PUBG - 2300 G-Coin

$ 4.90

PUBG - 6000 G-Coin

$ 8.90

PUBG - 12000 G-Coin

$ 17.50

PUBG - 30000 G-Coin

$ 43.50

PUBG - 60000 G-Coin

$ 85.90


$ 3.99

About PUBG G-Coin 
G-Coin is the virtual currency in the PUBG game, initially developed exclusively for the Xbox One version of PUBG. Players can use G-Coin to purchase various popular outfits, sets, weapon skins, and other paid content from the in-game store, such as the Pharaoh X Suit, Blood Raven X Suit, M416, and M762. Players can also use G-Coin to buy the Survivor Pass/Event Pass, which offers additional quests and unique rewards.

There are many ways to obtain G-Coin. Players can participate in official events, complete special tasks, or exchange scraps in the store to earn small amounts of G-Coin. The quickest way to get a large amount of G-Coin in a short time is through the official top-up service, but it is quite expensive.

Where to Cheap PUBG G-Coin Top Up?

U4GM offers PUBG G-Coin top-up services with an 80% discount for Xbox/PC players. Prices include 1050 G-Coin-PC - $11.9 and 6000 G-Coin-Xbox - $8.9.

Why Choose U4GM Store to Buy PUBG G-Coin?

The U4GM store provides PUBG players with fast top-up services, making it easy for players to obtain low-cost G-Coin. There are many different amounts of G-Coin for players to choose from. Based on real sales data, the most popular G-Coin products among players are listed below, sorted by sales quantity.

1. 6000 G-Coin - $8.9 
2. 2300 G-Coin - $4.9 
3. 60000 G-Coin - $85.9 
4. 30000 G-Coin - $43.5 
5. 12000 G-Coin - $17.5

All players who purchase PUBG G-Coin from the U4GM Store enjoy excellent customer service, including 24/7 team support and fast delivery. After payment, we complete the order in the shortest time possible and notify you. U4GM also provides an additional Discord Server to handle any issues during the purchase and periodically offers more discounts for players.

We also have a detailed VIP upgrade plan. Simply register to become a member of the U4GM Store. Different membership levels offer varying degrees of discounts. As your membership level increases, you will receive more additional benefits.

Safe Shopping Commitment 
For Xbox players, we need to log into your PUBG account for G-Coin top-up. Players may worry about account security. U4GM Store guarantees no illegal operations on players' game accounts. U4GM Store is a legitimate site with around 5,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot. We won't risk our reputation for any account-related issues, as it goes against our customer service principles. Players need not worry about account security.

Easy Purchase Process 
1. Choose the product you want and click purchase. 
2. Xbox players must fill in the correct game account and password as required. We need to log into your game account to add the PUBG G-Coin you need. PC players need to provide the correct contact email, and we will send the redeemable code to your email. 
3. Fill in the correct contact email and phone number so we can contact you promptly. This is crucial because account login may require verification, and timely verification ensures fast delivery. 
4. Choose a payment method. We offer various payment options, from credit cards to Apple/Google Pay and Bitcoin, among others. Each payment method has different fees; choose carefully. 
5. Click 'Pay Now' to confirm payment.

Comprehensive Refund Policy 
U4GM highly values the user shopping experience and has a comprehensive refund policy. For those unsure users, orders can be canceled at any time before the goods are received. If only part of the goods are received, the amount for the unreceived part will be refunded.

Important Notes: 
1. After purchase, keep your order number. For any order-related issues, contact customer service immediately. We will help you resolve the issue patiently and carefully. 
2. We need to log into your account for operation. To avoid disputes, transfer valuable items before the transaction and restore them after completion. 
3. We will notify you promptly after the transaction is complete. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date and reachable. 
4. After the transaction, change your account password to avoid unnecessary trouble.

U4GM is not affiliated with or authorized by the company that owns PUBG. We guarantee the legitimacy of the game products we sell, ensuring they do not infringe on third-party rights. Trademark use is governed by the principle of reasonableness under EU regulations.

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