The most Well known PoE 3.4 Duelist Delve Challenge League Starter Builds

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Time: 2023-02-13
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In PoE 3.4 you'll delve into the Azurite Mine's infinite depths to extract treasure and discover its secret secrets. Our newest expansion attributes an endless dungeon and Socketable currency items, at the same time as a bunch of new special items, skill gems, balance adjustments, graphics engine improvements and more! Poe has prepared gem information at level 20 with 20% excellent for all of the new and reworked gems for this expansion. Now, U4GM Path of Exile Group Will shares Probably the most Well known PoE 3.4 Duelist Delve Challenge League Starter Builds for you personally.


[3.4 Slayer] The Bringer of Leech-Blade Slayer Flurry League Starter Build

[3.4 Slayer] Affordable, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST League Starter Build

[3.4 Champion] High Armour Cleave Champion Uber Lab Farmer

[3.4 Champion]Dual Wielding Frost Blades Duelist Champion Build

[3.4 Gladiator] HC RT Sunder Gladiator League Starter Build


NO.1 [3.4 Slayer] The Bringer of Leech-Blade Slayer Flurry League Starter Build
This can be a genuinely price range build that may get you deep into maps on self-found gear, which you may then be able to fill out your atlas. The build only really has two necessary uniques which are inexpensive off self-found currency early in a league and extremely low-priced later within a league.

Major God: Soul of Solaris - since we're only scared of big hits, and crits (that are also massive hits)
Minor God: Soul of Tukohama - We stand nevertheless to DPS, so this one particular should be on most of the time. 

Significant Gear
Singularity, Platinum Sceptre within the most important hand 
350 Phys DPS rare claw in off hand
Belt in the Deceiver
Carnage Heart Onyx Amulet
Bringer of Rain with 40% Blade Flurry harm lab enchant. 

Gem setup
And here the complete gem setup (I nonetheless never have all 20 lvl gems, but it is what it must be within the end):
In Boots - CWDT (lvl 20) - Flame Golem (lvl 20, 20%) - Blood Rage (lvl 20, 20%) - Temp chains (lvl 20, 20%)
In Gloves - CWDT (lvl 1) - Immortal Contact (lvl 3) - Phase Run (lvl 3) - Increased duration (lvl 20, 20%)
In Weapon - Ancestral Protector - Herald of Ash - Hatred
In Weapon - Whirling Blades (20, 20%q) - More rapidly Attacks (20, 20%q) - Fortify (20, 20%q)
In Bringer of Rain - Blade Flurry (20, 20%) - Maim (20, 20%) - Possibility to Bleed - Ruthless (20, 20%)
Decided to work with Flame Golem as one hundred life regen from Ston Golem isn't vital with our high leech rate.
400-450+ life regen is sufficient. 

Skill Tree:
Passive Tree at 41 points -
Passive Tree 63 & 2 Ascendancy points -
Passive Tree 84 & four Ascendancy points -
Mostly Finished Tree 106 & 8 Ascendancy points -
Pushing into the 90's 123 points -

PoB Link
PoB for nomore -
PoB for Shaper Viable -

Video Link
Pheonix -
Hydra -

Build link:

NO.2 [3.4 Slayer] Affordable, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST League Starter Build
Delve adds a new herald called Herald of Purity. This adds flat physical damage to our attacks. The Harm it provides is much more than double what we get from Herald of Ash (if you take into account boss resistances). It also adds minions who never seem particularly strong but will help with distracting enemies and clearing random mobs. HoA does help with clearing packs due to the overkill burn, but overall Hop is now the best choice.
Slayer's hard numbers may be lower than other classes (like Berzerker for example), but you also need to take into account the 20% cull from Bane of Legends. That is an excellent feature for boss fights. Most difficult bosses have various stages that get progressively much more difficult as their life is depleted. Take Shaper for example. His 3rd stage is probably the most difficult because of your clone that attacks independently. Bane of Legends cuts these problematic late stages essentially in half by culling the boss at 20%. Indeed a great benefit to the class that is worth much more than the 25% damage increase it represents.
On top of all that you get great survivability with an endless leech, can face tank most bosses, no physical reflected harm and bleed immunity.
Finally, we use the ?°Damage on Full Life?± support gem which gives us a huge percentage of our harm but only if we have the full life. Slayer leech makes sure we meet this condition almost 100% in the time. Just a CI build uses Damage on Full Life better than a Slayer!

- Can easily do each of the content within the game
- Low-cost, nonmetal gear
- Fast and fun to play, 0.5 sec Whirling Blades, easy to dodge boss slams
- 2-button build. We only use ST and WB; everything else is automated
- 7K life without Belly
- Huge leech
- Good clear speed
- Great boss killing ability
- Great league starter
- Suitable for SSF
- Easy to level, all skills available very early
- No essential gear
- Not likely to get nerfed (no metal gear or mechanics)
- Spectral Wolves as decoys

- We have to switch a gem for clear/single target
- Not the current meta million DPS build

Deathless Corrupted Minotaur -
Deathless Red Elder -

Skill Tree:
Level 100 tree -

Pob Link:
With a rare chest -
With a Belly with the Beast -

NO.3 [3.4 Champion] High Armour Cleave Champion Uber Lab Farmer
This build functions as a low-cost alternative to most conventional Uber Lab farming builds. All items are relatively inexpensive even at the start of a league and can be paid for within the first day or two into an association with conventional farming. This makes it an ideal farming tool for day three onwards, with its sole purpose to trivialize both Izaro and Argus, even when fully buffed, allowing you to carry other players or farm Uber Lab for profit.
It's recommended for starter or HC players alike, as it can also map reasonably properly with the little investment it needs. The highest I have currently taken this character was legacy T15 Dark Forest in Standard (with Vulnerability, 97% added as Fire and Enfeeble, if memory serves properly) after the end of Abyss league. I could easily Facetank the Barrage without a scratch, and every hit he threw at me, the only thing I never recommend tanking is his Bleed stacks. They will ultimately kill you once you run out of flasks.
It will never be Shaper or Uber Atziri viable (actually, Double Strike could allow you to do that, I'm eager to test it) as both are DPS checks and this character does not invest that much into harm. Some Guardian maps may be possible, although they will undoubtedly take some time to kill. This can be why I don't recommend this for the hardest endgame content.
The build has higher base Armour (~46k) without investing too much into it, permanent Fortify with improved effect, some Life regen (~500), a little bit of Block (~25%), decent Life (~6.2k HP) and up to 6 Endurance charges (without corruptions) if necessary.

3.4 Alterations:
Surprisingly, Double Strike did not get nerfed, so that alterations nothing for the build. The same rules nevertheless apply as per 3.3: Use Cleave until you are ready for Uber Lab, then switch to Vaal Double Strike to farm Izaro. Double Strike does additional damage than Cleave (duh). Thus your overall Lab runs per hour will be a lot more.

Help Oak for the bonus Life regen, Physical harm, and Physical Harm Reduction.

Leveling Guides:
Start out left side Duelist (Physical Attack Harm).
Grab the Armour/Life/Evasion nodes as you travel to Art in the Gladiator.
Grab Bravery, then Master with the Arena.
Travel down to Dervish and past it to Golem's Blood.
Travel down to Ambidexterity and grab Iron Reflexes.
Grab the jewel socket near Golem's Blood and socket Overwhelming Odds jewel (later replaced with Fortitude).
Travel to Rampart and then to Bloodless.
Grab Juggernaut and spec into Blade Master and Razor's Edge.
Grab Barbarism and spec into Resolute Technique.
Travel to Tireless, then travel down to Born to Fight.
Pick up Heart on the Warrior and Warrior's Blood, then spec into Strong Arm.
Travel towards Constitution and grab the jewel socket along the way.
Fill out the Constitution wheel and pick up Berserking.
Grab Combat Stamina.
Either spec into the jewel socket next to Resolute Technique or into Indomitable.
Travel to Devotion, then Duality.
You can skip Strong Arm and Duality and spec into Endurance charges instead. This will give you a total of 6 base Endurance charges, at the cost of less harm.

Leveling -
Guides -

PoB Links:
Current version -

Skill Tree:
Passive tree 29 points:
Passive tree 48 points:
Passive tree 61 points:
Passive tree 90 points:
Passive tree 112 points:

Build Link:

NO.4 [3.4 Champion]Dual Wielding Frost Blades Duelist Champion Build
With this build have completed the 40 challenges in each of Harbinger, Abyss, Bestiary & Incursion. 
Uber lab is a breeze and can do a full party carry at high levels. Atziri will not be hard but needs care because of reflecting. This Build has done deathless shaper and not a deathless uber elder. 
As a scion in Abyss, Asardial has all guardians, shaper and red elder done using two Ahn's might and reasonably budget gear.

Things for 3.4
Definite - High quality can go to 30% - Never know how comfortable or familiar it will be, but this was a massive boost in weapon damage in Bestiary
Herald of purity looks very interesting! Shaper DPS it's getting close to assassins mark (not as close for other bosses), but don't have to worry about charges up and get some minion meat shield. A possible curse on hit? Anyway, something to play with. 
Probably not - Aul's Uprising (with hatred) could be enjoyable if we can the find a way to use that mana to do extra harm than shock. Warcry's might be worth a look.

Alira - crit multiplier gives us much more damage than any other option. Resists are always nice to have, especially at an early stage and allows more life/damage on other gear.

Soul of Arakaali - Thanks to Chris for his observations that after capturing "herald of thunder" (not the skill gem) when someone hit us while we are using blood rage and immortal get in touch with procs, we benefit from the Soul of Arakaali power "50% elevated Recovery of Life and Energy Shield".
Soul of Solaris is great for maps with improved critical strikes.
Minor: Generally I use 'soul of tukohama' for the regen or 'soul of Gruthkul' so that anything that hits me has less attack speed.

Skill Tree:
Sword Tree -
Claw Tree -
Varunastra tree -

PoB Link:
Sword -
Claw -
Varunastra -

Sunken City t15
Elder Guardians on t16

Example Link:

NO.5 [3.4 Gladiator] HC RT Sunder Gladiator League Starter Build
Sunder has been relevant for the longest time now because it can safely be taken to one hundred with very little investment and is dominant from the second you equip it.
Make sure you have decent Life rolls on all your rares and that your Resistances are capped, and you'll be fine.

3.4 Alterations
- The upcoming range nerfs (20%) shouldn't be too huge of a deal. Sunder will most likely play the same as before especially on Gladiator.
- Might also include MF choices for gear and an MF variant of your tree within the update for 3.four as MF, against well-known belief, works exceptionally well with sunder on a budget.

- Inexpensive and easy to gear out
- Tanky with various forms of mitigation on top of a decently large life pool
- Fun to play
- Almost a pseudo ranged skill
- If you follow the guide, it must be smooth sailing effectively into yellow maps.

- This probably won't break into the millions regarding DPS.

- Blood within the Eyes > Gratuitous Violence > Painforged > Versatile Combatant

Significant Gods
- Lunaris for mapping and Solaris for bosses but I can never bring myself to switch back and forth between the two.
Minor Gods
- Shakari is pretty good with all the Chaos damage that's going on this League.

Bandits: Kill all


PoB Link
Price range at level 80 -
95 with some investment -

Skill Tree:
Tree at 80 -
Tree at 95 -

Build Link:


The most Well known PoE 3.4 Duelist Delve Challenge League Starter Builds


Commonly, they are not worth the problems for causes which can be adequate in the long run. Though they're useful for players who may perhaps know absolutely nothing about the game. For probably the most part, they may be learning tools for beginners to ease them in to the game. For more Path of exile 3.4 Builds, it is possible to stop by Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free of charge from the reps when you Buy Poe Currency order from this article.