The Latest Detailed POE 3.4 Scion Ascendant Builds

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The scion is definitely the seventh as well as the new character class, which can by unlocked by finishing the primary quest-line with among the current heroes. Initially, her talent points are equally divided among strength, agility, and intelligence, which tends to make her a seriously versatile character. This makes it possible for you to create the cute blonde in any way you fancy. Now,U4gmshares with you The latest Detailed POE 3.4 Scion Ascendant Builds.



The Latest Detailed POE 3.4 Scion Ascendant Builds


NO.1 [POE 3.4 Ascendant] Fast and Safe Mapping with Guffin's McFlurry Flurry Build

This develop can be a Cold Conversion Claw Construct making use of Blade Flurry to shred Bosses as well as a variety of achievable Expertise for trash clear.As Slayer/Raider, offered time Investment, you may farm any Material with a lot of Customization Choices (HC, Skillchoice, and so forth.) at an awesome Speed! This has the comfort of running arguably the strongest singletarget Talent inside the game, even more enhanced by the insane help lineup due to ele conversion, alongside a clearskill in the pseudo five or six link. 



One of the fastest Melee Map Clears

One of the highest Single Target DPS in the game with endless scaling

Prime Bossing Build

All of the above while being super safe (HC viable with adjustments)

A Variety of Clearskills possible without recolouring

Cheap to get started, not Uber Lab dependant -> Good League Starter

Runs all Mapmods except "Cannot Leech" (and "Ele Reflect" on T16s or with -max)



Not as budget friendly as Summoners/Totems/Mines to get into the Bossing Endgame

Requires a faster Playstyle than Stuff like RF Juggs (more Buttons pressed)

No Phys Mitigation-/CI-/Maxblock-/etc. Tank. You need to dodge sometimes during Bosses

"Melee" Skills will never clear as fast as QOTF TS/KB Builds or Autobombers


Main Skill: Reave



We help Alira. 20% Crit Multiplier is a nice DPS Boost since we are a crit based build, and 15% to all elemental Resistances makes gearing a lot easier. The Mana Regen is noticeable while levelling.



Is more impactful for us than most other builds.

Make sure to upgrade the relevant ones quickly.



Deathless Uber Elder Run -

Deathless Uber Atziri Run -

Skill Tree:

SC Tree:

PoE Planner -

PoE Website -


HC Tree:

PoE Planner -

PoE Website -


Pob Link:

SC Mapping -

SC Bossing -


HC Mapping -

HC Bossing-


Example Link:



NO.2 [POE 3.4 Ascendant] Fast and Brainless Guffin's Rain of Hope Build

Hopeshredder now discounts 200 Cold damage per second per Frenzy charge (down from 400). It now also has 15-25% enhanced Assault Velocity. Making use of a Divine Orb on an current copy of this item will update that item with each of these alterations.


3.4 Update:

Hopeshredder now discounts 200 Cold injury per 2nd per Frenzy charge (down from 400). It now also has 15-25% elevated Assault Velocity. Using a Divine Orb on an existing copy of this item will update that item with each of those alterations.


The new Attack Speed Modifier is often a gigantic DPS boost, along with the lowered Degen is similarily impactful.With this particular level of Degen,Essentially receive significantly less Harm with 75% Cold Res than prenerf with 87%. This permits to drop Purity of Ice for SC and use Wrath for any huge DPS get. 

When you determine towards the Loreweave, Belly might be the next very best Choice with sockets IMO. Almost certainly also quite a bit safer.Auls Uprising seems to be a fantastic Amulet, opening up Hatred/Wrath + PoI with a Stomach or Kaoms and offering other DPS boosts. 



Fast and brainless Map Clear

Very good Boss Damage (Uber Elder no Problem) with an uncomplicated Playstyle

Pretty safe due to a high HP pool, Overleech and Dodge

Very Budget Friendly, using undesired non-meta Uniques and Rares

Super Safe Variant with tons of Phys Mitigation, Kaoms, etc. possible

Easy to gear for thanks to lots of passive Allres

Runs all Mapmods except "Cannot Leech"



No Phys Mitigation-/CI-/Maxblock-/etc. Tank. You need to dodge sometimes during Bosses

RoA will never clear as fast as QOTF TS/KB Builds or Autobombers

Loses in DPS against Builds like my BF Cold Conversion

Harder Maneuvering during Endgame Bosses than Whirling/Leapslam


Main Skill: Vaal Rain of Arrows



Help Alira. 20% Crit Multiplier is a nice DPS Boost since a crit based build, and 15% to all elemental Resistances makes gearing a lot easier. The Mana Regen is noticeable while levelling.



Is extremely impactful while Mapping and on Bosses.

Make sure to upgrade the relevant ones quickly.



Uber Elder Run -

T16 Haunted Mansion Clear -


Skill Tree:

PoE Planner:

PoE Website:


PoE Planner:

PoE Webiste:


Pob Link:




Example Link:


NO.3 [POE 3.4 Ascendant] KissMeQuick's Ultra Regen Blade Vortex Tank Build

This create Quite effective skill point allocation - fantastic life / regen nodes are taken and spell damage that is certainly close to it.May well from the Meek which gives basically insane stats. Largest abuse comes from Disintegrator Staff that damages per second but gets cancelled momentarily by Immortal Get in touch with which procs Soul of Arakaali 50% enhanced recovery price of life. Disintegrator also occurs to be BiS with regards to stats.


3.4 Update:

50% enhanced recovery rate of life from Trickster Ascendancy.50% improved recovery from belt & Watcher's Eye.



Super tanky with 9500 - 10500 life! Tanks 99.9993% of the content easily without flasks, even Shaper beam & slam!

Regens and leeches up to 15K+ life per second + Overleech!

Good clear speed and single target damage!

Very reliable Uber Elder farmer! Did my first one with only 2 deaths!

Damage on gear is only from 1 item!

Stress free gameplay!

Very straightforward gearing and stats!

Can be min maxxed to insane levels!

Can do no leech and phys reflect maps!

Too cool for life flasks!



Can't( sometimes) tank 3 Shaper balls in a row and Uber Elder slam.

Cannot do ele reflect & no mana regen maps.


Main Skill: Vaal Blade Vortex


Bandit: Alira



Finish the whole Shadow section first and then wrap up with Slayer or Juggernaut. Slayer if you're going original build, Juggernaut if budget Blood Rage build.



Deathless Uber Elder Carry -

Shaper -

Skill Tree:


PoB Link: 

Level 93:

Level 100:


Example Link:



NO.4 [POE 3.4 Ascendant] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike Build

This construct makes use of flicker strike for its insane clear speed, at the same time as molten strike if you should smack a big undesirable about. The construct goes anyplace, does anything (such as Uber Elder and Uber Atziri), takes large punches and dishes out even larger ones. To complement speedy clear and boss melting,Ascend to each Juggernaut and Champion, capability to cling to life even in the worst achievable situations.It is worth mentioning that this develop is primarily for players who want to play a jack of all trades type of character. While the clear speed, single target damage and survivability are very higher, other builds will beat it (but not by a great deal) in specialized functions. 



Fast mapping

Very tanky - Even Rippy T15 and T16 maps feel safe

Boss Killer - 1 to 4 million single target shaper dps depending on gear 

Affordable base of gear can kill shaper (2-3ex) 

No clunky gear swaps, weapon swaps or gem swaps



Lots of backtracking to pick up loot.

Little control over where flicker strike brings you.

Playing flicker strike with more than 100ms feels horrible. 

Endgame character optimization gets expensive. 

The build performs well in 99% of content on just a few exalts, but to create a truly OP character takes a large currency investment (16-20ex). Optimizing further beyond that gets even more expensive. 

Using flicker strike will violently shake your screen. Some people find this very uncomfortable to look at. Please watch videos before deciding if this build is right for you.


Main Skill: Molten Strike


Bandits: Kill all


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Tukohama



The alluring Abyss -

Uber Elder -

Skill Tree:

Level 20 passive tree:

Level 30 passive tree:

Level 40 passive tree:

Level 50 passive tree:

Level 60 passive tree:

Level 67 passive tree:


PoB Link:


Example Link:

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