Monopoly GO New Feature: Sticker Requests

Game: Monopoly Go
Time: 2024-03-23
Views: 350

Monopoly GO has just rolled out an exciting new update that's set to revolutionize how you collect stickers. Now, you have the ability to directly request stickers from your friends within the game, eliminating the need to separately message them for this purpose. Dive into the details with us!

Every day, you're granted one opportunity to request a sticker, aligning with your existing limit of five sends daily. With each request, you can reach out to up to four friends simultaneously for that one specific sticker you're after. Your friends will then have 16 hours to respond to your request, making the sticker collection process more interactive and streamlined than ever before.

This new feature is also very helpful for buying stickers on U4gm. As long as you select the specific stickers you need, U4gm will quickly respond to your request as your friend, making your stickers arrive more quickly! After all, fast delivery is the best promise that we offers Monopoly Go stickers for sale!