Skull and Bones Boss Guide: How to Defeat Rode Maangodin?

Game: Skull and Bones
Time: 2024-03-28
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Rode Maangodin is a new boss in Skull and Bones that offers unique ship cosmetics as rewards. This guide below will give you a detailed description of how to beat Rode Maangodin in Skull and Bones and the rewards we can earn.

Preparation Before Battle

Are you ready to face the fearsome Rode Maangodin in Skull and Bones? The key lies in wielding the right weapon: a fire-breathing Samduk ship specifically built to dominate the encounter. It boasts a formidable presence on the high seas, making it ideal for taking on even the most challenging adversaries like Rode Maangodin. Here's what you'll need to outfit your Sanduk for maximum impact:

Weapons: Four Zamzama cannons, one on each side of your ship, will unleash a torrent of firepower. Don't forget the Raider perk enhancement, which boosts your crew's attack damage for even more devastation.

Ability: The Rocket Freeze ability adds an extra layer of offensive might. This will help you control the battlefield and keep Rode Maangodin at bay.

Armor: Fortify your ship's defenses with the Black Prince armor. This heavy-duty plating will ensure you can withstand Rode Maangodin's attacks while dishing out punishment.

Furniture: Consider installing the Scrapper Station furniture. This allows your crew to repair the ship for a significant amount of health (8,000 Whole Health) after enduring a crew attack, keeping you in the fight for longer.

Sanduk Ship Build: Weapons, Armor, Furniture

Ship Perks

Increased Charge Rate: Enhance the charge rate of your blaze and crew attacks. This will allow you to unleash your fiery wrath more frequently, keeping the pressure on Rode Maangodin.

Elemental Fury: Boost the Elemental damage dealt by your Demi-cannons. This extra oomph will make your long-range attacks even more impactful.

Burning Passion: Increase the damage your ship deals to enemies already afflicted with the blaze effect. This synergizes perfectly with the Sanduk's base perk, Scorch, creating a devastating combo.

How to find Rode Maangodin?

Are you ready to challenge the legendary Rode Maangodin? This colossal boss awaits your defiance on the high seas. Here are the key steps to find and encounter Rode Maangodin in Skull and Bones:

  1. Visit the Bounty Board in-game and look for the Anguish from the Abyss contract.
  2. Accept this contract to activate the Rode Maangodin encounter. The contract will show up at the top of the Bounty Board once it has been claimed.
How to find Rode Maangodin?

Note that Rode Maangodin only activates at night, so you'll need to try it at the appropriate time. When night falls, the Rode Maangodin boss will appear in the open sea. You can join a group of other players from the Death Squad community Discord server to take on the boss together.

Tips for defeating Rode Maangodin

Now you should be ready, then let us fight with Rode Maangodin! To more easily basic this boss, we have prepared some fighting tips for you:

Target the Weak Points: Focus on destroying the weak points located at the front of Rode Maangodin's ship before attacking the main vessel. This helps deal damage more effectively.

Coordinate Crew Attacks: Coordinate crew attacks effectively to maximize damage output during the encounter. The Zam Zamas have the Raider perk to increase crew attack damage.

Adapt to Illusions and Teleportation: Be prepared to adapt to Rode Maangodin's illusions and teleportation abilities, as the boss can create duplicates and reappear with new defense mechanisms.

Engage with the Community: Join the Death Squad community Discord server to find groups for defeating Rode Maangodin, as coordinating with other players can greatly enhance your chances of success.

By following this combat strategy, players can effectively defeat Rode Maangodin in Skull and Bones and obtain unique rewards and ship cosmetics.

Rode Maangodin Boss Rewards

The rewards for defeating the Rode Maangodin boss in Skull and Bones include various valuable items and ship cosmetics:

Tarnished Ring: This serves as a contract item and a one-time reward earned upon defeating the Maangodin ghost ship.

Treasure Maps: Players can acquire treasure maps as part of the loot drops from defeating Rode Maangodin, providing opportunities to discover additional rewards and items.

Screw Mechanisms: Screw mechanisms are among the rewards dropped by Rode Maangodin, adding to the variety of items that players can collect during encounters with this boss.

Repair Kits: Players have the chance to acquire repair kits as part of the loot drops from defeating Rode Maangodin, aiding in ship maintenance and durability during gameplay.

Rode Maangodin Boss Rewards

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