Top 5 Start Builds for Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2024-04-17
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The Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League has begun, bringing players new maps, boss battles, and a redesigned Atlas system. To get off to a good start in this new league, we need an excellent build. This post below will introduce you to the 5 best builds that will help you start the game strong.

Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire is a classic and beginner-friendly build that creates an aura of fire around the player, burning nearby enemies. The build is low in actions per minute and has a wealth of information available on the POE website, making it an excellent choice for new players.

However, if you are an experienced player who likes more in-depth, interactive builds with higher ceilings, the Righteous Fire build may not be the best fit, as it is a relatively simple play style.

Archmage Hierophant

ArcMage has been revamped to scale off maximum Mana rather than increased Mana cost, making the archetype much more viable. Two variations are highlighted - a Ball Lightning Hierophant from Palon, and an Icicle Nova Hierophant from Gatha. Both offer high damage potential, with the Palon version being more beginner-friendly and the Gatha version being more technical but tanker.

In summary, the Archmage Hierophant is a powerful and flexible build, with two distinct variations catering to different playstyles and skill levels. It may be more suitable for experienced players, but can still work for newer players willing to put in the effort to learn the mechanics.

Lightning Arrow Bow Deadeye

This is a premier softcore trade farming build, known for its ability to clear maps quickly while staying at range. The build is not as tanky, so caution is advised when facing bosses.

This build is excellent for quickly farming POE currency early in the league, but may not be the best choice for players looking to focus on bossing content, as it has limitations in that area. In summary, the Lightning Arrow/Bow Deadeye is a top softcore trade farming build for the 3.24 Necropolis League, with a more beginner-friendly version available from Crouching Tunas, but the Havoc version is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Detonate Dead and CoC

There are two very different approaches to the Detonate Dead build for the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League:

1. Detonate Dead Necromancer from I'm Exile:

- This is a tried-and-true league starter build, with a two-button playstyle.     
- It offers good early map clearing and bossing potential, though it may have a bit of a "frustrating" effect for some players due to its conditional mechanics.     
- However, if played even somewhat well, it can be a very tanky and effective build to start the league with.

2. Detonate Dead Inquisitor from Rue, showcased by Venta:

- This version is considered potentially overpowered and the "build of the league" or "league starter of the league".     
- It does massive damage, requires very little gear, and is also very tanky.     
- However, this build is also more complex, with a lot of moving parts, so it may be overwhelming for newer players.

Explosive Trap

This bossing-focused trap build is available in two variations - a more hardcore-oriented version from Zarin, and a softer core farming version from Fearless Dumbo. Both offer strong early bossing capabilities, though the Dumbo version is more prone to deaths.

Trap builds in general have a bit of a "delayed fun function" to their damage, meaning there is a delay between setting the trap and the damage occurring. This playstyle is not preferred by all players. However, for players looking to focus on early bossing content, the Explosive Trap build is considered one of the better options available.

These five build guides cover a range of playstyles and content focus, providing options for both new and experienced players to have a successful start in the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League.