All The Ways To Get Monopoly Go Gold Stickers

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-04-15
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Monopoly Go Gold Stickers

In Monopoly Go, you need to collect different stickers to complete albums, and some of them are Gold Stickers that are difficult to acquire. Besides, you cannot trade these stickers with your friends like other low-rarity stickers, meaning that whether or not you get these stickers completely depends on your luck. But don’t worry, we’ll show you all the ways to get gold stickers to increase your chances of getting them in this article.

Buy Sticker Packs: If you want those gold stickers and can’t wait, the quickest and easiest way to fill out your album is to pay for them. From the main screen, tap the Shop icon in the top-left corner. Scroll through the available bundles at the top of the screen, paying attention to the included sticker packs. Then tap the Info icon (i) at the top-left of the pop-up window to see your odds of getting a gold sticker. Remember, paying for stickers does not guarantee the ones you want, as it’s still a random draw.

Complete Quick Wins: Quick Wins are a great way to get gold stickers by doing daily tasks. They are usually tasks you can complete during matches, such as landing on a certain tile, rolling the dice, and other specific actions.

Daily Treats: They are a simple yet effective way for players to earn rewards. By simply logging into Monopoly GO! each day, players can claim these check-in rewards. This feature encourages consistent engagement with the game and provides players with regular opportunities to collect sticker packs, including the possibility of gold stickers.

Participate In Events: Check for live events and participate in them for extra chances to receive gold stickers. Such as participating in partner events can be incredibly rewarding, as they often offer unique sticker packs that include rare items like gold stickers. You can check for live events on the official website for MONOPOLY GO!

Unlocking Vaults Together: Stars are basically a representation of your duplicate stickers. According to their star value (rarity), each sticker is assigned a number of stars, you can then trade those stars for vaults. Getting 2,500 stars for the purple vault will bring you a guaranteed gold sticker that you don't have already.

Trading Gold Stickers: Monopoly GO has a restriction that does not allow you to freely gift golden stickers, regardless of whether you have several copies of the same one. But during Golden Blitz, you will be given the opportunity to send or request a specific pair of gold stickers determined by the event itself. The event will support the trading of two stickers at a time, but you will only be able to freely send copies of these gold stickers if they are a part of the Golden Blitz.

Buy Gold Stickers From Third-Part: You can also buy gold stickers through an online website. But just like trading gold stickers, only during the Golden Blitz event, then can you get the golden stickers you want. The good thing is that you can get it immediately without waiting for the transaction! If you don’t find the right website, we recommend Their prices and services are top-notch.

Using Wild Stickers: If you earn a Wild Sticker from an event, reach a milestone, or use it as a tournament reward, you can turn it into a gold sticker. When prompted, scroll through your available choices and select a gold sticker you haven’t acquired yet.

It ends here. We hope you find the above ways to get more Monopoly Go gold stickers useful, and if you know any that we've missed, please let us know in the comments.