Path of Exile 3.4 league Delve Faq

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In the path of Exile: Delve, you will delve into the Azurite Mine's endless depths to extract treasure and find out its hidden secrets and techniques. Our state-of-the-art growth capabilities an infinite dungeon and pocketable Poe currency items, as well as a group of modern, precise gadgets, skill gems, balance adjustments, images engine upgrades and more! After the path of Exile Delve declaration at the top of the final week, there were a lot of community talk approximately many elements of the league and its mechanics. Poe Have amassed a number of the essential component speaker elements to explain for in addition to the contemporary article.

Will I be able to use Flicker Strike in the mine?
Yes, absolutely. Just note that the darkness will kill you.
How does darkness affect minions and totems?
It does not.

Does the scaling of the mine apply to Spectres ? Can we summon high-level Spectres as we get deeper into the shaft?
Spectres are the level corresponding to the depth you entered the mine at. You can summon high-level Spectres from the shaft.
Delve has a variety of exciting bosses and encounters :-)
Can we stack copies of the same fossils in a Resonator?

Path of Exile 3.4 league Delve Faq

How do the rarities of the various Resonators compare?
There are two types of Resonators - Chaotic and Alchemical. These have the functionality of Chaos Orbs and Orbs of Alchemy respectively. Each can have many sockets. Ones with many plugs are harder to find than ones with few.

How rare will Fossils be? Will they have an equal drop chance?
Most fossils aren't that rare. You'll have plenty of opportunity to craft cool items this league. Certain powerful ones are rarer than others.

What's the difference between the Reliquary Keys in Delve and the Reliquary Keys in Legacy?
Timeworn Reliquary Keys (the ones in Delve) drop less frequently but have more valuable results. The Relics that can be found in the Timeworn Reliquary are shiny versions of any unique items that were available in past Path of Exile leagues that aren't in the main unique drop pool (like Headhunter). All 151 have equal chances of being in the Reliquary.

Will the Delve soundtrack be added to the supporter pack?
Yes, but we don't have an exact timeframe on when.

Which items will the Crawler pick up?
Anything within the light radius of the Crawler.

What is the maximum speed of the Crawler?
The base speed is proportional to your run speed. For example. If you use a Quicksilver Flask, that speed increases. The Crawler can also move faster than your run speed if you get in front of it via movement skills. All of this is not important because the monsters are hard enough that the challenge is not being left behind. You're not escorting the Crawler; it's escorting you.

When do you first encounter Delve content?
League Delve Release on August, 31, 2018

How common is Voltaxic Sulphite?
Voltaxic Rift is a unique Spine Bow. It's in every area. Sometimes multiple deposits of it.

Is there a minimum amount of Voltaxic Sulphite needed to enter the mine?
There's a minimum amount of Voltaxic Sulphite required to get the Crawler to go to a new location, but it's quite small for short Delves.

Is there a capacity on how much Voltaxic Sulphite you can carry?
Yes, and you can upgrade this with Azurite if you feel it's too low.

How long can you spend in the mine assuming you have filled your Voltaxic Sulphite capacity?
This depends on some factors, but with reasonable capacity upgrades at a consistent depth, you can chain a few more extended Delves together if you want to consume all your Voltaxic Sulphite at once.

Do you have to wait for Niko to collect the sulfite once you encounter it?
No, you can click it and walk away (or click him and do the Delve immediately).

Can I bypass leveling in other areas of the game and spend most of my time exclusively in the mine?
No. You have to play the regular game to get Voltaxic Sulphite so that you can play Delves.

Can you use Azurite for anything other than upgrading your mining equipment?
Azurite can be spent upgrading your mining equipment (Sulphite capacity, darkness resistance, light radius) to offset the growing difficulty of more profound levels, as well as upgrades for Flares (magnitude, scope, duration) and Dynamite (capacity, damage, radius). You can also directly buy more Flares, Dynamite to help with your delves.

Niko also sells Resonators to craft with, for a price.

Can you trade azurite, sulfite, flares, and dynamite? Do they take up inventory space?
They can not be traded and do not take up inventory space. These track your Delve progress and are stored for your character.

Is your mine progress character based or account wide?
It's character-based, but there is a catch-up mechanism for subsequent characters if you don't want to play delve while leveling.

Will your mine layout differ from other people's?
Yes, every character's mine is different. The same types of things spawn at the same depths with the same rarities, so if someone finds something fresh at a specific location, have a look around that depth!

Can you teleport to any checkpoint in the Azurite Mine?
Yes, like the waypoint system.

Is the Mine only infinite downwardly?
It's also infinite laterally (side-to-side).

Does the mine get harder than maps?
Yes. Very much so.

Is the mine a single area or are there loading screens between checkpoints?
It creates a large area around your starting point, so if you travel through a lot of Delves, you'll eventually hit a loading screen. In practice, this rarely comes up.

How will the mine work at parties?
Everyone at a party gets their sulfite when anyone clicks it. When you go to the mine, you leave behind a portal that your friends can use to enter your mine. The Crawler's progress is tied to the owner of the shaft. If that person leaves, then the Crawler stops and the party will not be able to proceed.

Do maps drop in the mine?
They're not in the regular drop pool, but some city and encounter rewards are individual maps.

Will you find masters or trials in the mine?

Can you run the same Delve twice?
Each Delve can only be run once (because the encounter is rewarding), but you can return to the areas you cleared to hunt in the darkness with flares afterward. The path that you have previously Delved along is now lit by a cable of lights laid by the Crawler.

Are you able to backtrack with the Crawler?
You can go on any Delve connected to a node that you have completed before. It transports you and the Crawler to that location.

What happens if you die in a Delve?
If you die, you fail the Delve and have to repeat it. You don't get the items that the Crawler has picked up for you on that failed attempt.
Is there a ladder for both solo and group play?
The solo ladder is the SSF ladder. The reason why this is the case is that there are so many different ways that friends can help players in the group (in-SSF) league. People can pool items/wealth together, power level each other, help with difficult delves, etc. Results on the nation-SSF ladder have to be treated the same way we treat their level and item gains - other players influence them. SSF results are guaranteed to be solo though.

What kind of damage is the darkness? How does it stack?
It's its damage type. Only defenses that reduce all damage can minimize darkness damage. It stacks up twice a second and can get very dangerous quickly.

Does light radius on items affect your experience in the mine?
No. The darkness suppresses regular light, so players have no light radius in the mine themselves.
Is darkness resistance only available through the upgrade panel or can you get it on item mods?
It only comes from the upgrade panel. 

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