NBA 2K21 features wishlist: Improved Servers

NBA 2K21 Date: Mar/28/20 13:30:08 Views: 659

NBA 2K21 features wishlist: Improved Servers


Improved servers, features high on NBA 2K21 fan wishlists. "Why can't 2k have good servers? Like deadass. How about we fix those? I have good /great internet but still, every game is laggy and delayed. You really have to release your shot differently because of the delay. I don't even play online games in 2k because of it. And I would love to do that," writes Xclusivsmoment. "Like what is it in technology terms. Other games don't play like this. Why does it happen year after year? Can we get dedicated servers or something? That's one of my main concerns with 2k every year."


Hopefully, they actually upgrade their servers for the next-gen consoles. It makes no sense to have brand new consoles on broken down servers from the last decade. We need to have better standards. Not many other games have problems with the servers like 2K. Free games have better servers.


It ruins the experience when you can’t enjoy the game because of lag. It seems like wasted money. It is playable, but it is really bad when events happen. It makes the event worthless which makes the park even more boring. The events are supposed to be the most exciting part of the neighborhood.

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