PUBG Items



$ 1.49

PUBG Luna Piena Crate

$ 0.99

PUBG Throwback Crate

$ 0.99


$ 2.50

PUBG G-coin Box-Bronze Box

$ 8.99

PUBG G-coin Box-Silver Box

$ 15.99

PUBG G-coin Box-Gold Box

$ 25.90

PUBG The Returned ID Card

$ 8.99

PUBG Cheerleader Set

$ 19.99

PUBG Stay Frosty Set

$ 32.99

PUBG Sideshow Bear Set

$ 39.90

PUBG Lobster Set

$ 22.90

PUBG Bunny Academy Mega Set

$ 125.90

PUBG Shiba Crew White Set

$ 79.90

PUBG Huya Onesie Jumpsuit

$ 15.90

PUBG Racy Reindeer Set

$ 45.90

PUBG Evening Bloom Dress Set

$ 19.90

PUBG Game Over Man ID Card

$ 9.90

Red Skull Mask

$ 6.90
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About PUBG Items 
PUBG features a variety of items, primarily in the form of clothing, helmets, backpacks, and weapon skins. These items do not affect game balance but are used to personalize and beautify the character's appearance. Players can use different items to customize a unique personal style.

Where to Get Cheap PUBG Items 
The U4GM store sells a large number of cheap PUBG Items on Steam. The most popular items among players are Crates, Skin Sets, and G-coin Boxes. U4GM's Premium Crates allow players to randomly obtain an item at a very low price. Skin Sets enable players to create custom skins, and G-coin Boxes offer players a chance to receive varying amounts of PUBG G-coin. If you're lucky enough, you can get a large amount of PUBG G-coin for a small amount of money.

Why Choose U4GM to Buy PUBG Items? 
Choosing U4GM is not just about the low prices. Our purchase process is simple, ensuring quick delivery as long as the user information is correct, and our after-sales service is excellent.

Simple PUBG Items Purchase Process 
1. Choose the PUBG Items product you want and click "Buy." 
2. Provide the correct contact email, which is very important. After payment, you will receive a code in the email to use in the PUBG in-game store to obtain your items. 
3. Choose a payment method. We offer various payment methods, from credit card payments to Apple/Google Pay, including Bitcoin. The fees for these payment methods vary, so choose carefully. 
4. Click "Pay Now" to confirm the payment.

Important Notes: 
1. These cheap PUBG Items are currently only available for Steam players and are not yet available on other platforms. 
2. After the purchase, please keep your order number. Any issues regarding the order can be quickly resolved through our 24/7 customer service. 
3. U4GM provides a Discord Server for players, which can handle any problems encountered during the purchase process. We also periodically release more favorable offers. If you don't want to miss out, please join us. 
4. We will notify you promptly after the transaction is complete. Please ensure that the contact information provided is accurate.

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