Top 7 Poe Instances Number of Entries Map

Game: Path of Exile
Time: 2023-02-13
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The following list enumerates the prime ten locations which have been entered one of the most throughout the past week on the Incursion League. Poe is pretty satisfied to view that lots of players are engaging together with the league and getting into the Temple of Atzoatl. Poe is guessing that if it has also been to drop The Physician Divination card it will surpass the Burial Chambers in reputation. The Blood Aqueduct is also extra popular than it has been in the past, in aspect because of Divination Card farming, and just because its layout is so effective for Incursions.

Top#1 Burial Chambers (Number of Entries: 2962946)

Top#2 The Temple of Atzoatl (Number of Entries: 2121159)

Top#3 The Blood Aqueduct (Number of Entries: 2024939)

Top#4 The Twilight Strand (Number of Entries: 1470228)

Top#5 Beach (Number of Entries: 969217)

Top#6 Arid Lake (Number of Entries: 961300)

Top#7 The Coast (Number of Entries: 794301)

NO.1 Top#1 Burial Chambers (Number of Entries: 2962946)
The Map consists of two separate outdoor regions connected via two dungeons. This implies that the Map might be wholly explored by initially exploring one outside area, then going by way of on the list of Dungeons, then exploring the second external location, and finally exploring the second dungeon. The Dungeon with palisades and also a heap of split wood at the entrance also results in the boss arena.

Which of the Cauldron, based on Alira.
Soul Eater (Will eat soul from summoned zombies)
Summons zombies from a nearby cauldron
Casts Detonate Dead

How to Farming in Burial Chambers
The first way is pretty cheap and straightforward for the not as rich player. Its pretty simple but I have not really tested this version out as much and its from the youtube Grimro and basically what you do is undo T4's and T3's but shape relic champers(don't forget to complete all the other Maps from T1's to T16's so T1 Maps won't drop, and you will sustain burial chambers and be able to farm the doctor card.
The second way of farming you can do is the shape, and this is the one use. Had problems sustaining and farming the shaped burial chambers even though I undid T8's and T9's but the solution I found thanks to some help I got from another post is first farm higher tier Maps such as T10's and above and once you get a solid Map pool start running them and to help out with getting Map drops is drop a sextant you can just do one Alc the Map and use sacrifice fragments for 5% quant per 1 different piece. Also getting the elder to always be at burial chambers helps a ton with Map drops. The only catch to farming Shaped Burial Chambers is you will run four Maps and get no returns but the next five you do after that you will get like three Maps per 1 so if you are not getting Map drops don't stress out too much about it and keep running your Maps. My experience with doing this is that within 70 Maps got three doctor cards (I know extremely lucky) and every 12 Maps I have been getting around 16 Maps so a total of 4 Maps back. 
This is a quick rundown on how Maps drop. Let's say you go into a t10 Map, and the regular monster can only drop t10 Maps and below, rare monsters can drop t11(10 + 1 tier higher) Maps and below, and unique monsters can drop t12 (10 + 2 level higher) Maps and below. So, the most upper Map you can get from a t10 is a t12, and the lowest Map you can get from a t10 is a t2 assuming you completed more than 100 Maps in your atlas. If you don't then you have a chance to drop a t1 Map from any given Map. So to answer your question, you can drop high tier Maps from red Maps, but any t3 Map that you get might only be burial chambers. 

NO.2 Top#2 The Temple of Atzoatl (Number of Entries: 2121159)
The Temple of Atzoatl is often a prominent dungeon location. The layout and contents of the temple modify depending on the player's incursions. Following 11 temporal attacks, Alva Valai will have narrowed down the present-day location with the Temple of Atzoatl. Every single variety of room inside the temple has its modifiers, dangers, and rewards.

The player's actions within the incursions have considerable consequences. By killing the Vaal Architects who guide the temple's construction, players can influence what rooms appear in the present-day version. Through raids, players may well discover keys that can be utilized to unlock doors in the previous, enabling access to more rooms in the future. Players may also upgrade the places they are building, potentially accessing higher treasures or dangers.

The end boss of the temple could be the Vaal Omnitect. He is positioned within the central chamber, the final temple room.
This room is accessible if you build a route to it for the duration of the incursions. You may make a way by killing the mobs till they drop a Stone of Passage, then going for the door you need to open together with the Stone of Passage and opening it. Alternatively, in case you have access for the Explosives Room or possibly a higher tier version through the temple instance, it is possible to make use of the charges discovered inside it to open a path to the central chamber.

The task in Temple of Atzoatl
Your Task is to link up with Alva Valai to find 11 portals into the Temple of Atzoatl, one in each area of Wraeclast. Those will take you into a Temporal Incursion, each one a different room in the large temple far in the past. Inside, you'll find tons of enemies, including two Vaal Architects. Both Architects have different plans for the room you're in, and depending on which one you kill, the room's function in the temple will change.
Once you've finished all the Temporal Incursions, Alva will be able to pinpoint the location of the Temple, back in the present day. Head there, and you'll be treated to a dungeon run that's been set up to reflect your choices in the incursions. Different room configurations will mean different challenges, traps, and monsters to face, and if you play your cards right, Unique gear that you can't find anywhere else in the game.

NO.3 Top#3 The Blood Aqueduct (Number of Entries: 2024939)
The Blood Aqueduct is an area in Act 9. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Harbour Bridge and Highgate.
Why Farm Blood Aqueduct
While playing through the campaign Blood Aqueduct is the first area you find in the game that is ideal for farming.
- A linear space
- Good density
- Divination cards
- Experience naturally
When you play through the campaign and reach Blood Aqueduct you should be about level 65, give or take a degree or two. If your character feels underpowered, it is ideal to start farming Blood Aqueduct until your character is strong enough to continue. Usually reaching level 70 will be enough.
A further benefit is the Divination Cards that drop in this area. More on that later.

Resetting the Incidence
A "Map" or "area" in PoE is called an incidence. The area is the "Map" and the time factor refer to that area as an "Incidence." Incidences reset naturally when they have been vacant for 10 to 15 minutes, but the "Map" will still be there, just respawned with enemies and slightly different in layout. A single Blood Aqueduct run should take less than 2 minutes, so how do you farm it continuously without waiting for the incidence to reset naturally?
Incidences can be reset manually by holding CNTRL when you port to that specific waypoint. When you do that a window opens showing you the lower rates and the new unexplored incidence. Select the new standard.
It will be freshly populated with meat for the grinder.

The apparent rewards are Experience and Currency, but if that is not enough there is also;

What to pick up
All PoE currency you need especially Chaos and PoE Exalted Orb (if you are lucky). All the divination cards. All the rings, amulets and belts over decent quality (should have a good Loot Filter). Recipe items such as for Chromatic Orbs.
Leave items that take up more space than four blocks in your stash tab. This way you could do multiple runs before vending items. This will speed up your clear times.

Have Fun
Farming is one of the more tedious aspects of PoE, but it is also an essential part of playing the game. You can make it more interesting by making a game of it. Try running as fast as possible and keep trying to beat your own best times. Doing it in a party can be a lot of fun.


Top 7 Poe Instances Number of Entries Map

NO.4 Top#4 The Twilight Strand (Number of Entries: 1470228)
The Twilight Strand is an optional area in Act 6. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to Lioneye's Watch.
The cost on Oni-Goroshi is currently crashing difficult, so why not share some ideas on producing this quicker and much more bearable? Most of this can be Prevalent sense, but I've seen plenty of comments suggesting suboptimal farming patterns. It does not appear just like the price on this is going to keep higher a lot longer so let's make the farming less Difficult for everyone involved, particularly SSF folks around. With superior optimization, you'll be able to reduce quite a few hours off the 7-8 hour estimate.
To start with, I advocate three shadows. Your purpose should be to get to level 7 as speedy as you can and after that skip every little thing to kill Hillock as rapid as you possibly can. With three characters you are far less probably to finish so quickly that the region will not have respawned even when you get small region layouts with Move speed boots after you are 7. With fewer characters, you will also hit level 7 sooner than going as high as five. If you'd like to do two Characters, be conscious you could need to wait some seconds involving switching characters when you hit level 7. Ignore all enemies on your first run, and Hillock will put you to level two irrespective of how much you kill.

Take damage nodes
The straightforward idea, a lot more harm allows you to kill points extra reliably. The physical and chaos damage nodes in the begin in the tree are ideal. The first point will let you one-shot just about every enemy when you leave it and let the poison finish it. Only after that, it can allow you to choose up drops less difficult and kill Hillock quicker.

Choose what you pick up
The concept here is simple, and you don't need most items as they won't increase your speed. If you're uncertain only pick up the following:

Wisdom scrolls

Magic or above boots
2 Iron Rings
1 Rustic Sash
Magic or above claws, daggers, swords
Yellows of other slots are optional
Identify boots looking for move speed bonuses and fill out your character to increase damage to Hillock and decrease individual run times. The goal here is to get to the end and kill Hillock ASAP while also killing any convenient monsters on the way.

Stick to the path
You'll speedily discover to recognize which way the strand is going. Take the shortest route for the Hillock and don't deviate too far from it. I've noticed many people suggest performing Complete clears on the region, but this is considerably slower than optimizing your path and only killing monsters around the way. Hillock on his own gives as a lot encounter as about half the whites inside the region so deviating to Kill almost everything you see is often a waste of time.

Concentrate on killing something that's convenient on the way and finding to Hillock ASAP to maximize your exp acquire. An excellent rule of thumb is when you've got to run more than a couple of measures out of the path to creating the zombies stand up, skip them. You can conveniently pass 20k exp per hour, and 25k in case you get fortunate weapon drops along with other DPS growing rares.

Move immediately after every single attack
You are going to miss some enemies even with items that roll accuracy on them. Assume you'll Miss and run forward a step or two although waiting for your attack cooldown. For those who Miss an enemy to lots of instances, ignore it and move on for the subsequent 1. The goal right here is to kill issues in one attack and retain moving, standing nonetheless to finish an enemy for one kill of exp isn't worth it.
Open a stream within your second monitor if you have one particular, and don't be afraid to break up the grind, treat it like grinding for Tabula in Blood Aquaducts. You will get it at some point in the event you don't would like to buy it, and after you're at level 7, the worst part is more Than.

NO.5 Top#5 Beach (Number of Entries: 969217)
Beach Map is based on The Beacon's beach layout. There are currently no unique items for this base item type.

Glace, based on Hailrake.

NO.6 Top#6 Arid Lake (Number of Entries: 961300)
Arid Lake Map has The Fetid Pool layout. It can be a significant, open location using a pool of water within the center. Players commence in the edge on the Map, plus the boss arena spawns on the opposite side close towards the sea. You will discover at the moment no one of Good items for this base item form.

Drought-Maddened Rhoa, according to Oozeback Bloom.

Location boss has three nests and three packs of Rhoas (1 per nest). Touching the nest will destroy it, restoring 33% of the boss' maximum well being and creating him enraged. Each enrages (one particular per nest) makes the fight a lot tougher, but increases quantity and rarity of items dropped.

NO.7 Top#7 The Coast (Number of Entries: 794301)
The Coast is an area in Act 6. This area has a waypoint and is connected to Lioneye's Watch, The Tidal Island, along with the Mud Flats.

Raihara, Tukohama's Loyal (unique War Hound)
Crustacean Sniper
Tukohama's Scout
Tukohama's Vanguard
Tukohama's Warrior
War Hound