WOW Classic SoD Gold US

Custom Num:
$ 1.61
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 50 G
$ 1.61
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 60 G
$ 1.93
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 70 G
$ 2.26
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 80 G
$ 2.58
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 90 G
$ 2.90
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 100 G
$ 3.23
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 200 G
$ 6.46
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 300 G
$ 9.69
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 400 G
$ 12.92
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 500 G
$ 16.15
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 800 G
$ 25.84
WOW Classic SoD Gold US Chaos Bolt Alliance 1000 G
$ 32.30

What is the function of Gold in WOW Classic SoD?  
In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Gold serves as the primary in-game currency and plays a crucial role in enhancing the gaming experience. It is used for various purposes, including purchasing items, equipment, and consumables, training skills, and trading with other players. Additionally, gold is essential for repairing gear, acquiring mounts, and bidding on the Auction House, where rare and valuable items can be found.

Why choose gold coin service?  
In WOW Classic SoD, no matter what profession you are, if you want to get better Boost, you cannot do without the help of gold coins. Especially those players who have chosen skills such as Engineering, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting need a lot of WOW Classic SoD Gold to upgrade skill levels. However, it is not easy to obtain gold coins in the game. The exchange ratio of gold coins, silver coins and copper coins is uniform 100:1, which means that you need to accumulate 10,000 copper coins to exchange for 1 gold coin. Compared with WOW, WOW Classic SoD Quests only provide small monetary rewards, and if you want to make money through mining, collecting herbs, or crafting consumables, it will undoubtedly require a lot of time investment.

Instead of wasting time on boring money-making, it is better to buy WOW Classic SoD Gold through U4GM's formal channels. This way you can save a lot of time to improve your professional skills and at the same time have enough gold coins to buy potions that increase attack power/defense, allowing you to face Boss challenges more easily and get a better gaming experience.

WOW Classic SoD Gold Sales Service in U4GM  
U4GM provides cheap Gold sales services based on the user's demand for the quantity of Gold. Users can select different quantities of gold coin products in the purchase list or customize the quantity of Gold according to specific needs, providing users with flexible and convenient sales services.

Delivery methods  
We mainly use mailing in the game, which can provide players with flexible delivery time and does not require players to stay online at all times.

It is not recommended to use Auction House. In order to make the transaction look more authentic, you need to auction some higher-quality items, and you also need to bear a 5% handling fee, which will make the transaction troublesome.

How to buy WOW Classic SoD Gold from U4GM?  
Server - The default server for orders on this page is the United States.       
Product type - Select the product you want gold coins or customize the number of gold coins according to your needs.       
Camp Section - Select your camp.       
Character Name - Please fill in your game character name correctly on the order payment page.       
Shipping Speed - Normal - We will put your order in a queue and process it in chronological order.

Service requirements  
The player's account has no camp or level restrictions, but it must be able to receive emails normally to avoid being unable to complete orders.

WOW Classic SoD Gold trading process is safe and reliable  
The process of purchasing WOW Classic SoD Gold at U4GM is simple and reliable. In order to simplify the purchase process, users do not need to register as a member of U4GM to purchase Gold. In order to protect privacy and account security, only the correct character name needs to be provided in the order information. Select the commonly used Choose the payment method and make the payment, and then wait for our professional after-sales team to mail the Gold.

After the order is completed, the full-time sales manager will notify the user via email that due to Blizzard's mailing mechanism, there will be a delay in mailing gold coins in the game, and the user needs to wait about 1 hour to check. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the transaction process, videos will be recorded during the mailing of gold coins and transaction evidence will be retained.

If you want to participate in the discount activities of U4GM, the easiest way is to register as our VIP member. We have a detailed VIP upgrade plan. Different levels of members have different levels of discounts. As the membership level increases, you will get cheaper WOW Classic SoD Gold. In addition, the U4GM will also carry out promotional activities during holidays. Follow U4GM to receive discount codes, which can bring you more price discounts.

Please do not contact the players in the game who mail you gold coins directly through chat or other methods.

If you don't want to expose your main game account, you can use a backup account to receive gold coins and transfer them to your main character after receiving the gold coins.

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