TFD Descendant & Weapon Best Mod Guide (Updates)

Game: The First Descendant
Time: 2024-07-04
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This article describes the best weapons for different Descendants and the relationship between mods and weapons, how to get Kper fragments faster to upgrade weapon levels. Unlock the best AOE characters and weapons as early as possible by completing the story.


How to get Kper fragments and gold faster

Gley Reactor Components

Reactors can be customized with different attributes such as skill power, cooldown reduction, and specific attribute enhancements. For Glay, a reactor that enhances skill power, particularly for dimension and non-attribute skills, is highly beneficial.

For more information about Gley's skills, strategies, and battlefield positioning, please read - the Gley User Guide.

Materialized Phase Reactor  
This reactor focuses on enhancing the dimensional and non-attribute skill power of a character.

Gley Reactor - U4GM

Key Attributes for Reactor  
1. Skill Power Boosts:  
- Non-Attribute Skill Power: Enhances the power of Glay's non-attribute skills. This is particularly useful for her abilities like Massacre, which rely heavily on skill power for damage output.  
- Dimension Skill Power: Increases the effectiveness of dimensional skills. For Glay, this could enhance specific abilities that deal damage based on dimensional attributes.

2. Cooldown Reduction:  
- Is essential for Glay to maintain high uptime on her abilities, especially her crucial skills like Increased Sensory for Infinite ammo and Life Siphon for survival and damage mitigation.

3. Duration Increase:  
- Increasing the duration of effects like buffs from her abilities can be critical. This ensures that she can sustain her enhanced states longer, such as Frenzy mode’s damage boost or the defensive buffs from her normal mode.

External Components  
1. Annihilation Auxiliary Power  
2. Annihilation Sensor  
3. Annihilation Memory  
4. Annihilation Processor

From Devourer (Hard), if your conditions are not enough, it is recommended to use the cheap TFD Void Intercept Boost. Use the discount code 'breeze' to enjoy an extra 5% discount on the wide site.

Set Effect  
2 Set  
Skill Duration +5.7%

4 Set  
Firearm ATK increases proportionally to the ratio of Max HP to HP lost, up to +26%. When HP is 50% or lower, MP Recovery-22%,HP Recovery +16.4% for 10s(Cooldown 30s)

The Annihilation set is designed to provide a significant damage boost at the cost of reduced MP recovery, with an added survivability mechanic when at low health. This set can be particularly effective for players who like to play aggressively or for characters who can manage their HP and MP efficiently.

  • The Auxiliary Power piece is the only one that can have HP as a stat
  • The Memory piece is the only one that can have DEF as a sub-stat
  • Other pieces may have elemental resistances as their best defensive stats.

Farming for the perfect stats on Annihilation set pieces can be challenging.

Enhanced Mods for Gley  
Enhanced Mods for Gley - U4GM

Key Types of Mods for Glay  
1. Cooldown Reduction Mods  
2. Duration Increase Mods  
3. Skill Power Mods  
4. HP Management Mods  
5. Critical Hit Mods

Glay's mod should enhance her attack power and duration, Mods need to work in concert with her reactor, components, and other gear elements.

  • Increased Sensory Duration Mod: Extends the duration of Increased Sensory’s effects, allowing for longer periods of enhanced movement and infinite ammo.
  • Life Siphon Power Boost Mod: Increases the damage and healing effect of Life Siphon, enhancing both Glay’s survivability and her offensive presence.
  • Critical Efficiency Mod: Critical Hit Mods are Particularly synergistic with the Blood and Iron skill module, which allows life force generation on critical hits. Mods that increase critical hit chance or damage can enhance both her resource generation and her damage output.

Bunny Best Weapons and Enhanced Mods

Sterile Land is a key area in the early stage of The First Descendant, providing players with various tasks and challenges. You will get the weapons and mods that best match Bunny here, greatly improving Bunny's combat effectiveness. For more information about Bunny's skills, strategies, and battlefield positioning, please read - the Bunny User Guide.

Thunder Cage  
TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

DPS 6972  
Chill ATK 3  
Weak Point Damage 2.2%  
Firearm Critical Hit Rate 4.3%  
Bonus Firearm ATK(vs.Colossus) 6

At the end of the story mission, you can get Thunder Cage, which is currently one of the best weapons for Bunny. Once you equip the Rifling Weapon Ultimate, a super versatile weapon, you can use it to complete all the early quests. Before completing the plot, upgrade the TFD character level and weapons as much as possible. You need to power up to eliminate void bosses and proceed to the next area.

Weapon Reinforcement Module  
TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Rifling Reinforcement  
Firearm ATK +20.8%

Enhance your weapon modules to maximize DPS, don't worry about module capacity, specific quests in the late game will reward energy activators, allowing further modules. The recommended modules are as follows:

  • Action and reaction
  • Concentration priority
  • Better concentration
  • Better Insight
  • Weak point sight

Read more - Thunder Cage Best Stats Mod Build

Bunny Enhancement Module - Tingling Singularity Reactor

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Thunder Cage mounting  
Reached: Skill Power 160%

Skill Power Boost Ratio  
Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio 0.2x  
Singular Skill Power Boost Ratio 0.2x

How to get Tingling Reactor  
From stunning beauty void intercept boss after you finish all missions in sterile land.

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM
Nimble FingersSkill Extension
Skill Cooldown -6%Skill Duration +18.1%, applies only to certain skills for each Descendant
TFD Descendant & Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM
Polygenic Antibodylncreased HPlncreased DEF
All Attribute Resistances +60Max HP +54.49%DEF + 16%

It is recommended to use Nimble Fingers and Skill Extension modules, which can greatly optimize the efficiency of Bunny's skill use and facilitate the rapid upgrade of the character. You can also try Polygenic Antibody, lncreased HP, and lncreased DEF. This can better enhance the character's defense and increase the chance of survival on the battlefield, especially for characters like Bunny who have low defense. It is important to survive in battle.

After the module capacity is increased, the following modules are recommended:

  • Shock punch
  • Power increase
  • Technician
  • Hp amplification
  • Mp collector

Status effect modules only affect a weapon with the status on it (eg toxic/chill/etc) and can only be boosted by a toxic module booster.


Sharen Best Weapons and Enhanced Mods

For more information about Sharen's skills, strategies, and battlefield positioning, please read - the Sharen User Guide.

Sharen Enhancement Module

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Dual Claw  
- Modifies the Charged Sub Attack.  
- Use a Dual Claw to attack when performing a Charged Sub Attack.  
- As the Enhancement Level increases, MaxModule Capacity increases. (Currently +6).

Focus on Electric  
- Electric Skill Power +58.5%, Skill Cooldown-6.1%.  
- Pair the Focus on Electric with other modules or gear that complement electric damage, such as modules that increase critical hit rates or speed up ability cooldowns, to create powerful combo effects.

lron Defense  
- DEF +89.8%, Skill Power Modifier +12.7%  
- To fortify characters, allowing them to withstand heavier attacks and endure longer in battle, particularly in frontline roles.

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Fusion Specialist  
- Fusion Skill Power Modifier +57.7%

Nimble Fingers  
- Skill Cooldown -25.6%

Stim Accelerant  
- Max HP +32.9%, Max MP -4.5%

Tamer is the best gun for Sharen and the gun with the highest DPS. Although its rate of fire is low, its power is huge. You can stack a lot of DPS, allowing you to complete various tasks easily.

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Another reason to choose Tamer is that its ammunition is very easy to obtain. It uses white ammunition, which is the most frequently dropped ammunition in the game, followed by green and orange. The most difficult to obtain is purple ammunition. When choosing a weapon, one needs to consider this factor.


Ajax Best Weapons and Enhanced Mods

The following Ajax build enables players to easily complete TFD Void Intercept Boost. Facing different bosses, you need to replace the corresponding elemental modules, and the Malachite slot is given priority.

For more information about Ajax's skills, strategies, and battlefield positioning, please read - the Ajax User Guide.

External Components  
Annihilation Set - Available through Devourer, also applies to Glay.

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM
Annihilation Auxiliary PowerAnnihilation Sensor
DEF 3512DEF 4683
Fire Resistance 3130Chill Resistance 1611
Module Drop Rate Increase Modifier 0.168xMax MP 135

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Annihilation MemoryAnnihilation Processor
Max HP 646Max HP 484
DEF 2247Equipment Drop Rate Increase Modifier 0.176x
Electric Resistance 2599Toxin Resistance 3608

Annihilation Set Effect  
2 Set  
Skill Duration +5.7%

4 Set  
Firearm ATK increases proportionally to the ratio of Max HP to HP lost, up to +26%  
When HP is 50% or lower, MP Recovery-22%, HP Recovery +16.4% for 10s(cooldown 30s)

- This is particularly beneficial for Ajax as it enhances skill duration, which is useful for extending the effects of his abilities.  
- It also boosts firearm damage proportional to his maximum HP, which synergizes well with his build that focuses on high HP for both defense and offensive power.

Affixes on Components  
- Fire Resistance and Module Drop Rate Increase: These enhance Ajax's survivability against fire-based attacks and improve the efficiency of his farming capabilities.  
- Shell Resistance and Max MP: Important for boosting his resistance against specific attacks and increasing his mana pool to allow for more frequent skill usage.  
- Defense and Electric Resistance: These enhance his overall durability and resilience against electric attacks, crucial for facing enemies with this damage type.  
- Equipment Drop Rate Increase and Toxin Resistance: These substats not only make him more resistant to toxins but also increase the likelihood of obtaining better equipment from battles.

Resistance Coverage  
- Ajax's components cover a broad range of resistances including toxic, electric, chill, and fire. This comprehensive coverage is designed to ensure he can remain effective and durable across various enemy types and environmental hazards.

The advantages of Annihilation Set  
1. One of the primary benefits of the Annihilation Set is the increased duration of skills. This is particularly advantageous for Ajax, as it allows his defensive and offensive skills, like the Orbit Barrier and Hypercube, to last longer in combat, providing sustained support and damage over time.

2. The set enhances Ajax’s firearm attack by adding extra damage that scales with his maximum HP. This feature synergizes exceptionally well with Ajax’s build, which emphasizes high HP for increased survivability. It makes him more effective in taking down bosses and tougher enemies, as his damage output increases with his tankiness.

3. The Annihilation Set supports Ajax’s ability to switch between roles—whether he needs to be more offensive or defensive in various gameplay situations. This flexibility is crucial in team settings and when facing different types of enemies, ensuring that Ajax can adapt to the needs of the fight.

4. When paired with specific weapons, reactors, and other components, the Annihilation Set can unlock additional synergistic effects.

5. The set may also include secondary benefits that assist in farming efficiency, such as increased drop rates for equipment or enhancements that improve Ajax’s capacity to handle multiple enemies.

Temar Build for Ajax  
The build shifts from a critical hit focus to a weak point focus, This approach is fundamentally better for maximizing damage output in high-stakes battles.

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

DPS 170910  
Weapon Change Speed 15.9%  
weak Point Damage 10.7%  
Firearm ATK 12.2%  
Fire ATK 1601

Mods Build  
TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Weak Point DetectionAction and Reaction
Weak Point Damage +20%, Firearm ATK+1%Firearm ATK +61%, Recoil +20%
TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM
Rifling ReinforcementWeak Point SightChill Enhancement
Firearm ATK +32%Weak Point Damage +35%Adds Chill ATK equal to 30% of Firearm ATK

Module synergy  
1. Weak Point Detection: Enhances Ajax’s ability to identify and target the weak points of enemies, increasing damage dealt to these critical areas.

2. Action and Reaction Rifling: Possibly increases the damage or impact of firing after performing certain actions, like dodging or using other skills.  

3. Weak Point Sight: Further amplifies the effectiveness of attacks on weak points, likely by increasing accuracy or damage.

Stat Priorities on the Weapon  
1. Firearm Attack: Primary stat focus, enhancing the basic attack damage output.  
2. Weak Point: Specialized stat focus, enhancing damage against specific vulnerable spots on enemies.  
3. Elemental Damage (Optional): Depending on the enemy's weaknesses, different elemental modules can be used, and modules with Malachite are given priority.

For players who focus on high-level boss battles, Ajax's Tamer build is a good choice, It is optimized for boss fights, where targeting weak points can significantly decrease the battle duration and increase efficiency, focusing on precise, powerful strikes.

Materialized Mechanic Reactor

TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

- This reactor is tailored to enhance Ajax’s damage and skill usage. It includes bonuses for non-attribute skill power and reduces skill cooldowns, enabling more frequent use of his abilities.  
- It's ideally configured to amplify Ajax's technical skills, which are significant for his role as both a damage dealer and support character.  
- Prioritize stats such as tech power, non-attribute skill bonuses, and cooldown reduction.

Stat Prioritization  
Defense = HP > Firearm Attack > Skill Power

Gold and Kper fragments

Enhancing modules requires you to have a lot of gold and fragments, which can be dropped by enemies or obtained by dismantling modified parts. Dismantle all duplicate modules so that you have space to store new loot.

Kingston Mission is recommended for getting a lot of gold. Kper fragments can be obtained through Albion Mission, but here I recommend Large Nuclear Reactor Mission in Sterile Land, which is the best place to get Kper fragments and it is also the best XP farm. You can also think of it as the best loot cave. It is recommended to complete it alone so that you can get the most materials to enhance attack power.

Large Nuclear Reactor Mission  
TFD Descendant Weapon Best Mod Guide - U4GM

Just teleport to the outpost and head to the specified location in the picture. The mission is very simple and you can complete it alone. Not only will the enemies drop Kyper fragments, but you can also get fragments by dismantling modules.

For example, Hawkeye Module, you can dismantle it to get fragments, which can be converted into reactor modules.

The materials you get here can be stacked up. After reaching a certain amount, you can make components such as Phase Exchanger, which are key components for upgrading weapon levels and can better enhance weapon DPS.