Path of Exile 3.25 Release Date and New Content

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2024-06-11
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With the Necropolis League closing, many players seek information on Path of Exile's next league. Grinding Gear Games has released some rough information about Path of Exile (POE) 3.25. Below we'll give you an overview of when POE 3.25 will be released and what new content you can expect.

POE 3.25 Release Date

POE 3.25 Release Date: July 26th (PDT)

As we enter the month of July, GGG has released more information about POE 3.5, including the release date of this league and related changes.

POE 3.25 is called Settlers of Kalguur and will be officially released on July 26th (PDT). This is similar to my previous speculation of July 26th or 27th, which means that the release of this league is in line with earlier releases.

New Features and Changes

While GGG has yet to release comprehensive patch notes, some leaks and teasers suggest significant changes and new content, likely enhancing gameplay mechanics and addressing player feedback from previous leagues. Players are eagerly awaiting more dynamic and fluid gameplay, building on the successful elements of the Necropolis League.

Some of the new changes announced by GGG:

- In 3.25 Pinnacle and act bosses now have static life bars!

- Item quality on Armour and Weapons are now multiplicative!

- Reworked Item Quality: The rarity of the item is no longer relevant when applying quality currencies to non-unique items, instead it is based on their item level.

- Content to improve quality of life: Reservation effects such as Heralds and Auras, persist through death now.

- In Settlers of Kalguur you'll no longer need to click waypoints to activate them!

- In the Settlers of Kalguur expansion, you can now start Harvest encounters with just a single action.

- Chisels will work:

White Maps: 20% Quality per Chisel 
Yellow Maps: 10% Quality per Chisel 
Red Maps and above: 5% Quality per Chisel on all Normal, Magic or Rare Map

GGG Live Event

The date for the GGG Live Event has been set as well, and it will be held on July 18th. At this event, we will learn more details about Settlers of Kalguur, including new features and content as well as changes to season mechanics and balance.

What Players Are Hoping For

While waiting for Patch 3.25, players have expressed their desire for events that deviate from the recent trend of extreme magic find leagues. One popular suggestion is the return of the Endless Delve event. This could be run either as a competitive contest or a more relaxed, non-competitive event lasting 3-4 weeks. A competitive aspect might include a race to level 300, which would quickly conclude, allowing those who enjoy Endless Delve gameplay to continue playing without the pressure of competition.

As we await more concrete information from GGG, it's clear that the community is excited and has high expectations for Patch 3.25. Whether it's the potential for new events or the upcoming gameplay changes, players are gearing up for what promises to be an interesting expansion. In the meantime, there's still plenty of time to complete your challenges in the Necropolis expansion.

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