Top Tier POE 3.4 Ranger Raider Builds

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The Fatal Toxins cluster in between the Shadow as well as the Ranger now grants a total of 65% elevated Damage with Poison (down from 115%), but now also grants a total of 55% enhanced Chaos Harm with Attack Skills.The Raider focuses on keeping buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing by way of kills. She can specialize in 1 of these buffs to improve its effect, tremendously boosting her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn't have any modifiers certain to melee damage, so ranged attacks will obtain these bonuses as well.



Top Tier POE 3.4 Ranger Raider Builds


NO.1 [POE 3.4 Raider]Delve League Magic Find Windrippin Boi Build

In abyss league new abyssal jewels had been introduced towards the game which have the stat "% Chance to blind enemies on hit with attacks" This synergises incredibly nicely using the ample evasion your character, generating enemies you blind miss a much bigger proportion of the time. 



Can run 100% unique items with relative ease, so the gearing is simple and smooth

Can run maps up to t16 with ease (though the bosses get tricky from t14 and onwards if you dont invest enough)

Only a few of the uniques are "mandatory" (And even then the build functions without them)


Works so beautifully with MTX (Gore Herald gachiGASM)

All the legacy gear I am wearing in my character is just quality of life and makes no dps change



Has a low health pool initally (around lv 70-80), can take a while to ramp that up

Has a substantial (For those who consider 4-5ex a lot) starting cost

Not SSF viable, sure you can farm the wind cards and the ventors gamble cards but the rest are rare-ish and have extremely rare/no divination cards

Cant run on toaster PCs

For the build to really feel its best it requires at least 2 5links (or a 5l and a tempest's binding) and a rigwald's quills.


Main Skill: Barrage



Take Alira, the crit multi is good for damage and the resists she provides are incredibly important for our gearing to be made as easy as possible. The mana regen she provides is also useful for when you have less targets to leech from.



Major: Take soul of solaris for some additional singletarget mitigation and AoE mitigation because bosses and ice novas from strongboxes are our most common place of dying. also capture the soul of the map boss "Jorus, sky's edge" to make critical strikes much less effective at killing us. 

Minor:take soul of ralakesh for the bleed mitigation while mapping in case you run out of flasks and the mitigation for labyrynths and trials to make sure it is much harder to die to traps.



Low budget burial chambers clear -

Skill Tree:

SC Tree -


Pob Link:

100 MF Tree - 

96 Budget Tree -

94 Tornado Tree-


Example Link:




NO.2 [POE 3.4 Raider]Pure Physical Cyclone Raider Build


This develop aims to finish most content inside the game when sustaining a higher clear speed and quality of life issue. This construct has the capability of being scaled down to an extremely low budget of just 30-50 Chaos orbs if you make use of your Kondo's Pride. This can be among the list of many rewards from the create. Receiving a Starforge would be the most substantial DPS boost and expense.Immediately after all stated and completed, if you need essentially the most optimal probable version with the develop, you are taking a look at 100+ exalts.


Skill Gem:

Links are in the order they appear in terms of priority. (Cyclone - Melee Phys - Maim - Brutality would be a example of a 4 link setup)

(Chest plate) Cyclone - Melee Physical - Maim - Brutality - Conc/Increased AOE - Damage on full life

Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Vaal Grace - Enlighten

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Conc effect - Fortify

(WEAPON) Ancestral Warchief Totem - Ruthless - Melee physical - Brutality - Blood lust - Damage on full life

Cast when Damage taken - Immortal call - Increased Duration - Blood Rage


Main Skill: VaakL Cyclone



Kill all of them



Still experimenting with this one, but here is what I have at the moment.

For major God use Lunaris. For minor God use Gruthkul.



Uber Elder Run -


Skill Tree:

Act 3-4ish:

Act 6-7ish:

Act 9:


Pob Link:


Example Link:


NO.3 Top Tier g00fy_goober's Ultimate EleBuzzsaw Build

No notable Modifications in Path of Exiel three.four Delve. This create that may clear ALL content material (maps/shaper/lab/atziri + ubers and so on). It has to be Enjoyable and ENGAGING, not expense an extraordinary volume of currency, and have the capability to be a league starter with all the ability to do all content material later on as you upgrade and invest into your character. On prime of this it will have to have speedy movement or move expertise and not need to be concerned about any weird problems that ruin builds for me (such as operating out of mana, dying in one particular hit, not lacking in single target capability, etc.Look for "Top Tier" inside a build have lots of needs that has to be met.



Very fun and engaging build to play

Spectral Throw MTX (buzzsaw or reaver) both look amazing! 

Very fast pace build

Incredible movement speed with whirling blades

One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down

Amazing Single Target capabilities as well

Vaal Haste + Vaal Grace take it yet another step further

Free frenzy charge generation via ascendancy class

Vaal pact + insane damage gives ridiculous amounts of leech

Can do almost all map mods (avoid no leech, ele reflect)

Able to do all content (all maps, uber atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians)

Phasing on your character makes him look badass

Nice defensive capabilities

Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency



Ele Reflect maps are NOT possible

Can not leech maps are NOT possible

Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear


Main Skill: VSpectral Throw


Bandit: Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi



Minor God - Shakari. Reduced chaos dmg, caustic cloud dmg, and immune to poison.

Major God - Brine king is the one run just for the ability not to get stun locked... Additonally now that not immune to status ailments any longer due to the ascendancy changes... the 50% reduced effect of chill and the cannot be frozen if you have been frozen recently is great quality of life. 



T13 Casual Map Run -

PoB Link:


PoB Link: 

25 Points:

64 Points:

25 Points:

64 Points:


Example Link:

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