts, power rankings, etc.


Improved Player Card

Bring stats to the frontend for less button presses. Display the player’s former teams and other useful info. Similar to this mock-up I made.


League History Tracking

Tracks every super bowl winner, award winner, team records, etc.


More Relocation options

This stuff would add so much replay value.


Stop limiting users to just 3 brands per city, let users choose from any of them in the game, regardless of if it makes sense. I should be able to become the Brooklyn Redwoods if I wanted to.


Option to play in Camping World Stadium if I move to Orlando, Wembley Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium if I move to London, and Estadio Azteca if I move to Mexico City.


Realistic Postgame Behavior

Both coaches and starting Quarterbacks should meet on the field after the game for a handshake. Jersey Swaps should also be a thing.


More CFM League Options:

Untouchables/untradables, similar to the NBA 2k feature. Every team has players they would never trade. Includes rookies, and veteran Hall of Famers like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Option to turn on/off in CFM.

Diceroll Kicking Option. I'd love the option to leave kicking up to a diceroll instead of it being user skill based. Kicking in Madden has been so routine and easy for years. This option would make kicking % more realistic.

Instant Relocation Option.


More Sliders:

Trade Difficulty slider.

Progression/Regression slider.

CPU Resigning Aggressiveness slider.

Scouting Accuracy slider.

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