TFD - Thunder Cage Best Stats Mod Build

Game: The First Descendant
Time: 2024-07-05
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The Thunder Cage is an outstanding weapon in The First Descendant, and by adjusting the stats and mods of this gun, Can greatly optimize your DPS.

Key Stats for Thunder Cage 
1. Firearm Attack Percentage 
- Priority: High 
- Directly increases the damage output of your Thunder Cage, making it more effective against all types of enemies.

2. Critical Hit Damage and Rate 
- Priority: High 
- Critical hits drastically increase the damage dealt. Enhancing both the rate (chance of hitting a critical) and the damage (bonus damage on critical hits) ensures that you maximize your DPS during engagements.

3. Weak Point Damage 
- Priority: Medium to High 
- This attribute amplifies damage to enemy weak points, which is especially useful in boss fights and against tougher enemies. Prioritizing this can lead to quicker takedowns and more efficient combat.

4. Elemental Damage (Chill Effect) 
- Priority: Medium 
- Adding a chill effect to your Thunder Cage slows down enemies, which can be crucial for controlling the battlefield and managing large groups of mobs. It enhances your tactical options and survivability.

5. Reload Speed 
- Priority: Medium 
- Faster reloads increase your effective DPS by minimizing downtime. This attribute becomes increasingly valuable in prolonged fights and situations where high uptime is necessary.

Integrating utility attributes like the chill effect and improved reload speed can provide significant tactical advantages.

Your attribute priorities might change based on the specific challenges you face in different game stages. For instance, while mobbing, you might prioritize area damage and effects like chill, whereas, in boss fights, weak point damage and crit attributes could take precedence.

Key Weapon Mod for Thunder Cage

TFD Thunder Cage Builds - U4GM 

Action and ReactionRifling ReinforcementFire Rate UP
FirearmATK+61%, Recoil+20%Firearm ATK +20.8%Fire Rate + 25%


TFD Thunder Cage Builds - U4GM 

Better InsightBetter ConcentrationConsume MagazinesWeak Point Insight
Firearm Critical Hit Rate +39%Firearm Critical Hit Damage +74.8%Reload Time Modifier +25%, Weak PointDamage +2%Weak Point Damage +20%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +1.5%

Mod Synergy

Damage Amplification 
- Rifling Reinforcement (increased damage) 
- Action and Reaction (boosted firearm attack damage) 
- Both mods significantly increase your base and firearm-specific damage, enhancing overall DPS.

Critical Enhancement 
- Better Insight (increased crit chance) 
- Better Concentration (increased crit damage) 
- These mods work together to not only make critical hits more likely but also ensure that they deal much more damage when they occur.

Utility and Control 
- Consume Magazines (faster reload time) 
- Chill Effect (slows enemies) 
- Faster reloading keeps you firing more continuously, while the chill effect slows enemies, enhancing both your offensive capabilities and defensive positioning.

Unique Ability Enhancement 
A mod that increases the electric explosion radius or frequency could be particularly effective for a weapon like the Thunder Cage.

400K DPS Mods for Thunder Cage

TFD Thunder Cage Builds - U4GM