How to Bound Konami Account to Your Own Account

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We will provide you with a new Konami account,you are free to bound this Konami account to your Android/IOS/Playstation/Xbox/Steam
The following pictures shows the tutorial of how to bound Konami account to your own device.
IF you are play on Android/IOS
① Remember not to transfer data in the game, you can only transfer the data in the
lower right corner of the login interface.(btw, you can log in to various Konami
accounts indefinitely without affecting each other)

IF you are play on Steam/Xbox/Playstation
①If you have already played the game on your device(for example your steam), Whether your steam account linked to a Konami account or not, you need to use other steam account that never played the game before to bound the Konami account bought from us!
②if you never played the game on your device(for example your steam),you can follow the next steps to bound the Konami account to your steam account!

1.Start Yu-gi-oh!Master duel,and select Language.

2.DO NOT click Game Start!Click option as the following picture.

3.Choose "Data transfer"

4.①If you are play on Android/IOS,choose "Data Link via KONAMI ID"

②If you are play on Stem/Playstation/Xbox,Scan QR code or click the link.

5.You will be redirected to Konami official website,log in the Konami account bought from us,data transfer completed.

6. Data transfer completed!enjoy your new account!

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