NBA 2K21 Park Wishlist

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2023-02-13
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Park/Neighborhood is likely one of the most identifiable modes within the NBA 2K collection. So, what do you expect to see in NBA 2k21? Here is a wishlist of NBA 2K21 Park I think it can take NBA 2K21 Park to another level.


NBA 2K21 Park Wishlist

Let's go over everything we wish to see in NBA 2K21's Park.

Fixing Bugs and Glitches

The Park in the NBA 2K series is known for many different bugs and exploitable glitches. This includes making players so tall they don't fit on the screen, and so fast they can't be beaten. Also, hacked character creations in NBA 2K20's Park (The Neighborhood), and various kinds of rep glitches. Before we get to the big-ticket items we want to see in NBA 2K21, 2K Games will have to clean up these basic problems.

Females in PARK

NBA Live has already done this with its version of streetball, so without question, 2K has to at the very least allow females in the PARK. Unless 2K opts for a purely separate WNBA experience, which could be great for the league, I'd think females in PARK has to be included.

Blacktop Online

Blacktop is an underrated aspect of the game, and it would be great to see it available online, in the same way, that PARK functions. A lobby for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 on street courts with PARK moves for NBA players would be an attractive online feature. It's a lot like NBA All-Star Team-Up on the Blacktop.

More Viable Builds

Despite the competitive atmosphere of the Park and the hundreds of potential character builds in NBA 2K20, you'll rarely see any builds outside of the top ten to twenty because of how oppressively strong these are. If NBA 2K21 wants the Park to feel exciting and dynamic, they'll need to address overpowered character builds and traits first.

Adding Matchmaking for Park

Regardless of your skill level, matchmaking will have you playing against much better or much worse competition almost every game. That's because the matchmaking in the Park fails to balance teams for character skills and player skills combined. But to improve the Park experience for all players involved, 2K will need to better handle this matchmaking balance. In NBA 2K21, they should consider adding matchmaking for Park that groups players together by rep/OVR.

Competitive and Casual PARK and Pro-Am

Competitive players are dedicated to their craft, and many of them have aspirations of playing in the 2K League. They usually hate playing with players who aren't taking it as seriously, and vice versa. If 2K's Neighborhood had a Comp and Casual PARK and Pro-Am, everyone would get the best experience.


• Bring back park affiliations with new locations for each.

• I hope in NBA 2k21 not only lets us select an outdoor park with our affiliation, let us select an indoor affiliation to play indoor games, and have us wear official summer pro-am jerseys.

• Give us a performance mode option in the settings, performance mode would decrease the graphical settings in the neighborhood/park for improved smoother gameplay.

These are just my opinions and what I feel needs to be added or changed. Some people may not agree. Please let us know what you think!