The First Descendant - Which Descendant is best for you?

Game: The First Descendant
Time: 2024-06-24
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Each descendant in The First Descendant has unique abilities. A deep understanding of all characters' skill advantages, module functions, team positioning, and combat strategies will allow you to better cope with the TFD Campaign and choose the most suitable character to unlock.


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Latest Update - Gley

Freyna - DoT Specialist

Freyna specializes in damage over time (DoT) through the use of poison-based abilities.

The First Descendant Freyna - U4GM

1. Toxic Trauma (Poison Bullet): 
- Inflicts a special condition known as "Room Zero Trauma," which poisons all enemies in the area and increases physical attack damage. This ability is core to her gameplay as it sets up her poison-based damage loop.

2. Defense Mechanism (Poison Armor): 
- Increases Freyna’s defense significantly. It also has a high chance of inflicting Room Zero Trauma on enemies upon attack. This makes it both a defensive and offensive tool, allowing Freyna to stay in the thick of combat longer while continuously dealing damage.

3. Decomposed Poison: 
- Creates a poison swamp around an enemy. This ability spreads poison to other enemies who come into contact with the poisoned individual, effectively managing crowd control and maximizing area damage.

4. Dead Room (Ultimate Ability): 
- Transforms Freyna's weapon into a poison rifle, automatically inflicting Room Zero Trauma on all enemies hit. This ultimate ability emphasizes her role as a continuous damage dealer, spreading poison across multiple enemies at once.

5. Contagion Links(Passive Ability): 
- Increases Freyna's toxic skill power based on the number of enemies currently poisoned. Note that the effectiveness of this passive diminishes against bosses due to its reliance on poisoning multiple targets.

Maximizing Poison Effects 
- Keep applying Venom Trauma and Decomposed Poison to spread as much poison as possible. The more enemies are poisoned, the stronger Freyna's skills become through her passive. 
- Use Decomposed Poison to deny enemy movements or direct them into traps where you can inflict massive DOT. 
- Employ Defense Mechanisms strategically when anticipating heavy incoming attacks, ensuring attackers also suffer from poison.

Freyna Mods 
- Contagion: When a poisoned enemy dies, a poison cloud forms, poisoning all who pass through it. This is highly effective in crowd control scenarios. 
- Venom Synthesis: Alters Decomposed Poison to leave behind toxic footprints that poison enemies, enhancing path control and synergizing well with Venom Baptism. 
- Toxic Stimulation: Converts Defense Mechanism to grant plague armor to all allies, significantly boosting team defense—ideal for boss fights. 
- Neurotoxin Synthesis: Modifies Room Zero Trauma to reduce enemy attack power and weaken their regeneration, crucial for surviving in challenging modes like hard void intercept battles.

Freyna Unlock

Freyna Enhanced CellsFreyna StabilizerFreyna Spiral Catalyst
Repton 0/192Monad Shard 0/402Superfluid 0/384
Metal Accelerant 0/270Semiconstant Plasma 0/225Semiconstant Plasma 0/225
Hyper Cube 0/5Monite Stone 0/16Arche Receptor 0/15
Freyna Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Freyna Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Freyna Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Freyna's effectiveness hinges on her ability to keep enemies poisoned consistently. Her poison not only deals damage over time but also enhances her physical attacks against affected targets:

- Maintaining Poison: Ensuring enemies are always affected by poison to maximize her damage output. 
- Positioning: Staying at a safe distance to utilize her poison rifle effectively, especially when her ultimate is active. 
- Skill Synergy: Using her poison abilities in conjunction to create zones of damage that are difficult for enemies to avoid without taking significant poison damage.

Freya Ult does not go off the equipped gun(Only Gleys does). Is best suited for players who enjoy managing area effects and dealing consistent damage over time, rather than burst damage. Her abilities require thoughtful placement and timing to maximize their effectiveness and control the battlefield.

Lepic - Soldier

Lepic embodies the archetype of a classic soldier, equipped with grenades and abilities that enhance his battlefield utility and damage capabilities.

His skill set revolves around tactical engagement and buff management, making him suitable for players who enjoy a more traditional combat role with an emphasis on strategic placement and timing.

The First Descendant Lepic - U4GM

1. Grenade: 
- Lepic's primary ability, this grenade has a very short cooldown, making it ideal for frequent use. 
- Since the cooldown is minimal, integrate the grenade into your regular attack rotation to maximize damage output.

2. Overclock: 
- This ability enhances Lepic’s skills, particularly boosting the power of his grenades and adding a burn effect for increased damage over time. 
- Note that the traction grenade, another of Lepic’s arsenal, does not receive the burn effect from Overclock.

3. Traction Grenade: 
- This tool is excellent for crowd control, pulling enemies towards its location and clustering them together. 
- Best used to gather multiple enemies into a tight group for efficient area damage, especially when followed by Overkill.

4. Overkill (Ultimate Ability): 
- Lepic fires an artillery round that explodes, dealing damage over time to all enemies caught in the blast area. This ultimate skill is designed for high-impact moments in battle, clearing groups of enemies or dealing substantial damage to tougher foes.

- Each shell fired drains MP, so it's crucial to balance its use to avoid depleting your resources too quickly.

5. Close Call(Passive Ability): In critical situations, this passive ability prevents death by restoring a portion of Lepic’s health. It has a significant cooldown, so it should not be overly relied upon.

Ability Tips: 
- With its short cooldown, the grenade should be used as often as possible to maintain high damage output. 
- When activating Overkill, ensure you manage MP carefully to sustain its high damage output without running out.

Lepic Mods 
- Regeneration Trade-Off: Some modules allow you to trade the burn effect for a weakening effect on enemy regeneration, useful in specific scenarios like void intercept battles. 
- Skill Recovery: Alternatives in passive skills can switch from automatic health recovery to MP recovery when using skills, enhancing your ability to sustain skill use. 
- Power Enhancement: A module may change Overclock’s effect from boosting skill power to enhancing firearm attacks, which can be a significant tactical shift depending on your play style.

Given that a significant portion of your damage can come from Overkill, selecting modules that enhance or extend this ability can be highly beneficial.

Lepic Unlock

Lepic Enhanced CellsLepic StabilizerLepic Spiral Catalyst
Semiconstant Plasma 0/290Superfluid 0/571Metal Accelerant 0/519
Monomolecular Extractor 0/499Shape Memory Alloy 0/4672Carbon Crystal 0/554
Highly Concentrated Energy Residue 0/37Crystal Biogel 0/39Complex Carbon Activator 0/60
Lepic Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Lepic Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Lepic Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Lepic's gameplay revolves around the optimal use of his grenades and the strategic application of his Overclock ability to maximize his effectiveness in combat:

- Skill Combination: Utilizing Overclock before deploying grenades ensures that his explosive devices are much more effective, either in dealing damage or controlling space on the battlefield. 
- Positioning: As a soldier, Lepic needs to maintain a balance between being close enough to engage effectively with grenades and far enough to avoid direct retaliation from enemies. 
- Timing: His abilities require good timing to sync with team actions or to counter enemy moves, especially his ultimate, which can turn the tide of battle when used at the right moment.

He has a grenade that goes boom and a grenade that pulls enemies together in a neat little bundle, so you're AOE teammates can have some fun. he is like playing Soldier in overwatch, literally, the most basic you could make a character but he is still fun. If he had a mod to switch an ability to auto-crit target. It would be cool.

Lepic is ideal for players who appreciate a direct combat role with the ability to adapt to various tactical situations. His kit allows for both aggressive attacks and defensive setups.

Ajax - The strongest tank

Ajax is a robust take on the role of an ATT (Advanced Tactical Tank), leveraging his ability to store and manipulate void energy to both protect and devastate on the battlefield. His skill set revolves around defensive prowess and energy manipulation, making him suitable for players who enjoy a tank role with a twist of dynamic energy management.

The First Descendant Ajax - U4GM

1. Event Horizon(Passive Ability) 
- Provides a void energy bar, segmented into three parts, which fills up one section each time an ability is used. 
- When the bar is full, Ajax can cast enhanced versions of his abilities for additional effects. 
- This skill builds void energy whenever Ajax uses multiple skills. After building up enough energy, it enhances the next ability, giving it additional effects such as increased damage, area of effect, or a special ability like reflection.

2. Orbit Barrier: 
- This ability creates a durable shield reminiscent of the Titan Barricade from "Destiny." The shield’s durability scales with Ajax’s health and defense stats. Importantly, allies can shoot through the barrier while it reflects incoming damage, making it a formidable tool for both defense and strategic positioning. 
- Deploy frequently to maximize defensive coverage and maintain void energy levels. 
- Can reflect damage back to enemies when enhanced.

3. Void Walk: 
- Ajax performs a Hulk-like slam, jumping into the air and smashing the ground to create a shockwave. This ability is perfect for disrupting enemy formations and dealing area-of-effect damage. 
- When cast while enhanced, it significantly boosts Ajax's shields.It increases damage and AOE. 
- Utilize for quick shield boosts and to stun groups of enemies, maintaining high defense uptime.

4. Expulsion: 
- This skill further manipulates the shockwave effect by creating a ground-based wave that radiates out from Ajax, pushing enemies away and dealing damage. It’s useful for controlling space and keeping enemies at a preferred distance. 
- Causes knockback and increased damage and range when enhanced.

5. Hypercube (Ultimate Ability): 
- Ajax generates a protective bubble around him that not only shields allies but also reflects damage back at enemies. The damage reflection is proportional to his defense stats, and if enhanced by Void Walk, the cube’s damage output increases, making it an even more powerful defensive and offensive tool. 
- Provides AOE coverage and grants firearm attack and explosive attack buffs to allies when enhanced.

Ability Tips: 
- Orbit Barrier: Maximize use to create safe shooting zones and maintain your void energy for enhanced skills. 
- Void Walk: Regular use is recommended for mobility and defense, ensuring Ajax is always shielded. 
- Expulsion: Use as a disruptive tool in combat, enhanced version for significant encounters.

Key characteristics of Ajax: 
1. His passive ability, Event Horizon, allows him to enhance his next ability after using a combination of skills. This enhancement varies depending on the skill, adding effects like increased damage, larger area of effect, or unique abilities such as damage reflection.

2. Ajax is built to be durable. His ability to scale off HP and Defense makes him tough to take down in prolonged fights.

3. Void Walk and Hypercube have significant AOE capabilities, which are further enhanced through their passive, making them excellent for dealing with groups of enemies.

Ajax Mods 
- Voidburst: Enhances melee capabilities, suitable for players focusing on close combat, though generally less critical. 
- Void Charge: Boosts damage output from Void Walk and Expulsion based on defense stats, ideal for a tankier build. 
- Matrix Recomputation: Alters Expulsion to increase ally shields and defense, perfect for supporting roles. 
- Body Enhancement: Transforms Event Horizon to bolster defense and energy shield instead of generating void energy, shifting Ajax’s role toward pure tanking.

S-Tier Ajax Build

The First Descendant Ajax - U4GM

Applied Value 
Skill Cooldown -25.6% 
Max HP 445.7% 
DEF 250.2% 
Skill Power 8.1% 
skill Effect Range 92.3% 
Max Shield -36.5%

Stat Prioritization 
Defense = HP > Firearm Attack > Skill Power

It's important to stack HP and DEF and RESIST, HP and DEF are where it's at all day in the high-tier content. especially for higher-level void intercepts such as the Hanged Man and the last void intercept in the swamp. You can tank 10 hanged man hits before going dbno with high HP and Defensive Builds on your descendants, which gives you more time for DPS.

When you are DBNO= Less time for damage= less time for DPS bc your teammates have to revive you.

For more information, please read - Components Mods and Stat Prioritization of Ajax

Ajax Unlock

Ajax Enhanced CellsAjax StabilizerAjax Spiral Catalyst
Silicon 0/430Hardener 0/386Compound Coating Material 0/239
Hellion 0/303Ceramic Composite 0/408Shape Memory Alloy 0/462
Artificial Biometal 0/303Compound Carbon Activator 0/29Positive Ion Particle 0/38
Ajax Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Ajax Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Ajax’s gameplay focuses on managing his void energy effectively to maximize his defensive capabilities and crowd control potential:

- Energy Management: Ajax needs to engage in combat to build up his void energy, which is crucial for activating his most potent abilities. Managing this energy efficiently dictates his effectiveness in various combat scenarios. 
- Strategic Deployment of Abilities: The timing and placement of Orbit Barrier can dictate the flow of battle, protecting allies while setting up counterattacks. Similarly, using Void Walk and Expulsion in tandem can disrupt enemy lines and safeguard key positions. 
- Ultimate Usage: The Hyper Cube should be deployed judiciously, ideally in situations where its damage reflection can be maximized or when a crucial defensive stance is necessary to protect the team or hold an objective.

He is a void titan from Destiny 2, if you build him right he is so cracked. New players are recommended to use Ajax early in the game, he has a great defense and is hard to kill.

Ajax is ideal for players who value a tank role with the ability to impact the battlefield significantly through energy management and strategic skill deployment. His abilities allow for both defensive stances and aggressive pushes, This makes him an important member of the team.

Viessa - Control/Support

Viessa's abilities focus on area control, slowing down enemies, and dealing consistent ice-based damage, making her ideal for players who enjoy controlling the battlefield and supporting their team through strategic positioning and debuffs.

The First Descendant Viessa - U4GM

1. Ice Sphere (Passive Skill): 
- Viessa generates ice spheres that orbit around her. These spheres can automatically target and attack nearby enemies, dealing area-of-effect (AOE) damage. The generation of these spheres is linked to the ice-shackle status effect she applies to her foes.

2. Frost Shards: 
- This ability emits a beam of ice that explodes on impact, inflicting damage and the ice shackle effect. It’s useful for direct engagements and setting up larger AOE effects with her other skills.

3. Frost Road: 
- Viessa creates a trail of ice puddles as she moves, which slow and potentially ice-shackle any enemies that enter them. This skill enhances her mobility and provides a defensive buffer that can control the movement of pursuing enemies.

4. Ice Wave: 
- This skill unleashes a wave of ice directly in front of Viessa, damaging and applying ice shackles to all enemies in its path. It’s a straightforward offensive tool that complements her area control tactics.

5. Cold Snap (Ultimate Ability): 
- Activating this ability unleashes a powerful snowstorm around Viessa, dealing significant AOE damage. The effectiveness of Cold Snap is enhanced when enemies are already affected by the ice shackle effect, maximizing its damage output.

Ultimate Viessa Unlock

Ultimate Viessa Enhanced CellsUltimate Viessa StabilizerUltimate Viessa Spiral Catalyst
Monad Shard 0/1206Superfluid 0/1152Repton 0/576
Metal Accelerant 0/810Semiconstant Plasma 0/675Metal Accelerant 0/810
Monite Stone 0/45Arche Receptor 0/48Hyper Cube 0/18
Ultimate Viessa Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Ultimate Viessa Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Ultimate Viessa Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Viessa's gameplay revolves around the strategic application of her ice abilities to manipulate the battlefield:

- Area Denial: Using Frost Road and Ice Wave, Viessa can create hazardous zones for enemies, effectively denying them access to key areas or slowing their advance, which is crucial during team fights or when holding objectives. 
- Crowd Control: The ice shackle effect not only damages but also significantly slows affected enemies, making it easier for Viessa and her team to manage larger groups or focus on high-priority targets. 
- Synergy with Ice Sphere: Keeping enemies shackled maximizes the utility of her passive ice spheres, which seek out and damage enemies, thus maintaining her damage output even while focusing on movement or defensive maneuvers. 
- Ultimate Timing: Cold Snap’s effectiveness increases in scenarios where multiple enemies are already debuffed with ice shackles. Timing this ultimate correctly can turn the tide of a battle, especially in tightly packed skirmishes.

Viessa is best suited for players who enjoy a supportive role with the capability to significantly impact team fights through control and consistent damage.

Jayber - Support/Tech Specialist

Jayber brings a unique blend of support and offensive capabilities to the battlefield through his mastery of turret technology. His gameplay revolves around deploying and managing turrets that provide both firepower and healing to his team.

The First Descendant Jayber - U4GM

1. Turret Sync (Passive Skill): 
- Jayber's attack increases when both his Assault Turret and Medical Turret are active. This synergy between his turrets not only enhances his offensive capabilities but also strengthens his role as a support player by maintaining continuous pressure and sustain on the battlefield. 
- Maintain both turrets on the field to maximize damage and support capabilities.

2. Assault Turret: 
- This turret automatically attacks enemies within its range, providing steady damage output. It's an essential part of Jayber's toolkit for holding strategic points and supporting his team in firefights. 
- This ability summons a stationary gun that inherits its stats from Jayber. Once enhanced, it deals Area of Effect (AOE) damage that surpasses the turret's standard gunfire. 
- Focus on enhancing the summoning range rather than the attack range, which cannot be increased.

3. Medical Turret: 
- It heals all allies within its range. Enhanced, it gains the ability to taunt enemies, drawing their attention. 
- While it can taunt bosses, its effectiveness varies, and it may be destroyed quickly in intense encounters. 
- Similar to its offensive counterpart, the Medical Turret heals allies within its range, offering vital sustain during prolonged engagements. If enhanced by certain skills or effects, it can also restore mana, further supporting ability usage among teammates.

4. Multi-Purpose Gun: 
- This ability upgrades Jayber’s turrets, adding special capabilities like AOE damage and taunting. It also delivers substantial direct damage. 
- The cooldown depends on usage—15 seconds per bullet fired.

5. Reactive(Ultimate Ability): 
- Reactivates all turrets to fire three AOE bursts and enhances them automatically upon resummoning. 
- Best used in conjunction with the Multi-Purpose Gun to refresh and enhance turrets for continuous operation.

Optimizing Turret 
- Strive to keep turrets active as much as possible. Utilize the Multi-Purpose Gun strategically to extend their duration by managing the number of shots fired. 
- Fire the Multi-Purpose Gun sparingly (preferably two bullets) to manage cooldowns effectively. Every two cycles activate the Ultimate to refresh and enhance turrets. 
- Deploy turrets in locations that maximize their effectiveness, using the Assault Turret for damage and the Medical Turret for healing and control.

Jayber Mods 
- Immediate Purge Code: Changes the Ultimate to cause turrets to explode, dealing lightning strikes over time—ideal for maximizing damage. 
- Turret Engineering: Converts the Multi-Purpose Gun into a skill that extends turret longevity and heals them, at the cost of losing direct firepower. 
- Medical Compulsion: Allows for the deployment of two Medical Turrets, greatly enhancing healing zones and survivability of the team. 
- Opposite Adjustment: Transforms the Medical Turret into an additional Assault Turret, increasing offensive capacity, especially outside of void intercept battles.

Jayber Unlock

Jayber Enhanced CellsJayber StabilizerJayber Spiral Catalyst
Repton 0/192Monad Shard 0/402Metal Accelerant 0/270
Semiconstant Plasma 0/225Superfluid 0/384Hardner 0/453
Anti-Gravity Fixer 0/3Arche Receptor 0/15Optical Catalyst 0/13
Jayber Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Jayber Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Jayber Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Jayber's gameplay focuses on optimal turret placement and timing to maximize his team's effectiveness in both offense and defense:

- Strategic Placement: Deploying turrets in key locations that maximize their area coverage and impact is crucial. The Assault Turret should be placed where it can cover choke points or protect objectives, while the Medical Turret should be positioned where it can safely heal the maximum number of teammates. 
- Turret Management: Regularly enhancing and repositioning turrets using the Multi-Purpose Gun and Reactive skills keeps Jayber's contributions fresh and adaptable to the changing dynamics of the battlefield. 
- Synergistic Play: Maximizing the passive benefit of Turret Sync requires keeping both turrets operational as much as possible, which demands careful management of cooldowns and awareness of the battlefield conditions to prevent turret destruction. 
- Explosive Resets: Using the Reactive skill not only provides a burst of area damage but also resets the battlefield presence of his turrets, allowing for strategic re-deployments based on the current needs of the team and the flow of battle.

Jayber is best suited for players who enjoy a tactical role that balances offense and support. His ability to control space with turrets and sustain his team makes him a valuable asset in any team composition, particularly in scenarios that require holding ground or pushing through fortified enemy positions.

Sharen - Assassin

Sharen excels in the role of an assassin, utilizing stealth, agility, and precision strikes to deal massive damage, particularly when targeting unsuspecting enemies. Her abilities are designed for high mobility and sudden bursts of damage, making her perfect for players who enjoy a stealthy playstyle with a focus on taking out key targets quickly and efficiently.

The First Descendant Sharen - U4GM

1. Assassinator (Passive Skill): 
- Increases Sharen's damage when attacking enemies that are not targeting her. This passive makes her particularly effective in ambushing or flanking situations where she can strike enemies distracted by her allies. 
- Resets the cooldown of Active Camouflage when Sharen kills a target with a skill, enhancing her stealth and assault capabilities.

2. Cutoff Beam: 
- Despite its name, this skill involves Sharen using a beam blade to deliver a swift, powerful slash that also electrocutes enemies, adding extra damage over time. It’s ideal for initiating attacks from stealth to maximize damage output.

3. Active Camouflage: 
- Sharen becomes invisible, enhancing her next attack. This ability is central to her gameplay, allowing her to reposition, escape, or set up devastating ambushes.

4. Impact Rounds: 
- This ability launches small rockets that stun enemies, disrupting their actions and making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. The stun effect is crucial for controlling enemy movements and enhancing her survivability in confrontations.

5. Flash Shortsword (Ultimate Ability): 
- This ultimately enhances Sharen’s offensive capabilities by auto-targeting and attacking multiple enemies with a flurry of knife throws. It's especially effective when combined with Active Camouflage, allowing Sharen to deal significant damage across multiple targets stealthily.

Void Damage Bosses 
- Sniper Strategy: Equip Sharen with a high-powered sniper rifle, enhancing it with Active Camouflage for amplified damage output. 
- Rocket Launcher Alternative: A rocket launcher can also synergize well with Sharen's Ambush ability, although a sniper rifle is generally more effective.

Sharen Mods 
Battlesuit Melting Nuts 
- Effect: Adds multiple rockets to Sharon’s arsenal, creating area-of-effect bubbles that reduce enemy defense.

Void Domination 
- Enhancements: Increases the targeting range and quantity of Flash Shortsword while speeding up the targeting animation. 
- Ideal Use: Best suited for general battles, not specifically for void intercept scenarios.

Overcharged Edge 
- Shield Conversion: Converts shield capacity into a resource for Active Camouflage, increasing damage output proportionally. 
- Specific Use: Most effective against void intercept bosses, using high-damage weapons.

Release Cutting Force 
- Beam Expansion: Expands the Cut Off Beam's rectangular attack zone into a larger area, extending the beam across the horizon. 
- General Utility: While not specialized, this mod is useful if better options are unavailable.

Sharen Enhancement Module 
Dual Claw 
- Modifies the Charged Sub Attack. 
- Use a Dual Claw to attack when performing a Charged Sub Attack. 
- As the Enhancement Level increases, MaxModule Capacity increases. (Currently +6)

Focus on Electric 
- Electric Skill Power +58.5%, Skill Cooldown-6.1%

lron Defense 
- DEF +89.8%, Skill Power Modifier +12.7%

Fusion Specialist 
- Fusion Skill Power Modifier +57.7%

Nimble Fingers 
- Skill Cooldown -25.6%

Stim Accelerant 
- Max HP +32.9%, Max MP -4.5%

For more information, please read - Sharen Weapons and Enhanced Mods

Sharen Unlock

Sharen Enhanced CellsSharen StabilizerSharen Spiral Catalyst
Superfluid 0/384Repton 0/192Semiconstant Plasman 0/225
Metal Accelerant 0/270Monad Shard 0/402Hardner 0/453
Data Processing Cercuit 0/9Hyper Cube 0/5Arche Receptor 0/15
Sharen Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Sharen Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Sharen Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Sharen’s gameplay strategy revolves around utilizing her stealth to maneuver into optimal positions and execute high-damage attacks:

- Stealth Engagement: Active Camouflage should be used to safely navigate the battlefield, approach high-value targets unnoticed, or escape when overwhelmed. Timing her invisibility to coincide with team attacks can maximize her passive damage boost. 
- Precision Strikes: The Cutoff Beam and the Built-in Arm Rocket Launcher are perfect for quickly incapacitating key targets. Using these in conjunction with her stealth capabilities allows Sharen to disrupt enemy lines effectively. 
- Ultimate Usage: 
1. Flash SW Sword is best used in crowded situations where its auto-targeting can hit multiple enemies or when needing to clear out weakened foes quickly. It’s also a great tool for capitalizing on the chaos created during team fights. 
2. Focus on building Sharen’s ultimate ability for penetrating defenses like walls and trees, ideal for resource defense scenarios. 
- Target Prioritization: As an assassin, Sharen should focus on eliminating high-value targets such as enemy supports or high-damage dealers. Her ability to bypass frontline defenses and strike at the heart of the enemy team can decisively tilt skirmishes in her team's favor.

Sharen is suited for players who enjoy a high-risk, high-reward playstyle, focusing on stealth and burst damage to effectively take down key opponents.

Gley - Damage Dealer (Burst DPS)

Gley is known for her high damage output and unique ability to enter a berserk state, significantly enhancing her combat capabilities. Her skill set revolves around risk and reward gameplay, making her ideal for players who enjoy a dynamic and aggressive approach to battles.

The First Descendant Gley - U4GM

1. Frenzied: 
- Normal Mode: Grants a base damage reduction of 4% which can scale with enhancements. 
- Frenzy Mode: Provides a 15% boost in gun base damage and allows bullets to penetrate enemies, but Glay is more vulnerable to incoming damage and significantly decreases healing received. 
- Gley's core mechanic revolves around her ability to enter a berserk mode, which increases her weapons' attack and penetration dramatically. This mode is triggered by consuming a portion of her health, emphasizing a high-risk, high-reward style.

- Guns gain the ability to penetrate through enemies, effectively becoming armor-piercing. This allows Glay to deal damage to multiple targets aligned with her shots or to penetrate defensive barriers. 
- Her life siphon ability in Frenzy mode heals her by consuming enemies' health.

- Glay becomes more susceptible to incoming damage, making her more vulnerable during combat. 
- Healing effects on Glay are significantly decreased, compounding her vulnerability. This reduction affects all sources of healing, making it critical to use healing abilities judiciously.

Tips for Frenzied 
- Activating increased sensory in Frenzy mode grants infinite ammunition, which can be pivotal during intense firefights. 
- Always have a strategy for exiting the Frenzied state if the situation becomes too perilous, whether through ability cooldown management or positioning for quick retreats.

2. Life Siphon: 
- Normal Mode: Each enemy hit by this area of effect (AOE) ability increases Glay's damage reduction by 2%, stacking up to 10 times. The duration of this buff can be extended with duration-enhancing mods. 
- Frenzy Mode: When Glay is in her Frenzied state, Life Siphon transforms into a healing ability. It consumes the health of enemies hit, transferring a portion of the damage dealt back to Glay as health. Meaning that higher damage output results in more effective healing. 
- This ability deals damage to nearby enemies and restores Gley's health based on the damage dealt. It's a critical survival tool that helps mitigate the health cost of entering and maintaining her berserk state.

Tips for Life Siphon: 
- Aim to hit as many enemies as possible with Life Siphon to gain the maximum damage reduction or healing. 
- Effective use of Life Siphon depends on having enough Thirst to activate it at the right moments. 
- In team play, coordinate with allies to clump enemies together for more effective use of Life Siphon. 
- Keep a close eye on your Thirst to ensure that you have enough resources to use Life Siphon when it’s most needed, especially in Frenzied mode where the healing can be critical.

3. Increased Sensory: 
- Normal Mode: Increases the health gained from all sources and grants a 30% movement speed bonus, enhancing Glay's mobility and survivability. 
- Frenzy Mode: Significantly enhances DPS by granting all weapons an infinite magazine, allowing continuous firing without the need to reload. 
- While in berserk mode, this ability creates a special area where bullets are not consumed. This effect is crucial for maintaining high damage output without depleting ammo, particularly effective with high-damage or high-cost weapons.

4. Massacre (Ultimate Ability): 
- Glay summons a unique pistol that benefits from the current amount of life force stored. The maximum life force (10 bars) results in a full magazine for the pistol. 
- The pistol’s power scales with several factors including the frenzy state, the non-attribute modifications, the HP consumed at activation, and the stats of the equipped weapon. 
- The ability is highly accurate, effectively targeting enemies at a distance. It’s recommended to ensure that Glay's most powerful weapon is active when activating Massacre to maximize damage output. 
- This ultimate ability enhances Gley's combat effectiveness by switching her weapon to the "No Fatu," which scales its damage with the gun she's holding. In berserk mode, this skill further increases her skill damage, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks against multiple enemies.

5. Thirst(Passive Ability): 
- Thirst is replenished by collecting life essence from enemies Glay defeats. These life essences drop as red gloop orbs with a 30% drop chance, which cannot be altered by any modifiers. 
- While the drop rate of life essence orbs cannot be modified, players can use mods to enhance how Glay uses and benefits from Thirst. This includes increasing the life essence pickup radius or the health gained from each orb. 
- Allows life orbs to be acquired not just from kills but also from critical hits, enhancing Gley's ability to sustain her health and power through her abilities. 
- The collected life essences fill up a resource bar, segmented into 10 individual parts. Each segment corresponds to a specific capacity of the Thirst resource. 
- The life essence orbs have a timer and will disappear if not collected quickly. However, the duration these orbs remain on the field can be extended using duration-enhancing mods. 
- Thirst is used to activate certain abilities, notably Glay’s second and fourth abilities. It's a critical resource that determines her ability to sustain long combat engagements and use her most powerful attacks effectively.

Tips for Thirst: 
- Regularly move around the battlefield to ensure you are in a position to collect life essence quickly. 
- Focus on enemies that can be quickly eliminated to generate life essence, ensuring a steady supply of Thirst. 
- Equip mods that enhance the benefits of life essence or reduce the overall consumption of Thirst, allowing for more frequent use of abilities.

Blood and Iron Skill Module
- Passive Augmentation: This module modifies Glay's passive ability by allowing her to gain life force (a crucial resource for using her abilities) through critical hits and the usual method of collecting life essence from defeated enemies.
- Crit-Based Life Force Generation: Typically, Glay collects life essence that drops at a 30% chance from enemies she kills. These essences are crucial as they heal her and fill her secondary resource bar, essential for activating her most powerful abilities. The Blood and Iron module adds a mechanism where Glay can gain life force through critical hits, enhancing her resource acquisition and making it less dependent on enemy drops.

This Mod is particularly effective in situations with high enemy density or when facing tough opponents, as it ensures a steadier supply of life force, allowing Glay to use her abilities more frequently.

Read more - Glay's Reactor Components and Enhanced Mods

Tactical Tips: 
- Enter Frenzy during high-stakes moments where increased damage is crucial. Ensure you have a strategy to recover health immediately following these periods. 
- Sync Massacre with Increased Sensory for unlimited ammo, maximizing the ultimate’s effectiveness. Time this combination when most beneficial, such as during boss fights or clearing large groups of enemies.

Gley Unlock

Gley Enhanced CellsGley StabilizerGley Spiral Catalyst
Monad Shard 0/246Metal Accelerant 0/519Nanopolymers 0/363
Silicon 0/430Flectorite 0/292Ceramic Composite 0/408
Cooling Metallic Foil 0/38Complex Carbon Activator 0/60Synthesized Artificial Biometal 0/99
Gley Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Gley Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Gley Enhanced Cells: 
- Mona Shards: Found by exploring specific locations in Kingston, indicated by diamonds on the game's map interface. Players are advised to use the game's map navigation aids. 
- Silicon: Similar to Mona Shards, Silicon is obtained by searching indicated areas, such as Echo Swamp, and opening resource boxes. 
- Cooling Metallic Foil: This component is obtained from encrypted storage boxes, Players need to use precise code breakers at designated locations, such as the Shipment Base area or Moongrave Basin, to access the encrypted storage boxes. The process involves using the code breaker on the box, engaging with a mini-game interface, and successfully interacting to unlock the rewards.

- Blueprint for Enhanced Cells: To complete the crafting of Gley Enhanced Cells, a blueprint is necessary. This can be obtained by engaging with a boss known as the TFD Void Intercept - Stunning Beauty, who drops the blueprint with a high probability. The boss encounter provides a pattern (012) that players need to select for a chance to obtain the blueprint from the reward structure of the game.

Gley Stabilizer: 
- Metal Accelerant: This can be collected similarly to Mona Shards, by using the game’s pulse feature to locate and gather items from resource boxes or munitions at various outposts. 
- Flector: Gathered in the same manner as Metal Accelerant, using the game’s interface to find and collect it from designated points. 
- Complex Carbon Activator: This item is typically found through specific missions recommended by the game, like the Chapel or the Seed Vault. 
- Blueprint for Gley Stabilizer: This can be acquired from specific missions within the game. the "Void Fusion Reactor Fortress" is one of the missions where the blueprint has a chance to drop. The mission offers a 20% chance to drop the blueprint.

Gley Spiral Catalyst: 
- Nanopolymers: These are typically found in resource boxes or munitions. 
- Ceramic Composite: Similar to Nano Polymers, Ceramic Composite is obtained from resource boxes. Players will need to travel to specific locations where these resources are known to spawn. 
- Artificial Biometal: Within the Agna Desert, the Miragestone Vulgus Strategic Outpost is as a key location where Artificial Biometal can be found. 
- Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint: Void Fusion Reactor - Agna Desert Vermilion Waste 

Recommend teaming up with Sharen, and you need to sneak in during the unlocking process.

Gley Code: It is recommended to kill Grave Walker. This boss is very simple and can be killed repeatedly. If you don't have enough grinding time, you can use the cheap TFD Void Intercept Boost.

Gley's gameplay focuses on managing her health and ammo to maximize her damage output:

- Health Management: Since entering berserk mode consumes her health, managing this resource is crucial. Using Life Siphon effectively to regain health while dealing damage is key to sustaining her in fights. Efficiently manage life orbs with Increased Sensory’s recovery mode and through critical hits to ensure you have enough resources to maintain Frenzy and activate your ultimate. 
- Ammo Efficiency: Increased Sensory allows Gley to fire without consuming ammo, which is particularly powerful when paired with high-damage weapons. Positioning and timing are critical to making the most of this ability, ensuring she's in the right place to take full advantage of her unlimited ammo. 
- Berserk Synergy: Keeping Gley in berserk mode as long as possible maximizes her effectiveness. This requires balancing the use of her abilities to maintain her health and ammo while staying aggressive in her attack patterns. 
- Ultimate Utilization: Massacre should be used when Gley can maximize the number of enemies affected, ideally in conjunction with Increased Sensory to maintain her barrage of attacks. It's also important to ensure she's equipped with the most powerful weapon available before activating her ultimate for maximum damage.

Her burst damage capabilities are incredible. To maximize this, switch to a heavy weapon, activate frenzy, and then her ultimate ability. This combination gives you 10 seconds of rapid fire from a heavy weapon with unlimited ammo and a 70% damage boost. Additionally, there's a mod that increases damage as your health decreases; using this mod allows her to solo bosses effectively.

She's uniquely designed with no shield, which means you can use purple defense modifiers that boost defense or health without affecting shields or MP. These modifiers can stack with standard blue mods. Enhance them slightly, and when combined with her healing abilities, she becomes an exceptionally durable DPS. Her third skill prevents ammo consumption for 5 seconds and is compatible with her fourth skill as well. The only "problem" is letting other people know they should leave any mobs to you.

Gley is best suited for players who are comfortable managing multiple aspects of their character’s health and resources while engaging in aggressive, close-range combat. Her ability to deal significant damage makes her a strong DPS, especially in situations where multiple targets need to be eliminated quickly.

Blair - Damage Dealer (DoT Specialist)

Blair specializes in fire-based damage over time (DoT) abilities, paralleling characters like FREYNA but with a focus on burning rather than poisoning. His abilities are designed around area control and enhancing damage with burning effects.

The First Descendant Blair - U4GM

1. Blaze Up: 
- This ability creates a "stove," a device that acts like a damage over time bubble on the ground. Can stack up to three times but does not stack damage across zones. The stove increases the fire damage enemies receive within its area, making it a powerful tool for controlling space and boosting Blair’s overall damage output.

2. Extinguish: 
- A unique ability that pulls back all active stoves on the battlefield, restoring mana to Blair and increasing his defense based on the number of stoves retrieved. This provides a defensive boost and resource management tool, allowing Blair to sustain his abilities longer in combat.

- Buff: Activates "Taste of Aggression," which increases firearm attack and skill power for its duration.

3. Burn Taste: 
- This is essentially a flamethrower attack that ignites enemies near the flames’ arrival point. Every enemy hit by the flame is automatically caught on fire, which synergizes well with his other burning effects to maximize damage.

4. Deadly Cuisine (Ultimate Ability): 
- Blair unleashes a fireball that, upon explosion, creates smaller fireballs that also explode. This results in numerous stoves being placed around the impact area, dealing constant damage to nearby enemies. This ultimate is perfect for large-scale engagements where multiple enemies can be affected simultaneously.

- Cooldown: Significantly longer than other abilities, making timing crucial.

Skill Tips: 
- Maintain flame zones on the field as consistently as possible. Use "Blaze Up" to establish zones, especially before using damage-focused skills. 
- Always activate "Extinguish" before using "Burn Taste" and "Deadly Cuisine" to maximize damage through "Taste of Aggression." 
- "Deadly Cuisine" has a cooldown four times longer than "Burn Taste." Plan your attacks to cast both skills within one "Taste of Aggression" period for optimal damage, facilitated by the MP gained from "Extinguish."

Blair Mods 
Classic Chef 
- Alters "Pitmaster" to allow "Deadly Cuisine" to create four flame zones instead of three and modifies the bonuses from flame zones.

- Modifies "Extinguish" to increase weak point attack significantly, enhancing firearm damage instead of skill attack.

Truly Deadly Cuisine 
- Increases the damage of "Deadly Cuisine," but removes its ability to create flame zones and spawn smaller fireballs.

Incendiary Bomb 
- Allows you to launch flame zones instead of spawning them at your feet, enhancing area control.

Blair Unlock

Blair Enhanced CellsBlair StabilizerBlair Spiral Catalyst
Repton 0/192Repton 0/192Metal Accelerant 0/270
Semiconstant Plasma 0/225Hardner 0/453Hardner 0/453
Arche Receptor 0/15Data Processing Cercuit 0/9Monite Stone 0/16
Blair Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Blair Stablizer Blueprint 0/1Blair Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Blair's gameplay revolves around effective fire management and maximizing his burning effects on the battlefield:

- Strategic Stove Placement: Using Blaze Up to strategically place stoves where they can affect multiple enemies or control key areas of the map is crucial. The stoves not only increase damage from his other abilities but also act as deterrents for enemy movement. 
- Resource Management with Extinguish: Managing Blair’s mana through Extinguish allows for prolonged engagements and the ability to continuously cast abilities. Timing the retrieval of stoves can also provide necessary defensive boosts during critical moments. 
- Maximizing Burn Effects: Burn Taste should be used in conjunction with Blaze Up to maximize the area affected by burning, enhancing the damage dealt over time. This combo is particularly effective in crowded skirmishes or when defending objectives. 
- Ultimate Utilization: Deadly Cuisine should be deployed in densely populated enemy areas or during team fights where its multiple explosions can cause the greatest disruption and damage. Coordinating with teammates to corral enemies into the range of this ultimate can turn the tide of battle.

Blair is ideal for players who enjoy controlling the battlefield with strategic placements and managing resources to sustain high levels of damage output. His kit offers a balance of offensive firepower and tactical advantages, suitable for both offensive pushes and defensive stands.

Bunny - Dynamic Nuker

Bunny embodies the role of a dynamic nuker, focusing on gathering energy to unleash powerful electrical bursts. Her abilities revolve around mobility and energy accumulation, making her ideal for players who enjoy a fast-paced, hit-and-run playstyle that focuses on high-impact area damage.

The First Descendant Bunny - U4GM

1. Rabbit Foot (Passive Skill): 
- Bunny's mobility generates electric charges, and full power is achieved after traveling 200 meters. enhancing her mobility-based attacks. Double jumping while charged deals damage to nearby enemies, highlighting her kinetic and energetic fighting style.

2. Thrill Bomb: 
- This ability summons an electric orb that automatically targets and attacks nearby enemies, inflicting them with an electrocute effect, and deals AOE damage. It’s a key component of her kit for managing space and dealing continuous damage as she moves around the battlefield.

3. Light Speeding: 
- Bunny increases her speed dramatically and triples the electricity gain per meter traveled, enhancing the effects of all accumulated electric charges. This ability significantly boosts her damage output during movement, making her exceptionally dangerous when darting through enemy lines.

4. Lightning Emission: 
- Emits a powerful electric pulse around Bunny, dealing damage based on the number of electric charges she has accumulated. Best used in conjunction with the Light Speeding to maximize area damage without consuming electricity over time.

5. Maximum Power (Ultimate Ability): 
- Fires a powerful lightning beam from Bunny's palm, this ultimately focuses all of Bunny’s accumulated energy into a devastating single blast that radiates outward from her position. with strength increasing the longer it's active. Consumes a full electricity gauge at level three for maximum damage. It’s particularly effective against groups of enemies and can be a game-changer in team fights or when securing objectives.

Bunny Mods 
Electric Condense 
- Ultimate Transformation: Converts Bunny’s uni-beam into a damage-over-time effect around her feet, ideal for continuous area damage during mob control.

Electric Transition 
- Defensive Boost: Modifies Speed of Light to increase Bunny's shield while running, offering a defensive advantage during high-mobility scenarios.

Super Conductor 
- Debuff Capability: Adds a debuff to Bunny’s electrocution effect, reducing enemy attack potency, and enhancing Bunny’s survivability during intense combat.

Bionic Fuel 
- HP for Mobility: Changes Speed of Light to consume HP instead of MP, crucial for void intercept battles where MP resources are scarce.

For the weapon enhancement mods and skill mod optimizations that best suit Bunny, please read the Best Mod Guide.

Bunny Unlock

Bunny Enhanced CellsBunny StabilizerBunny Spiral Catalyst
Repton 0/192Superfluid 0/384Semiconstant Plasma 0/225
Monad Shard 0/402Metal Accelerant 0/270Hardner 0/453
Anti-Gravity Fixer 0/4Data Processing Cercuit 0/9Monite Stone 0/16
Bunny Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Bunny Stablizer Blueprint 0/1Bunny Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Bunny’s gameplay centers on her ability to move quickly and accumulate energy for explosive results:

- Mobility as a Weapon: Utilizing Bunny’s speed and mobility to gather electric charges is crucial. Engaging enemies with high-speed maneuvers and then escaping before they can retaliate maximizes her effectiveness and survivability. 
- Charge Management: Keeping track of accumulated charges and deciding when to release them through Lightning Emission or save them for her ultimate can significantly influence her impact in various combat scenarios. 
- Strategic Use of Ultimate: Maximum Power should be deployed judiciously, ideally when multiple enemies are clustered together, or in conjunction with team tactics that corral opponents into its path. 
- Ultimate Optimization: Charge up Bunny’s Maximum Power to unleash a devastating lightning beam, ideally when Bunny has a full electricity gauge for peak damage. 
- MP Conservation: Alternate using Light Speeding to avoid rapid MP depletion. Employ Lightning Emission strategically to maintain electricity levels without wasting resources. 
- Continuous Engagement: Bunny thrives in continuous combat scenarios where her mobility and charge-building can be constantly exploited. She’s less effective in hit-and-run tactics that don’t allow her to build and maintain her charges.

Bunny's great for players who love a hit-and-run play style, especially with her blink ability. focusing on weaving in and out of combat to build power and unleash it in spectacular, high-damage bursts. Her playstyle demands good situational awareness and mobility, making her a thrilling character for those who can master her unique dynamics.

Bunny is currently the most popular Descendant, with more than 50% of players choosing her, not only because of her gameplay but also because she has the shortest unlocking time.

Valby - AOE Damage Dealer and Debuffer

Valby is known for her unique ability to manipulate water to control the battlefield, deal damage, and apply debuffs to her enemies. Her skillset revolves around area-of-effect (AOE) attacks and strategic use of water-based skills.

The First Descendant Valby - U4GM

1. Water Intake (Passive Skill): 
- Valby’s abilities become significantly more efficient (costing less mana) when she is standing in water. This passive skill maximizes her skill usage and efficiency in combat.

2. Bubble Bullet: 
- Creates a water bullet that explodes on impact, dealing continuous damage to enemies within its splash area. This skill is great for initiating fights or controlling space, as it forces opponents to move away from affected areas.

3. Plop Plop (Teleport): 
- Valby dives into a puddle of water and teleports to another, allowing for quick repositioning on the battlefield. This ability enhances her mobility and can be used to escape danger or reposition for tactical advantages.

4. Laundry: 
- Valby creates paths of water as she moves, which apply a debuff called "Laundry" to enemies. This debuff increases the damage they receive, making it a powerful tool for setting up team fights or amplifying her team's overall damage output.

5. Laundry Bomb (Ultimate Ability): 
- Shoots a giant water bubble that pulls enemies towards its center, inflicting them with the Laundry debuff and dealing continuous AOE damage. This ultimate is highly effective in team fights, where clustering enemies can lead to devastating combinations with other teammates’ abilities.

Valby Mods 
- Singing Water: Converts Laundry Bomb into an AOE taunting zone, drawing enemies in. 
- Tidal Wave: Enhances mobility-based damage, allowing Valby to inflict damage while passing through enemies. 
- Supply Moisture: Enhances Water Intake by improving weapon and skill critical hit rates when in water. 
- Water Play: Modifies Bubble Bullet into a larger, more damaging rectangular water zone in front of Valby.

Valby Unlock

Valby Enhanced CellsValby StabilizerValby Spiral Catalyst
Superfluid 0/384Monad Shard 0/402Metal Accelerant 0/270
Hardner 0/453Semiconstant Plasma 0/225Hardner 0/453
Anti-Gravity Fixer 0/3Optical Catalyst 0/13Hyper Cube 0/5
Valby Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Valby Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Valby Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

The first three groups of materials in each column are relatively easy to collect. You only need to complete the TFD Campaign or kill the boss in the corresponding map to get the material rewards. Players are more concerned about how to get the character unlock blueprint and Valby Code. The fastest way is to buy it with points or buy the cheap TFD Character Unlock Boost. Use coupon code breeze to get extra savings.

Strategy and Usage 
- Area Control: Valby excels at controlling specific areas with her ability to create water hazards and inflict debuffs. This makes her great for protecting resources or choke points in battle. 
- Debuff Utilization: Use Laundry to reduce enemy resistance, making them vulnerable to further electric and chill damage. Coordinate with teammates to exploit these weaknesses. 
- Efficiency: Managing cooldowns and positioning is crucial for maximizing Valby's effectiveness. Use her mobility to stay in optimal positions for attack and to benefit from her passive ability.

Valby’s gameplay focuses on using her water abilities to manipulate the battlefield and enhance her team’s effectiveness: 
- Strategic Positioning: By making use of water surfaces or her abilities to create water, Valby can reduce the mana cost of her skills, allowing for more frequent use and sustained pressure on opponents. 
- Debuff Application: The Laundry debuff is central to maximizing Valby’s impact. Positioning and timing Laundry Skate to affect as many enemies as possible can significantly increase the team's damage output. 
- Mobility and Escape: Plop Plop provides essential mobility, enabling Valby to quickly navigate the battlefield, escape from threats, or reposition to optimize the use of her AOE and debuff skills. 
- Ultimate Coordination: Laundry Bomb is best used when Valby’s team can capitalize on the clustered enemies, making it ideal for coordinated attacks or to turn the tide in crowded engagements.

Valby uses water to control the battlefield, As the AOE queen, she can handle almost any scenario. and support their team by amplifying damage and disrupting enemy movements. Her ability to shift the dynamics of a fight with strategic water placement and effective debuffing makes her a valuable team player.

Kyle - Magnetic Tank

Kyle serves as a magnetic tank, using his unique ability to manipulate magnetism to protect himself and control the battlefield. His abilities are centered around magnetic forces, providing him with defensive capabilities and the power to impact the flow of combat through strategic positioning and area control.

The First Descendant Kyle - U4GM

1. Experienced Technician (Passive Skill): 
- Kyle gains magnetic force with each skill he uses. When his shield gets broken, he automatically recovers it along with his magnetic force, enhancing his resilience and allowing him to stay in the fight longer.

Note: It has a cooldown and drains over time when out of combat.

2. Magnetic Bulwark: 
- This ability deploys a magnetic shield that doesn’t just stay in place but moves with Kyle, providing dynamic protection. It absorbs damage and converts it into magnetic force, increasing its effectiveness the more damage it takes. Continuously recharges Magnetic Force as long as the shield takes damage.

3. Magnetism Spurt: 
- Kyle can activate this skill to use his accumulated magnetism to absorb damage instead of his health or shield, effectively making him tougher to take down as his magnetism increases.

- Upon depletion, it releases an AOE attack based on the used Magnetic Force. Ends by recharging nearby allies’ shields. The skill has a short cooldown, encouraging frequent use.

4. Repulsion Dash: 
- An aggressive maneuver that allows Kyle to charge at enemies, dealing damage and further increasing his magnetism. This skill is excellent for initiating fights or cutting through enemy lines to reach priority targets or vulnerable backlines. After the dash, Kyle gains a significant defense increase. This ability has three separate charges, each with its own cooldown.

5. Superconductivity Thrusters(Ultimate): 
- This powerful ability allows Kyle to fly briefly and then slam the ground, dealing an area-of-effect burst of damage enhanced by his stored magnetism. It’s a formidable attack that also serves to disrupt enemy positions. Requires a minimum amount of Magnetic Force to use.

Strategic Tips 
- Defensive Play: Use Repulsion Dash to maintain high defense, particularly useful in critical situations. 
- Magnetic Bulwark: Activate during heavy attacks to boost your Magnetism gauge and shield vital assets. 
- Magnetism Spurt: Frequent activation is recommended; early termination still yields substantial damage without depleting the Magnetic Force entirely. 
- Ultimate Timing: Save Superconductivity for moments when significant damage distribution is crucial.

Kyle Mods 
- Collision Instinct: Adds a stun effect post-dash, incapacitating enemies briefly. 
- Self-Directed Eruption: Pulls enemies towards Kyle, dealing substantial damage upon skill termination. 
- Diamagnetic Bulwark: Converts projectile defense into a knockback effect, ideal for crowd control. 
- Super Conductive Bombing: Transforms movement across the map into a bombing run, highly effective in defensive scenarios.

Kely Unlock

Kely Enhanced CellsKely StabilizerKely Spiral Catalyst
Repton 0/192Monad Shard 0/402Semiconstant Plasma 0/225
Superfluid 0/384Metal Accelerant 0/270Hardner 0/453
Hyper Cube 0/5Optical Catalyst 0/13Monite Stone 0/16
Kyle Enhanced Cell Blueprint 0/1Kyle Stabilizer Blueprint 0/1Kyle Spiral Catalyst Blueprint 0/1

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Kyle’s gameplay focuses on managing his magnetism to maximize his defensive and offensive capabilities:

- Magnetism Management: Keeping track of his magnetism levels is crucial. Higher levels increase the effectiveness of his defensive maneuvers and offensive bursts, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield. 
- Dynamic Shielding: Using Magnetic Bullwork strategically allows Kyle to protect himself and his teammates while engaging in combat. Its ability to move with him and convert incoming damage into a beneficial resource is key to his sustainability in fights. 
- Offensive Disruption: Superconductivity Thrusters and Shoulder Charge provide Kyle with tools to disrupt enemy formations and deal significant damage. Timing these abilities when his magnetism is high can maximize their impact. 
- Situational Awareness: Understanding when to absorb damage with Magnetism Spurt versus when to conserve magnetism for offensive abilities is vital. Kyle needs to balance his role as a tank with his potential to execute high-damage maneuvers.

Kyle is best suited for players who enjoy a tank role with the added twist of managing an additional resource like magnetism. His ability to absorb damage and turn it into a strategic advantage makes him a unique and valuable team player, especially in scenarios requiring sustained engagement and frontline stability.


The First Descendant Esiemo - U4GM

As an explosives expert, his abilities are centered around the strategic placement and detonation of various explosive devices.

1. Adventitious Habit(Passive Skill): 
- Eimo's passive skill automatically drops bombs whenever his shield depletes. This ability can serve as a defensive mechanism, deterring enemies from continuing their attack as they might trigger the bombs upon depletion of his shield.

2. Time Bomb: 
- This ability allows Eimo to deploy multiple sticky bombs that adhere to enemies and other surfaces. The unique feature of these bombs is that the more you deploy at a time, the greater the cumulative damage when they are detonated together. This makes him particularly effective in controlling areas or setting traps.

3. Guided Landmine: 
- Eimo can deploy a floating land mine that actively seeks out enemies within its detection radius. This ability enhances Eimo’s capability to engage enemies indirectly and control the battlefield, making it harder for opponents to advance without triggering explosives.

4. Arche Explosion: 
- Enhancing his kamikaze tactics, this ability boosts Eimo’s movement speed and turns him into a kamikaze bomber upon explosion. When detonated, it not only causes damage but also removes buffs from targets and triggers a state called "madness," potentially disorienting enemies or altering their abilities temporarily.

Eimo seems designed for players who enjoy strategic planning and area denial, with his abilities focusing on setting traps and controlling the flow of battle through explosives. His kit offers a balance of offensive capabilities and tactical utility, It can better adapt to high-intensity combat and area control tasks.


The First Descendant Enzo - U4GM

He is designed as a supporting character with a focus on ammunition and damage support, rather than traditional healing roles.

1. Shoot Support(Passive Skill): 
- This ability enhances the maximum ammunition capacity for Enzo and his allies within his vicinity. It's a passive boost that allows for prolonged engagement in combat without the need for frequent reloads, which is especially useful in sustained battles.

2. Start Supply: 
- Enzo can summon a bullet supply crate, which allies can walk up to and interact with to replenish their ammunition. Each ally can use this crate once, and it has a timer, adding a strategic element to its placement and timing. This ability ensures that the team can maintain firepower, particularly critical during intense fights or in scenarios where ammo resources are scarce.

3. Explosive Drone: 
- This ability allows Enzo to deploy a drone that targets enemies with explosives. It's a direct combat support tool that not only damages enemies but also helps in controlling enemy movement or breaking their formations.

4. Enhance Combat Suit: 
- Although it's not explicitly clear from the description whether this ability recovers only Enzo's shields or also those of his allies, it is suggested that as a supporting character, it likely benefits the entire team. This shield recovery is crucial in enhancing team survivability during engagements.

5. Perfect Support(Ultimate): 
- Enzo's ultimate ability summons a small supply ship that provides significant support to allies. This includes ammo replenishment, and stat buffs, and ends with the launch of a giant missile, providing both support and offensive capabilities. This ultimately can turn the tide of battle, bolstering the entire team's effectiveness while also dealing substantial damage.

Enzo's character design emphasizes tactical support, focusing on enhancing his team's combat capabilities and sustainability rather than just health recovery. His skills make him ideal for players who prefer a strategic role in team support, facilitating longer engagements and improving the team's overall effectiveness in combat.


The First Descendant Yujin - U4GM

He is designed as a healing and support specialist, addressing the game community's desire for a more traditional support character focused on health maintenance and recovery.

1. Stop Overreacting(Passive Skill): 
- Although specific details about this passive skill weren't detailed, it likely plays into his role as a healer, perhaps reducing the impact or duration of debuffs or harmful effects on allies.

2. Solidarity Healing: 
- Yujin can summon a recovery drone that attaches to both himself and his allies. This drone not only heals but also increases attack power. This dual function makes Yujin pivotal in both enhancing the team's longevity and offensive capabilities during engagements.

3. Restructure Serum: 
- This ability applies two debuffs to enemies: a defense reduction and a condition called "allergy." Allies attacking affected enemies receive healing, turning offensive actions into opportunities for team recovery. This skill is particularly useful in large-scale battles where sustained combat can deplete resources quickly.

4. Stimulant Spray: 
- Yujin provides a damage resistance buff to all nearby allies, enhancing their durability against incoming attacks. This is crucial for maintaining the team's frontline integrity or during critical phases of battle where damage intake is high.

5. Hyperreactive Healing Ground: 
- This powerful ability removes all debuffs from allies, grants them immunity, and provides additional recovery based on the number of allies in the vicinity. It's an ultimate defense mechanism, ideal for turning around dire situations or for making strategic pushes without the risk of being crippled by enemy debuffs.

Yujin is designed as the quintessential support character, heavily focused on health and recovery but also enhancing the team's offensive capabilities indirectly through buffs and debuffs. His abilities make him essential for maintaining team stability and resilience, making him ideal for players who enjoy a healing role that allows them to actively influence the health and effectiveness of their team throughout the game.