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In 2019, Path of Exile continues to maintain new content rolling out at a steady pace. The last Path of Exile expansion, Betrayal, was a rousing good result all around. Fans not simply got a brand new league but additionally saw the return of various other leagues From the previous year, all integrated into the core game.

Now, Grinding Gear Games has announced Path of Exile: Synthesis, its newest expansion and Challenge League for its free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile. Grinding Gear Games' Chris Wilson gave RPGamer a heads-up on what the new content entails, and also some other improvements getting created to the game.

Right here is the Synthesis League Details Guide:


1.Path of Exile: Synthesis

2.Recouver Lost Memories

3.Bridge The Void

4.Distant Memories

5.Fractured Items

6.The Synthesiser

7.Spellcasting Rebalance

8.New Caster Archetypes

9.Powerful New Items

10. And Much, Much More...

11.Synthesis Supporter Packs



1.Path of Exile: Synthesis

In Path of Exile: Synthesis, you will encounter Cavas, recover his lost memories and chain them together to reach valuable rewards, new boss fights and crafting opportunities. Our March expansion contains the Synthesis challenge league, new items, new gems, a complete rebalance of spells throughout Path of Exile, an integrated version of the Betrayal league and much, much more.




2.Recouver Lost Memories

To help Cavas remember his past, you will find fragments of his decaying memories throughout Wraeclast. Fight your way through the monsters that inhabit his memories in order to activate stabilisers before the memories collapse around you.




3.Bridge The Void

Stabilised memory fragments can be pieced together to navigate the void in Cavas' mind and reach his distant memories. But beware, these fragments can only be explored a limited number of times before they collapse completely, so plan your path carefully.




4.Distant Memories

Within Cavas' distant memories are many types of valuable rewards. As you progress deeper within the recesses of his darkest memories, his mind starts to synthesise encounters with dangerous and twisted manifestations.




5.Fractured Items

Decaying memories yield Fractured Items with broken mods that are locked in place. While these are not generally useful as-is, you'll find occasional Fractured Items that have excellent locked mods, resulting in much easier crafting.




6.The Synthesiser

In the Memory Nexus lies the Synthesiser, a powerful device that lets you destroy Fractured Items to create base types with custom implicit mods. These implicit mods are somewhat controllable by careful choice of input items to consume.





7.Spellcasting Rebalance

Synthesis also contains a complete balance overhaul of all spells in Path of Exile, six new Chaos and Holy spells and significant incentives for hand-casting including several new support gems.


1.Rebalance and Reworks

The damage of almost every spell in the game has been adjusted, providing many more powerful options for spellcasters.

We've also reworked storm burst, flame totem, and the storm barrier support.


2.New support gem - unleash

The unleash support builds up power over time to have Spellcasts fire multiple times.


3. New Support Gem - Spell Focus

The spell focuses support shifts from and area increase to a powerful damage multiplier as you repeatedly cast supported spells.





8.New Caster Archetypes

The new Holy Spellcaster archetype features Path of Exile's first Holy spells, including Divine Ire, Purifying Flame and Wave of Conviction. The Chaos Spellcaster archetype not only provides an easier introduction to Chaos spells with Soulrend, but adds many new tools to Path of Exile's existing arsenal of Chaos spells.


1. Purifying Flame

Unleash a sudden blast that consecrates the ground and sends out a purifying shockwave.


2. Wave of conviction

A massive wave of elemental force spreads over a large area, purging enemy resistances.


3. Divine Ire

Channel to draw in energy from enemies around you, dealing lightning and physical damage. When you stop channeling, the energy is released in a single devastating beam to everything in front of you.


4. Bane

Bane applied all linked curses and damage over time effect to enemies in an area, with benefits for each curse applied.


5. Soulrend

Unleash a projectile that weaves towards enemies and applies deadly but short-lived damage over time effect around the projectile. With additional projectiles and increased duration, the skill can wipe out large groups of enemies.


6. Malevolence and Zealotry

These two new auras provide new reservation options for a wide variety of spellcasters.




9.Powerful New Items

In addition to Fractured Items, Synthesised Items and over a dozen new Divination Cards designed by our supporters, Path of Exile: Synthesis contains 16 powerful new unique items with a focus on impacting the way players play Path of Exile.




10.And Much, Much More...

Synthesis also includes many other improvements: The content from December's Betrayal expansion has been integrated into the core game, the layout of the Atlas of Worlds has shifted once again, and a lot of Path of Exile's music has been overhauled. Check out the full patch notes in early March for more information!




11.Synthesis Supporter Packs

We're also launching two sets of Supporter Packs alongside Synthesis - the Sunspire and Doomguard Packs. There are two price points available for each and they feature masses of points alongside new Armour Sets and other exclusive cosmetic microtransactions including new Hideouts! Path of Exile: Synthesis will launch on March 8th (PST) on PC, March 11 on Xbox One and mid-March on PlayStation 4.

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