WoW SoD: Best Spots to Farm Small Eggs

Game: WOW Classic SoD
Time: 2023-12-16
Views: 458

The Feast of Winter Veil event has just gone live on the Season of Discovery servers and with this event comes an increase in the demand for small eggs. So in this article, we wanted to go over some locations that you can use to farm up a ton of small eggs to either save some money or make some easy WoW Classic SoD gold.

So first up, let's look at the go-to spot for Alliance players which will be right here in Darkshore in this area. You will want to farm the Moonkin as they will have a 70% chance to drop one small egg each. Making this an extremely easy way to get a lot of small eggs.


Now unfortunately, Horde players will not have as good of luck. The best place for horde players to get small eggs will be in these two circled areas in Mulgore. In these areas, you will be looking for these Taloned Swoop which will have a 54% chance to drop one small egg each. You can also kill the Elder Plainstrider in these areas. But they will have a much lower drop rate at 3%.


Now Horde players can use the Darkshore farming spot. But it can slow down your grinding as you will be flagged for PVP and it's a long run to get there.

So where you go to grind will be up to you.