The Best Poe 3.4 Shadow Builds

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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In Path of Exile 3.4 Shadow The Fatal Toxins cluster involving the Shadow along with the Ranger now grants a total of 65% increased Harm with Poison (down from 115%), but now also grants a total of 55% enhanced Chaos Harm with Attack Skills. The first passive of your Deflect cluster (near the Shadow) now also grants 1% likelihood to block Attack Damage, the second passive now grants +2% opportunity to block Spell Damage, plus the notable now also grants +4% likelihood to block Spell Damage. Added new Shadowed Point Light, Global Illumination, and Ambient Occlusion graphics tech. Here U4GM Poe Editor Team Will share The Best Poe 3.4 Shadow Builds for you.

[3.4 Assassin] Nice Mostly cheap Acid Molten Strike Assassin


[3.4 Saboteur] ARC/LIGHTNING SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build

[3.4 Saboteur] high single target damage Low Life Arc Mines Saboteur Build

[3.4 Trickster] Quill rain Auto Turret Caustic Arrow Trickster WIP

[3.4 Trickster] Mom Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster

NO.1 [3.4 Assassin] Nice Mostly cheap Acid Molten Strike Assassin
The Crawler appears undoubtedly extremely powerful within the videos as well as around the gem description, and this build synergizes nicely with each of the Virulence mechanics. It is going to aid a bit with clear speed probably. The only powerful approach to scaling it on this build is with help gems, which would raise the mana reservation. Resulting from the reality don't know exactly how great it'll be, Leveling is pretty smooth must it is possible to afford a Tabula Rasa and Thief's Torment. You can also use this build as a starter - many core uniques are rather economical, and none of them are especially important.

3.4 Update
Also a quick note about the Fenumus' Weave gloves: They will be available from Divination Cards and Timeworn Reliquaries, though I can't tell how rare they'll be. If they end up way too expensive, Recommend using rare gloves until you can afford Volkuur's Guidance, which is just as good for endgame.

Looks nice
Mostly cheap
You can tell everyone you did Shaper with lee than 10k tooltip DPS
Can do every map mod, doesn't rely on leech or regen
Melts bosses
Tanky, can face tank most of the game with good gear
Vaal Pact nostalgia (very fast life recovery)
Slows down enemies a lot

Some BiS items are expensive
Destroys your GPU as well as GGG's servers
Not HC-viable due to lag combined with the risky playstyle
Extremely backloaded damage
No one will want to play with you
Not the fastest clear speed, but Frost Blades can help out with that (check videos)

Main Skill: Molten Strike

Kill them all for two passive points.

Major God: Soul of the Brine King is very important, as getting stunned is a major weakness/annoyance.
Minor God: doesn't matter, I prefer Soul of Ryslatha.

BotW Showcase -
T16 Hydra -
T16 Minotaur -

Skill tree:
37 Points -
61 Points -
73 Points -
101 Points -
Level 93 -

Pob Link:
Fenumus' Weave -
Volkuur's Guidance -

Example Link:

This Build Began out with just a tabula and dual void batteries so it can be performed on somewhat of a budget. Managed to kill t16 bosses on a tabula with just void batteries being the huge ticket items within the build (which were 50c every for me two weeks into incursion).

-Can do up to Shaper on around 1ex budget @180c lul incrusion
-Able to run all map mods except ele reflect
-Ultra safe mapper freezing everything including bosses up to t15 are frozen solid no flasks (Guardians and Shaper are chilled beyond belief)
-Can level from level 1 as this build effectively 1shotting the screen
-Amazing Herald of Ice chain mtx explosions
-Generates Power, Frenzy and Endurance charges and Onslaught
-With a more investment the damage gets strong ( one phased Hydra in under five secs)
-possible to reach upward of 9mil shaper dps with gg corrupted gear (more info in min/max tips)

-Doorways can be annoying (more info in gameplay tips)
-Not having a warlord on hit ring can be an issue on t16+
-Uses lightning warp and Quicksilver for movement although its fine with my ms/ cast speed
-Requires good positioning to play effectively (getting surrounded may get you killed)
-Dex is kind of a struggle for lvl20 Vaal haste need dex on jewels
-90% chance to avoid elemental ailments sucks but doable

Ascendancy order
1.Ambush and Assassinate
2.Unstable Infusion
3.Deadly Infusion

Major: Run Soul of the Brine King to help recover from a stun.
Minor: Run Soul of Tukohama for Phy mitigation whilst stationary.

Main Skill: Freezing Pulse

T16 Example Rare Mino:
Uber Elder: 

Pob Link:
complete build -

Example Link:

NO.3 [3.4 Saboteur] ARC/LIGHTNING SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build
Arc can be lightning, chaining spell with the highest amount of chains within the game. Chain indicates it can "zap" among enemies. In 3.3 Arc does 15% More harm per remaining chain. If one enemy is on screen, it can be 105% additional harm, which can be double the harm. So it is now fantastic against the single target. We are going to use Arc+Trap within a shaper 5L gloves for clearing maps and 8 second fat Lightning Spire Trap within a 6L for bosses.

+great map clear speed
+serious firepower with a meager investment
+end-game viable (need excellent reflexes for end-game though!)
+massive life regen (up to 20% per second and even more with Tinkerskin)

-Squishy as low Life pool (hard to go over 5k)
-Pretty slow with a wand and Flame Dash
-sketchy for HC

Primary Skill: Slot: Arc

Shaper EZ PZ:
Uber Atziri EZ PZ:
Uber Elder:

Pob Link:

Example Link:

NO.4 [3.4 Saboteur] high single target damage Low Life Arc Mines Saboteur Build
The build scaled harm by stacking six energy charges to obtain large amounts of damage from two Shimmeron wands, with 30% much more harm from low life as well as the Discomfort Attunement keystone. This build cleared all the endgame content material in 3.2 and supplied me with my very first Uber Elder kills. Despite excelling at boss killing, the build also has great clarity, and I mapped with it to level 95.
Sadly, Shimmeron's interaction with mines was changed in 3.4, rendering it unusable. Minefield assistance was also nerfed. Future versions of this build (with rare weapons) really should deal around 40% much less harm. The damage continues to be higher than the 3.2 version, so the build needs to be nevertheless capable of killing Uber Elder, but the glory days of 3.3 have passed.

- high single target damage
- significantly higher evident speed than most mine builds
- no need to aim
- it's a viable ES build
- "alch and go."
- the fully geared version can be expensive
- can't equip much magic find gear
- not as fast as top speed clear builds such as Tornado Shot

We choose the Saboteur class for its excellent quality of life features for mine builds. We take the following major nodes:
- Pyromaniac: up to 20% regeneration, reduced mana cost, and immunity to shock and ignited
- Born in the Shadows: blinds enemies and reduces their damage
- Bomb Specialist: increased mine laying speed
- Demolitions Specialist: increased mine arming speed
All of the nodes are very good and can be taken in any order depending on your preference. If you are having trouble deciding, I suggest Pyromaniac > Bomb Specialist > Born in the Shadows > Demolitions Specialist.

Help Alira. +20% to critical strike multiplier and +15% to all elemental resistances are too good to pass up.

General Mapping: Soul of Lunaris (first two upgrades) + Soul of Garukhan (upgraded). We only use Garukhan for the movement speed. If you don't have the Garukhan upgrade, use Soul of Abberath or another minor god that you like. Get the third Lunaris upgrade if you play in parties.
Labyrinth / Atziri trio / Vaal Temple: Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Ralakesh.
Shaper: Soul of Solaris (first two upgrades) + Soul of Garukhan (upgraded).
Elder / Uber Elder: Soul of Solaris (first two upgrades) + Soul of Ralakesh.

Skrill Tree:
16 point tree -
32 point tree -
50 point tree -
72 point tree -
97 point tree -
110 point tree -

PoB Link: 
budget / hybrid version -
full endgame spec -

Example Link:

NO.5 [3.4 Trickster] Quill rain Auto Turret Caustic Arrow Trickster WIP
124% increased skill duration for smoke mine and phase run. Smoke min lasts 13.3 seconds; phase run lasts about 4.18s with no frenzy charges up cooldown on phaserun is 4 seconds meaning we have permanent uptime with no frenzy charges. With three frenzy charges, I get more than 10s phase runs. And In the course of leveling and mapping, you're going to find bosses and a few rares tanky, specifically hexproof mobs before you decide to get some high finish items.

T6 Phantasmagoria Map -

Main Skills: Caustic Arrow

Skrill Tree: 
15 points -
30 points -
45 points -
60 points -
75 points -
90 points -

Pob Link:

Example Link:

NO.6 [3.4 Trickster] Mom Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster
This build is developed for general map clearing & to be an excellent league-starter build. However, if you are looking to kill end-game bosses this build CAN do them, but will require investment and even at that point there are a lot of other builds that would work better than this. You can always switch around as the guide will go into from a 1H/Shield approach to a +2/+3 Chaos Gem LvL staff which makes it able to farm bosses easier, but as mentioned; Other builds will be stronger for that purpose.

Major God:
- Soul of Lunaris
Just helps with avoiding some projectile damage

Minor God:
- Soul of Ryslatha
Just an additional layer of defense when you're on low life.

Main Skills: Essence Drain

Build Guide -

Skill Tree:
41 points -
73 points -
91 points -
Finished -

Pob Link:

Example Link:

The Best Poe 3.4 Shadow Builds

Commonly, they may be not worth the difficulty for factors that happen to be adequate within the long run. While they're beneficial for players who may well know nothing regarding the game. For by far the most portion, they may be studying tools for novices to ease them into the game. For extra Path of exile 3.4 Builds, you'll be able to visit Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code for free from the reps for those who Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.