17 Most Popular Poe 3.6 Builds for each Ascendancy

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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Within the Synthesis Challenge League, you may meet Cavas, a lingering spirit who has lost his memories. He wants your assistance to piece together his past and uncover the secrets which have to grow to be isolated in his mind. Assist Cavas by exploring these lost memories and activating the memory stabilizers contained inside. But be swift, due to the fact memories degrade, and should you linger too long or take the wrong turn you could degrade with them! Effectively stabilizing the mind will let Cavas to shop it for use inside the Memory Nexus. By visiting the Memory Nexus, you may use your stored memories to build a path to distant memories. Distant memories contain great challenges and worthwhile rewards. You may even stumble across Fractured Items, which include mods which are locked in the spot and can not be modified. Here u4gm editor share 10+ Most Popular Poe 3.6 Builds for each Ascendancy for you.


[Berserker] Over 6k Life Ancestral Warchief - 2m dps+ - Uber Farmer - Elder & Shaper Down

[Pathfinder] Fantastic single target harm without Barrage or Elemental Hit Pathfinder Build

[Deadeye] Mai Cedar's MF wind ripped funds maker: 187% IIQ 218% IIR speed mapper

[Trickster] Rapidly Soulrend / Bane trickster CI starter build

[Occultist] Incredibly uncomplicated to play with Tanel's CI Occultist BANE + DEATH¡äS OATH Blight and Essence Drain

[Necromancer] Highest DPS Spectre Summoner - 5mil+ shaper DPS - All Bosses - 600+Delve

[Ascendant] FunRoom's Crit Herald of Agony Ascendant

[Elemental] Tanky Elemental Strike Ascendant All Material Viable Builds

[Raider] One of the Quickest Mapping Tesla Cyclone Build

[Slayer] The Unarmed Queen Facebreaker Millions of harm means you one-shot nearly everything

[Duellist] Very high dmg over 80% Lightning Penetration Storm for the Limit

[Pathfinder] Very durable - 8000+ Life Tectonic Slam Ascendant Slayer

[Assassin] Face-Cannon Frost blades Assassin. Face Tank everything

[Saboteur] Can run pretty much any Map and All Articles which has a 5 Backlink - Action BY Action LVLING Manual

[Inquisitor] Multiple sources of life recovery Purifying Flame Inquisitor Build

[Hierophant] Easy to reach 7k-8k EHP with 40% MoM Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant - Inexpensive, Starter, Guide, Guardians, Shaper

[Guardian] Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic - League starter

17 Most Popular Poe 3.6 Builds for each Ascendancy

PoE 3.6 Ascendancy Balance:
Swift Killer now also causes you to gain an Energy or Frenzy Charge each second when Channelling.
Ghost Dance has been reworked. It now causes you to acquire a Ghost Shroud every second, as much as a maximum of 3, 3% lowered harm taken per Ghost Shroud, when Hit, drop a Ghost Shroud and recover Power Shield equal to 5% of your Evasion Rating, +5% chance to Evade when you have got Energy Shield, and 10% enhanced Movement Speed though you have got Energy Shield.
Escape Artist no longer prevents you from becoming Stunned if you have not been Hit recently and no longer grants 8% reduced Harm taken when you have not been Hit Lately. It now gives 12% increased Attack and Cast Speed per Ghost Shroud, Can not Be Stunned although you may have Ghost Shrouds, and 20% likelihood to Dodge Spell Hits for those who have Energy Shield.
Prolonged Pain now grants 20% additional Harm over Time (from 15%).
Sanctify has been renamed and reworked. It is now referred to as Sanctuary, and now causes Consecrated Ground you make to apply 10% elevated Harm taken to Enemies, you have Consecrated Ground about you even though Stationary, and 15 mana Regenerated per second when on Consecrated Ground.
Pious Path has also been reworked, and now grants 20% elevated Attack and Cast Speed although on Consecrated Ground (from 25%), Consecrated Ground you make grants Immunity to Elemental Ailments to you and Allies, 200 Power Shield Regenerated per Second when on Consecrated Ground, and Consecrated Ground you generate Lingers for 4 seconds.
Ascendant - Slayer
No longer grants 20% elevated Harm although Leeching. Now gives 30% enhanced location of Effect if you have Killed Not too long ago (up from 20%). Now also grants 50% reduced Maximum Recovery per Life Leech.

NO.1 [Berserker] Over 6k Life Ancestral Warchief - 2m dps+ - Uber Farmer - Elder & Shaper Down

In Poe 3.6, Slightly nerfed Hatred which means a bit lowered raw dps on Berserker, Loreweave res nerfed from max 80% to 78%. With the standard setup, We come to 3,6m shaper dps. With 2x min rolled rings we come to 4m, with average 4,4m and with correctly moved to 4.8m shaper dps. Because the rings have many variants even with the right two mods and can roll between:
(40-60)% increased Physical Damage while affected by Herald of Purity
Herald of Purity has (70-100)% increased Buff Effect
it could be hard to get some nearly perfect ones (with iron ring implicit non-corrupted).
The benefit from the death door boots (bleed immunity / +1 endurance charge) we not sure if we would consider to pick up a ring. IF we would hit one with bleed immunity corruption, we think we would take one. But that's nearly impossible IMHO. Besides that 3,6m shaper dps is more than enough for the whole content
btw herald of ash + mana reservation effect gives me less dmg than 2x increased Phys dmg effect

+ Over 6k Life
+ ~1000 life/s with an enduring cry and all charges (over 15% life reg)
+ 73% Phys reduction (hideout) 90% with flasks
+ Hard to die because you stay behind your Totems
+ Can do all map mods (reflect is a bit meh because your totems will kill themselves on hit)
+ At lvl 16+ (facebreakers) all content Easy
+ Perfect for hard bosses like Ulab/Uatziri/guardians/Shaper
+ Stun immune with over 25 Rage stacks

- Clear speed is average
- Totem playstyle is not for everyone
- 10% life degen (but with ~15% life reg we still have 5% and don't degen)

First, we go to War-Bringer because this will be our main heal skill
After that, we take the Aspect of Carnage, and with the next 2 points from the Merc/Uber Lab, we take Rite of Ruin to get the double bonus from our Rage stacks. Picking Rite of Ruin, at last, helps us do a smoother Ulab run for yourself, because of the lower degen from 5%. After the Ulab and Rite of Ruin, we have 10% degen at max Rage stacks.

Help Oak - He gives us all we need: Phys dmg/reduction and life reg

Major Pantheon:
Prefer the Soul of Brine King who provides us 50% reduced Effect of Chill on You if your captured Nassar, Lion of the Seas in the Reef Map. This is very helpful because chill can be very dangerous for a Totem player if you don't have your anti Freeze flask up.
The Soul of Arakaali is a good alternative with 5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like 30% reduced Effect of Shock & Shock duration and 25% Chaos Resistance against Damage Over Time.
The Soul of Lunaris gives us up to 8% substantial reduction against groups of enemies. The upgrades from this Soul arent was helpful at all.
The Soul of Solaris gives us up to 6& substantial reduction against single enemies. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently

Minor Pantheon:
prefer the Soul of Abberath because we like to be Unaffected by Burning Ground.
The Soul of Gruthkul is an excellent alternative which provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction.
The Soul of Ralakesh is a good alternative too with 25% chance to avoid Bleeding, and 25% reduced Physical Damage over Time Damage has taken while moving if you don't use the Death's Door Boots.
The Soul of Ryslatha can help you in the Labyrinth with Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently.
The Soul of Shakari is also a good Chaos reduction choice with works very well together with the Major Soul of Arakaali. It provides 5% reduced chaos damage taken & 25% decreased chaos damage over time taken while in an acid cloud and makes you immune to poison after Capturing Terror of the Infinite Drifts in the Desert Spring Map.

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/GL3Mr0q6

NO.2 [Pathfinder] Fantastic single target harm without Barrage or Elemental Hit Pathfinder Build

When you poison an enemy with Herald active, you summon an Agony Crawler scorpion and start off gaining Virulence (caps at 40). Your Crawler is usually a MINION which makes projectile and location attacks. So the scales with all kind of attack damage and generic minion damage and physical+chaos harm. Crawler also scales directly with Virulence stacks. You'll need to help keep hitting enemies and poisoning them to retain these stacks, and it is only probable with quickly attacks, high likelihood to poison and decent mobility to chase monsters around. Any time you lose all stacks your crawler vanishes. Master Toxicist Pathfinder passive straight aids are maintaining Virulence stacks up! 

+ Decent AOE
+ Wonderful single target harm with no Barrage or Elemental Hit
+ Wonderful clear speed with usual higher Pathfinder mobility
+ Permanent flask uptime
+ No should PIERCE heavily, like in CA setup
+ REFLECT IMMUNE (all reflect!)
+ 45-65% dodge

- Still quite squishy as relies mostly on acrobatics and Evasion. Leech is there, but pretty low with Quill Rain
- stacking Virulence is harder with a slow bow
- Mana troubles are there due to the fact of high APS (for Quill Rain)
- 111 INT essential for appropriate gearing

For Ascendancy:
Nature's Boon, Nature's Reprisal, Master Toxicist, Nature's Adrenaline (uber lab). Master Alchemist can also be an incredibly excellent security alternative for HC.

Kill All

Significant: Lunaris
Minor: Gruthkul

Pob Link - https://pastebin.com/YG3bsPz5

NO.3 [Deadeye] Mai Cedar's MF wind ripped funds maker: 187% IIQ 218% IIR speed mapper

This isn't a basic MF Build, and there are hundreds of these posted on the forums. The goal of this Build would be to provide people that want the strongest doable magic to locate character a blueprint to follow. This is not a T6 burial farming bot but an actor capable of cutting using T16 maps swiftly, safely and with as significantly loot as possible. It is damn expensive but properly worth it! Tornado shot has 360-degree coverage and when paired using the +2 sub-projectile helmet enchant has probably the most arrows per shot. This implies that tornado shot maximizes our coverage, paired with high damage we can clear several screens in a single shot, you cannot do this with any other skill. The build is seriously meant to become played with legacy items, nonetheless, if you'd like to attempt your best in temp leagues at emulating the build. We propose either a shaped onyx or discos, paired with two vendors and gold wyrms in boot slots. You ought to be in a position to farm reasonably correctly and make a whole lot through the excess returns from IIQ.

Notable Priority: Tailwind > Rapidly and Deadly > Far Quick > Ricochet

Alira is worth like 4 points, take it on every crit build. Correctly, this MF build.

Main God: Soul with the Brine King
Brine King prevents stun locks which can frequently be the trigger of death for squishier builds including MF wind ripped.
Note: Be sure you pick up Nassar, Lion of the seas perfect vessel for the 50% lowered impact of chill, this can be important given that we do not have chill immunity as a deadeye.

Minor God: Soul of Ralakesh (only when you have drek, apex hunter divine vessel) or Soul of Yugul
Note: Should you plan on occasionally operating elemental reflect maps without reflecting immunity sextant you'll need Sybils + soul of Yugul, an attempt at your risk. Soul of Ralakesh is sweet on account of lowering bleed difficulties not covered by the corrupting blood immunity, together with granting us blind and maim immunity, good!

Pob Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/RdYaqGWy

NO.4 [Trickster] Rapidly Soulrend / Bane trickster CI starter build.

Run around like a chicken with its head cut off, spam your flasks and Soulrend stuff until it dies. If a significant hard, scary ugly mob seems, drop blight totem, bane every three-ish seconds, use Vaal grace, stand nevertheless and stab the thingie to death.

All are fantastic and please use any, but We thought me combining the components of all 3 We liked was unique enough to warrant a forum post/guide and go through available solutions of why to go particular factors. You will discover lots of solutions, and attempt to undergo why you do certain items more than other folks. Feel no cost to ask queries concerning the build usually, not just individually the EB dual wield mom trickster version.

+ Quickly
+ Can go super duper rapidly
+ Starts less expensive than dirt, can have 30+ exalts dumped into it at the same time 
+ All map mods besides cannot regen
+ If bored, can switch to contagion/essence drain and use bane as an essential skill. Will have to change to a few a lot more curse nodes on tree tho for bane

- Not a melee chad warrior of death and destruction
- Everyone playing it 
- Wtb devouring diadem

The standard lab went weave the arcane, cruel patient reaper, merciless ghost dance AND respecced out of weave the arcane to go prolonged discomfort. Uber lab is when We picked up escape artist.
It is possible to very easily not weave the arcane if you never choose to commit the regrets/worry about it (10 disappointment needed to spec out of weave the arcane along with the small thingy attached to it.

Kill all, or go allure for first resists and after that switch to kill all later.

For pantheon, We would go for the significant soul of Arakalli, and minor Shakira. Make confident to buy divine vessels and upgrade them!

PoB Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/c30W9u4i

NO.5 [Occultist] Incredibly uncomplicated to play with Tanel's CI Occultist BANE + DEATH¡äS OATH Blight and Essence Drain

Early Delve but you may see the insane AOE and how superior it clears with just BANE alone — looking for DO in SSF. Inside the finish, you could see the encounter exactly where We hold down my left mouse button and move my mouse around the screen and.. something DIES. You spam Bane soon after which if anything for whatever lives. You cast Essence Drain and channel Blight. Also, drop the Wither totem we've got the need to you've time and probably VAAL Blight on significant. Then preserve at a distance bring about we can Promptly spam Blight anyplace we want! That¡äs the amazing issue, it has zero cast time just about with a bit of cast speed and could target offscreen with all the Substantial AOE it has! We practically all of the time have Occultist 30% ES recovery activated, except for boss fights, but there you just ED, Bane, DO, Blight.. run about.. if you feel drop down wither totem.. for all those who genuinely feel.. get a decoy totem. We imply, this build is amongst the finest ones We've ever played with in this game, plus it charges virtually practically nothing at all to take it to endgame.. the beauty of this build. All rares just fine, don¡ät even want crazy cost crafted rares to come to be decent clearer.

+ Truly excellent and protected clearspeed as a result of Bane not costing any correct mana so you can SPAM this.
+ Death¡äs Oath while not mandatory is a nice protected cushion and considerably more dot harm with all other skills combined.
+ quick to play with, extremely simple to gear (All rares fine)

- Porcupines

Support Alira or kill all (Alira offers sweet 15% All Resists even though) beautiful early on. You could generally Unspec later if you would like to obtain far more ES

Wicked ward > Vile Bastion > Profane Bloom > Malediction.
For confident you're capable of going for Withering Presence. Feel no price to try them out, usually, can Unspec after you don¡ät like it!

Most important:
Soul of Arkaali with all the second Pantheon addon that delivers us a massive 50% ES Recovery price if we stopped taking harm lately!s
Soul of Gruthkul - A little of Physical Damage Reduction
Soul of Garukhan - Nice movement speed in the second Pantheon addon and low likelihood to evade attacks if we've taken a savage hit recently.

Pob Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/b8WFh4fD

NO.6 [Necromancer] Highest DPS Spectre Summoner - 5mil+ shaper DPS - All Bosses - 600+Delve

This build focuses on Cannibal Fire-Eaters as they have the highest DPS of all Spectres. However, it will work with Solar Guards and other projectile spell Spectres and focuses on scaling Spectre DPS as high as possible although still maintaining a decent amount of life/es and a quick evident speed. It starts as a 5-chaos league starter and scales towards the endgame (Uber Elder farmer/600+ delver/40 challenges). This Build includes a full leveling guide with the numbered passive tree for each act, videos on how to summon Spectres and a detailed breakdown on gear and gem links. 

+ Cheap league starter (5c to start mapping)
+ Highest DPS Spectre build - melt all bosses
+ 8k+ eHP (7k life / 1k es)
+ Speedy map clearing: 160%+ movement speed
+ Can solo delve to 700+

Kill all

1st: Invoker
2nd: Soul Weaver
3rd: Commander of Darkness
4th: Puppet Master 

Soul of Lunaris - use this 99% of the time
Soul of Solaris - use this against bosses without adds, eg. Aul
Soul of Shakari - poison immunity
Soul of Yugul - use this against end game bosses with cold damage
Soul of Abberath - useful in delve when there is burning ground

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/xGLXES3f
Skrill Tree: http://bit.ly/2Tqb60X

NO.7 [Ascendant] FunRoom's Crit Herald of Agony Ascendant

There are two types of people who see this 3.6 patch. People that can't wait to attempt out the new skills and balanced spells. And people that are afraid of receiving trapped and chose the wrong period. Should you are the latter, maybe you could take into account a minion starter build like this 1.

1. Concerning to Curse Buff
- Curse effects on bosses are buffed. This signifies elemental weakness is ultimately back on the menu once again.

2. Regarding Assassin's Mark Buff
- To understand how it is buffed you'll want to know how crit opportunity on minions is calculated.
- In 3.5, level 12 Assassin's Mark offers 9% further likelihood to crit.
Minion will have 5% x (1 + 200% x 3) + 9% = 43% chance to crit with 3 power charges.
- In 3.6, level 20 Assassin's Mark offers 2.5% additional chance to crit. But this likelihood is now impacted by crit modifiers so that minion may have (5% + two.5%) x (1 + 200% x 3) = 52.5% possibility to crit now with 3 energy charges. The level 12 information is still unknown at this point. However, the outcome ought to be still larger than the original 43.

3. With regards to Hatred Nerf
- GGG desires Hatred to become employed on Cold skills, or to become precise, Glacial Cascade.
- The much more multiplier will not be going to perform well on this minion. The truth is it can be about 20% less cold damage dealt now. It indeed is still fine as we've other damage types so that it can be just a modest loss on dps.

4. Regarding the new Quiver
- There's a new quiver named Maloney's Mechanism. It even has three sockets!
- Besides, it triggers socketed bow skills when you use bow skill. This signifies we can have Toxic Rain - Curse on Hit - Projectile Weakness setup around the quiver while we nevertheless have a 6L on Quill Rain to accomplish pretty much something. GG GGG.

5. Concerning to Convocation buff
- By cutting off the cooldown time from eight seconds to 4, lousy choice making on recalling your crawler is now less punishing. This should be a Major improvement to our game knowledge. Minion Speed Assistance is still suggested though.

PoE 3.6 Patch Adjustments:
In 3.6, We pick Ascendant since curse is buffed and is much more reliable on bosses now. This provides some harm boost to Ascendant and makes it the most beneficial decision for me amongst all ascendancies. DPS will not be our principal concern within this build guide. The Agony Crawler has currently far more than sufficient dps for Uber Elder with no massive investments like a Hatred Aul's Amulet or +2 Skin of Loyal. You may nevertheless do that when you are rich.
- Curse impact on bosses is buffed.
- Assassin's Mark is buffed.
- Convocation is buffed.
- Hatred is nerfed. On our build.
- The skill itself is untouched.
- New amulet (Hyrri's Truth) Aura is only excellent on Aurabots.
- New ring (Circle of Nostalgia) is unique with 100% Agony Crawler Damage mod.
- New quiver (Maloney's Mechanism) OP. The curse on hit setup for sure.
- You can Necromantic Aegis +2 minimum power charge for Minions now. Note: Not making use of this on my build since Quill Rain.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/PbHCFJXv

NO.8 [Elemental] Tanky Elemental Strike Ascendant All Material Viable Builds

This Build will be the fruits of my research and presenting what I could be the greatest all-around model of Elemental Hit for those who need to try the power out. Like my other Builds current possibilities for you from which to choose and We usually inspire people to work with the Build to be a guideline for getting the factors you prefer and making the build your personal! My standpoint all through the majority of this Build is always that of the Softcore player wanting to try and do each of the content material inside the sport by using one build so I will lean more in the direction of one concentrate on than clearspeed. Without giving you a lecture on economics (provide and need) I am going to point out it for the third time: The build depends on uniques. If GGG suddenly decides that Fight Target jewels are going to be ultra-rare, then the build will likely be robust to pay for. In advance of obtaining started out using this type of build take a peek for the equipment tips and find out exactly what the selling prices of people uniques are and if it is from the array of factors, it is possible to afford with all your degree of Poe forex.

+ All Information Feasible
+ Tanky
+ Resolute Technique
+ Distinctive Items Significant

- Not an awesome league starter
- Need to reroll some map mods
- Is often high price range

Manager Killing
Get shut with Chil Sol. It ought to be evident once you study the merchandise; however, you should get close to the significant A lot more multipliers of Stage Blank and Chin Sol. Utilize the sizeable daily life pool and slayer over leech to tank material but be sure to retain attacking.
Enhance your pantheon! The speed of leech is considerable!

Soul of Arakali and Blood Rage
Should you have a very Solid When Harm Taken Blood Rage Immortal Connect with set up you can drive the "stopped getting Destruction More than Time Recently" enhance
The Buy in the gems inside your Forged When Hurt Taken set up matters! Ensure Blood Rage is in advance of Immortal Connect with exactly where the get is Prime left initial, and Base Still went previous.
Your Blood Rage might be more than the level makes sure you manually forged it!

Get rid of all of them. Help Alira if you need to go down the Crit path.

Path of the Duelist

Solutions: Raider could be swapped for Pathfinder, Elementalist, Juggernaut, Inquisitor, Chieftan, or Berzerker for individuality sake!

Important God - Soul Araceli with 50% amplified Restoration of Lifestyle and Vitality Shield if you've stopped getting Destruction Around Time Not long ago
Check out 6. Ideas and Methods to discover how we try this continually!
Slight God - Gruthkul for mapping Yugul for Uber Elder

Tree: http://bit.ly/2tZ6R2d
PoB: https://pastebin.com/5NKzd3Mb

NO.9 [Raider] One of the Quickest Mapping Tesla Cyclone Builds

This is straight in the patch notes. The translation right here is "per life leech."
Cyclone in itself doesn't essentially hit hard every single tick from the skill. 
On the other hand, it can certainly hit the build. 
There are various strategies to assist this out:
Carnage heart - 50% increased Life Leeched per second.
1.2-2)% of Physical Attack Harm Leeched as Life
Unless there are new crafts that handle life leech, this amulet will develop into one of the most stable/wanted charm for the build. (Please add in additional information and facts if you have any)
As pointed out this former league and a great deal earlier, if you would like to grow to be tankier, try Slayer/Jugg for ascendancy choices to get slower, however, new defense-oriented approach if that is your cup o' tea.
Synthesis items will have to be looked into as you'll be able to have an implicit and also a lab now enchant, buffing the capability to cover hp/resists/etc. 
Tombfist no longer grants 6-10% improved Attack Speed. Current versions of this item will lose the enhanced Attack Speed if a Divine Orb is applied. Do it. We dare you.
Shaper's Touch, all the way infant!
Loreweave now sets your Maximum Resistances to a maximum of 78% (from 80%). Existing versions of this item can be updated for the new values with a Divine Orb.
New versions of Watcher's Eye can appear with mods which interact with the new Aura skills.
Bosses which previously had 60% or 80% much less effect of curses on them now have 33% or 66% much less impact of curses on them respectively. This contains map bosses, Incursion architects, Betrayal targets, Breachlords, Shaper, Elder, and others.

+ High Harm
+ One of the Fastest Mapping Builds inside the GAME
+ Can do all content (Videos posted beneath)
+ Fun WITH HEADHUNTER (Totally OPTIONAL. Not necessary for the build but a Pro in my book XD )
+ Can do all map mods (Can do Ele and Phy reflect. Place Blood magic on your cyclone or use mana flask on No Regen. Can do No Leech maps.)
+ Price range Friendly Clear as much as T15-16 on a 25c spending budget. (Can also scale high the more investment you place in)
+ Can use as a League Starter
+ Can Do Uber Lab Simply
+ Can turn into a Magic Locate Map Spammer God that may be Rapidly and can kill Bosses Rapidly, Quickly.
+ Bitch Ass Botters That Attempted to use my Build b/c it is OP. GOT BANNED. GG EZ.

- Not an 8-13k Righteous Fire Life Build
- Melee is not a con. 
- Can not Facetank the planet. (Again not a Righteous Fire Build)
- Demands you to study end game boss mechanics (Personally Do not see this as a con because I like playing the game.)
- Not managing Cyclone at all can cause mana issues. (I preserve spamming the button with no one about and now I have no mana! Help!)
- Does need a fair volume of investment and patience when undertaking Uber Elder (In case you ever plan on fighting him)

Regular: +40 Dex and + 1 Passive point on the Ranger Path
Cruel: Ranger Ascendancy (RAIDER) and +20 Strength and Dex going down the Duelist Path
Merciless: + 1 Passive Point and Duelist Ascendancy (SLAYER)
Uber: + 1 Passive and finish the Ranger route with Grants 2 Passive points and can allocate passive in starting position.

Significant God Recommendation:
- Soul of Arakaali
Minor God Recommendation:
- Soul of Ralakesh - Neato
- Soul of Ryslatha - For Lab help 
- Soul of Garukhan - Evasion

Assist Alira

PoB Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/fJBhJRHT

NO.10 [Slayer] The Unarmed Queen Facebreaker Millions of harm means you one-shot nearly everything

Slightly Loreweave nerf from 80% could res to 78%, Possibly some minor skill tree changes which will update as soon as Pob and poeplanner are updated, slightly nerf to Hatred which indicates a bit lowered severe harm.

Millions of damage mean you one-shot almost anything
Loreweave provides insane Defense & Offence
5k+ life
Culling Strike & Overleech
Free Power Charge generation
Stun & Freeze Immunity

is usually very expensive at min-maxing
Labyrinth is a pain with Vaal Pact

We take Slayer for the Overleech and Culling Strike & Assassin for the free Power Charge generation.

Assist Alira for Mana-Regeneration / All Resistances / Crit Multi

Main Pantheon
The Soul of Arakaali with 5% reduced Harm taken from Harm Over Time. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like 30% decreased Effect of Shock & Shock duration and 25% Chaos Resistance against Harm Over Time.
The Soul of Lunaris provides us as much as 8% substantial reduction against groups of enemies. The upgrades from this Soul arent was beneficial at all.
The Soul of Solaris offers us as much as 6& Physical reduction against single enemies. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes when you've got taken a Critical Strike Recently
Minor Pantheon
The Soul of Gruthkul is an excellent alternative which provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction.
The Soul of Ralakesh is a good alternative too with 25% chance to avoid Bleeding, and 25% reduced Physical Harm over Time Harm took while moving in the event you don't use the Death's Door Boots.
The Soul of Ryslatha can enable you inside the Labyrinth with Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds for those who haven't used a Life Flask Recently.
The Soul of Shakari is also a good Chaos reduction choice with works very well together with the Important Soul of Arakaali. It provides 5% reduced chaos harm taken & 25% decreased chaos harm over time taken while in an acid cloud and makes you immune to poison right after Capturing Terror with the Infinite Drifts in the Desert Spring Map.

Pob Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/SDypE5Vg
Skill Tree - http://bit.ly/2HyMamn

NO.11 [Duellist] Very high dmg over 80% Lightning Penetration Storm for the Limit

The abyss jewel version got an item to nerf (tombist attack speed got removed), perhaps some minor skill tree modifications that will update as soon as Pob and poeplanner are updated, slightly Hatred nerf but shouldn't do so substantially to this build due to the fact we take it mainly for the crit watchers eye. So this league was different for me, usually make one character for labs and one style for maps, now got it in one role, after starting maxing build fixed few things, first Longwave 80%. BiS for this build, my hp at 90 lvl was about 6k, tried +3 or +40% dmg, so in case you low on dmg use +40% dmg (bigger leech) for those who got enough use +3. Content material has done: Uber lab (Easy farm all day because central running labs), uber elder also UBER ELDER CARRY few guildmates, the shaper is like nothing for this build, even in case you dmg is high you can leave point black, overall; did not complete: u Atziri, and Hogm. Score 7/10 would make again.

+ Pretty good clear speed
+ Melee ranged build
+ 2-3 Mil dps (u-elder in much less than 3-4 mins)
+ Uber lab viable
+ Mapping viable
+ cheap enchant because no1 is playing this
+ Very high dmg
+ over 80% Lightning Penetration
+ rapidly clear
+ substantially leech with the Vaal pact and slayer Overleech
+ can wear Biscos for mapping
+ immune to shock

- Is often squishy
- No reflect maps
- Maybe expensive due to lore and right claw
- A small stone can block all your attacks
- NO MTX for the lightning strike
- No1 wants to sell that enchant, so it's challenging to get

We pick first the Slayer Overleech and his path. Following that we choose the raider passive, which gives us Easy frenzy charge generation against bosses and always onslaught at the max frenzy.

We pick Alira for mana reg, crit multi, and All res

The pantheon is full up to you. Prefer the "Soul of Solaris" and "Soul of Abberath"

How Does A great deal Poe Currency need for this new build?
All jewels together ~ 15ex
2x taming ~10ex
6L impulse ~5ex
Two abyss socket gloves ~3ex
Two abyss socket helmet ~4ex

PoB Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/cBkfy8Y1

NO.12 [Pathfinder] Very durable - 8000+ Life Tectonic Slam Ascendant Slayer

In this build, the guide will go through how built and play my Tectonic Slam Ascendant and will cover almost everything from choice of class and main skill to passive tree and ascendancy points, gems and gear selections ( and alternatives ), stat priorities and strategies for dealing together with the endgame and current league mechanic encounters. The guide will be easily readable but quite long, you have got been warned. Suitable off the bat would like to say that This is NOT A Price range OR LEAGUE STARTER BUILD - the build needs a few core items that will not be offered at all or will be quite expensive at the start of a league. I recommend that you've got at least 4 - 5, preferably six - 7 Exalts ( at the time of writing this ) ready in the event you usually do not already own the core items listed inside the guide.

Our damage and AoE were buffed, our life leech was nerfed.
Damage - the nerfs to Tombfist and Ascendant Slayer are offset by the improved power in some of our Passive Tree nodes so our harm is slightly higher now and we get somewhat additional AoE from Ascendant Slayer.
Survivability - Life Leech was nerfed which is a massive loss in survivability for the build. As long as we can hold attacking we'll not notice a difference in most fights ( mapping is still a complete joke for this build ) but for endgame bossing we would no longer recommend this build unless you are already experienced with all the content. Phased bosses that don't allow us to maintain permanent leech are all very dangerous now for the inexperienced/lousy player.
Tombfist - no longer grants Attack Speed. Remains an easy recommendation for Gloves slot as the Abyss Jewel socket, 6% Improved Life and Intimidate on hit are all still great. Still, this is no longer the clear optimal choice for our gloves. Unless we heavily invest in 2 Sockets and GG Jewels Spiked gloves are now better.
Ascendant Slayer - this is suitable on the brink of being garbage now, especially to get a build like ours that has to take care of massive degen from our weapon.

The difference between lv 100 compared to say 90 is 1000 + Life and 20% + more DPS for me from passive points + new jewels.
Don't compare your character to mine until at least level 94-95 and immediately after all your gems are 20/20 and hit chance is 95% without Precision. When you get to that point, then you may look at gear differences to see where you would require improvements.

+ Comfortable and enjoyable build that can complete all endgame content material ( not tested against Delve bosses Kurgal and Aulas we haven't found any but )
+ Very durable - 8000+ Life, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics + very high Life Leech for laughing at bosses
+ Very reliable and safe with powerful synergies - utilizes both Slayer Overleech and Pathfinder perma-flasks to get a smooth and safe play style
+ Excels in both AOE and Single Target harm - 1 Million + sustained Shaper DPS, can dish out about two million burst DPS with Vaal skills and charges; Tectonic Slam one-shots the screen during mapping
+ Only needs a single six link gem setup - no require to swap between gems for bossing or mapping
+ Deathless Uber Elder not difficult if experienced with all the fight mechanics
+ Tectonic Slam looks and feels amazing

- Endgame synergies oriented Scion build - not the best leveling experience
- Needs at least Oni-Goroshi, the Charged Slam helmet enchantment, and Uber Lab complete before the build truly kicks in
- Getting all endgame recommended items might be hard for inexperienced/casual players - total cost about 10 - 15 Exalts
- Cannot do any leech or elemental reflect maps
- Not Hall with the Grandmasters viable

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/zF74jjPi

NO.13 [Assassin] Face-Cannon Frost blades Assassin. Face Tank everything

This build needs a right balance between DPS and life, you need high DPS to provide enough leeching, and high growth as well to prevent one hit. So make sure you got T1 life rolls on all your rare gear, i.e., 70+ life on rings, 80+ life on amulets and boots, 100+ life on the belt (abyss belt with life jewel or leather belt). Also, make sure at least one of your rings is Steel Ring, and have 2 or more DPS mods (elevated cold dmg, WED, flat Phys). Make sure your amulet have 3 or more DPS mods. (flat Phys, elevated cold dmg, crit multi, WED) WED means elemental destruction with assault skills. 

This build isn't going to require much spending plan since all the necessary uniques are cheap, but if you're rich, there is also ample space to improve. The build employs Bloodseeker for instant life leech and from Opportunistic ascendancy of Assassin (no crit from the boss), we can face tank almost all of the bosses without worrying about positioning. Might from the Meek jewel not work using the new passive tree. I am a little busy recently and will update the guide according to changes later this week, but as of now, you could follow the version without might with the meek jewel.

Unstable Infusion
Ambush & Assassinate
Deadly Infusion

Take Alira or two passives.

Brine king

POB version: 1.4.134 (3.6 Synthesis League)
3 million dps version
POB version: 1.4.99 
Updated with all the 2.14 million dps version

Skril Tree - http://bit.ly/2WdfvWM

NO.14 [Saboteur] Can run pretty much any Map and All Articles which has a 5 Backlink - Action BY Action LVLING Manual

This build makes use of one of several most powerful spells while in the video game, arc, with mines. There are many advantages to using mines with arc rather than self-casting or with totems, some staying the fact that they use a lot higher dps output and you are not gorgeous oneself though casting for practically as very long, but we'll go into that later on. This build would be the jack of all trades. It could do every map mod, the boss has decently quick very clear, and it is exceptionally cheap. Put every one of these alongside one another, and you've got oneself a particularly impressive starter helpful and starter build that will catapult you into end recreation exceptionally speedily and successfully. That was not just a joke, because of the by. The most beneficial way to eliminate bosses is by throwing a cluster of Shock Nova traps to equally Shock the enemy and activate Elemental Equilibrium, followed up by a Firetrap and lastly an Ice Lure cluster. From there on out you turn between Fireplace and Ice Trap to continually get that minus 50 resistance debuff from Elemental Equilibrium for every Lure. When you imagine your opponent is not any extended stunned by your sheer presence, toss a further cluster of Shock Nova Traps and repeat from step one!

Adjustments for 3.6
So, major alterations! Correctly, they can be easy modifications, but significant changes, nonetheless. 
The harm of equally Ice Trap and Shock Nova has been elevated considerably, mainly using the former. Ice Lure received these types of a huge harm buff I ponder if it'd outdo Fire Entice for single goal purposes! Very well, we'll see once I try out it out. Ice Trap also acquired an increased spot of influence, which can be awesome. The standard reward is unchanged, regrettably. That one is still as worthless as ever.
But hey, as with numerous other skills, the adjust only can enhance the hurt output and clearing velocity of this build!

Saboteur is my chosen just one. You can get Assassin, sure, but Chain Response, in my opinion, outperforms any crit you get from your Assassin skills! Get Fantastic Criminal offense and Chain Response with all your to start with two batches of points after which Pyromaniac for all times regen and after that Born inside the Shadows to blind your enemies using your shocking appears to be like!

Help Alira for additional Mana regeneration, extra Crit multiplier and many Resistances as a nice facet bonus. Both that or kill all and acquire two skill points, your alternative.

+ Can run quite much any Map mod (while no Everyday living and Mana reg might be an essential discomfort)
+ No mandatory Gear
+ Rapid screen-clearing
+ Might get a decently higher lifetime and ES pool (5k+ existence and a couple of of.5k-3.5k ES(Depending on your gear)
+ Atziri, Izaro and Large Tier Maps are no problem!
+ Can deal with every Guardian! (See Videos for each below)
+ Uber Atziri, Shaper and T15 Elder feasible! (Online video for latter to return)
+ Plenty of enjoyment from engaging in!
+ Every person loves a Shocker!

- The superior total of huge Shock Novas and Ice Traps might get on one's eyes rapidly
- Your fingers could get stiff from regularly smashing the keyboard

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/QDdAbrkc
Skrill Tree: http://bit.ly/2TP7XNb

NO.15 [Inquisitor] Multiple sources of life recovery Purifying Flame Inquisitor Build

This build is not created for up-close melee combat. Endeavor to distance your self from the enemies and decimate them with your massive Area of Effect that this build has. Waves in the second cast of Purifying Flame ought to very easily finish up any foes that weren't killed by the first cast, making clearspeed strong. Sometimes throw Wave of Conviction on extra robust rares or when you have any complications with clearing a pack. Essentially the most vital defense in PoE is movement. A typical mistake new players make standing in one particular spot and just holding down the cast button. That way, you are letting enemies conveniently snipe you with their ranged spells and attacks or telegraphed AoE attacks. You'll want to usually be around the move just after one particular or two button presses, that is some reasonable assistance I'd give to any first-timer. Patch 3.six gave us loads of divine skills to play and experiment with. This build options among them, PURIFYING FLAME which we'll use to shred via maps. 

+ Many sources of life recovery
+ Higher Harm output
+ Immunity to elemental ailments
+ Ranged and AoE
- Cannot facetank stuff
- Can not do elemental reflect maps
- Requirements some quantity of investment for toughest bosses
- Has problems with mana sustain ahead of the very first labyrinth

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/DL8Ngq8n
Skrill Tree: http://bit.ly/2Jdx4Vi

NO.16 [Hierophant] Easy to reach 7k-8k EHP with 40% MoM Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant - Inexpensive, Starter, Guide, Guardians, Shaper

You run around (and flame dash) and place totems preemptively. You do not wish to jump directly into a sizable pack of mobs just before freezing them. When we need a lot more DPS, we can cast Frostbomb and Projectile Weakness to get an enormous damage increase. Freezing Pulse got a 12% Harm Buff at Lvl20! The +1 Totem Mod is now only out there on shaper shields. It may well be tough to roll a superb a single, but worth it. With how excellent multi-modding is proper now, you can isolate +1 Totem with yet another great mod (ideal life, spell damage, spell crit) and multimode. In the event the mod is super rare, you'll have to settle with other mods, as well.

+ NO gear specifications (except two threshold jewels), so inexpensive and SSF viable
+ Transitions nicely from leveling to mapping devoid of any troubles and significant investments
+ Easy to cap resists
+ Easy to attain 7k-8k EHP with 40% MoM
+ Capable to clear maps up to T15 comfortably
+ secure mainly because we freeze all minions except bosses quickly
+ Can go Magic Uncover
+ Can run all map mods (I'd reroll Ele-Reflect considering that your totems 1 or 2-shot themselves, but clearing the map is possible)
+ Can attain 1.5 million Shaper DPS (300k DPS per Totem)
+ Attainable to kill guardians, shaper and also Uber Elder with some investments (Uber Elder Kill)

- No leech

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/GGR6TK0K
Skrill Tree: http://bit.ly/2uebYeY

NO.17 [Guardian] Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic - League starter

The most effective technique to get a thought for the build is to watch the videos above.
- Just pop your non-life flasks and Cyclone using packs - your minions will do the rest!
- You can pretty easily face-tank high-level bosses with this build (e.g., I did a Minotaur at level 79 with beneath 5k hp Facetanking).
- The only somewhat annoying map mod for the build is physical reflect as your relics will one-shot themselves. To run this mod, summon one particular remnant at a time before entering each new pack. The, as well as your agony crawler, will mop up just fine.

Heralds of Agony and Purity now only scale physical harm, not all harm. This can be a nerf to builds that have been working with sources of low non-physical injury to minions (e.g., abyssal jewels). As we don't do that, there's no adjusting to the build. Note, Agony Crawler's harm is physical with chaos conversion, so this doesn't affect it.

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/jyrr9PRT
Skrill Tree: http://bit.ly/2HGdRch