Recently Added PoE 3.3 Builds in Jun

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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In PoE 3.3.1b Patch Notes Added 3D art for Sinvicta's Mettle, particle effects to the Cream feather special item and Vaal Detonate Dead can now be utilized by Totems, Traps, and Mines. Right here U4GM Poe Currency Team  will share Lately Added PoE 3.3 Builds in Jun for you


NO.1 [PoE 3.3 Duelist] Very tanky Craiceann's Bleed Block Sunder Build for Gladiator

Given that obtaining out regarding the Craiceann's Armour set in Bestiary Builder wanted to create a build with it. Since it hyperlinks substantial harm reduction with block decided to go Gladiator and ended up attempting to create a character that fairly a great deal could not die. This build is pretty high priced (roughly 10 Poe Exalted Orbs minimum).
At level 90: Sunder is about 100k regular down to about 60k shaper DPS ignoring the shockwaves. Bleed is about 18k down to 12.5k shaper DPS per bleed, so approximately 140k down to 100k as soon as you reach full bleed stacks.
We've got 20-30% Phy's dmg reduction from crabs, 4% in the passive tree, up to 24% from endurance charges and a few extra from roughly 20k armor. I'll require a far better strategy to get endurance charges for bosses, but after I do, I'll be at about 60-70% Phy's dmg reduction.

+ Very tanky
+ Bleed explosions are fun 
+ Fairly decent clear speed
+ Can do all map mods though things like block reduction and anti-bleed are annoying
+ Can easily maim and blind bosses giving even more defense
+ Immune to bleed and stun
+ Decent at PVP if anyone cares about that (will try HoG soon and see if can do it)
+ Armour and weapon look great
+ Can impress noobs by spamming the crab aura in their hideouts

- Expensive gear; needs a few Exalted to get going
- DoT can be dangerous if you ignore your health bar but is otherwise irrelevant
- Very slow Kill bosses
- Reasonably low max life compared to typical builds (not that it matters)

Bandits: Kill all

Ascendancy: Pick Gladiator and get Blood in the Eyes, Gratuitous Violence, Painforged, Versatile Combatant

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NO.2 [PoE 3.3 Shadow] Cheap Hugely scaleable and Great damage Build for Saboteur

The build tends to make use with the vast damage effectiveness of Fire Trap as of 3.3 together with the enormous flat added damage of your Martyr of Innocence. The staff single-handedly scales harm to viable end-game levels without having the requirement for further links previous a 4-link.
It is also superbly tanky to get a trapper letting you Facetank shaper and most guardian attacks. We use stacking defenses that add as much as a strong overall defense. We also use the Thoughts more than Matter (MoM) and Eldritch Battery (EB) keystones in addition to Tinkerskin on some excellent synergy. I will explain how that all functions inside the defenses section.

+ Hugely scaleable since it clears end-game on a 4-link
+ Great damage for cheap
+ Quite tanky for a trapper
+ Clears nicely using either arc or fire traps (the arc is better for clear)
+ Gearing is smooth as fuck. Don't need to worry about adding damage on gear, just life+res; martyr will carry you all the way through the end-game.

- No Chin Sol
- Doesn't clear as fast as many quick melees build
- Losing all your ES will result in a short downtime on attacking.

Bandits: Kill them all or Alira. I always kill them all. 2 points 2 OP.

Pantheon: Brine King is mandatory. Minor god is whatever the fuck you want.

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Recently Added PoE 3.3 Builds in Jun

NO.3 [PoE 3.3 Duelist] Very cheap Vaal Double Strike Build With Champion
You jump into the mob using leap slam which applies to Fortify buff and attack to clear them. Release your clones (Vaal Double Strike) when facing higher life/dangerous monsters to remove them safely. Ancestral Warchief might be utilized to achieve much more damage or clear mobs from a distance. Make sure you use the attack in place-Either hold shift or use the Num-Lock trick.

+ Decent damage & evident speed.
+ Vaal clones melt the boss's while you can sip tea.
+ Build is very cheap to start and get to end the game with.
+ Doesn't require any specific unique at all, so very SSF viable.

- Pure melee builds so need to get up close and personal.
- Cannot do reflect maps. Every other mod is game.

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