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About PUBG Mobile UC 
UC is the virtual currency in PUBG Mobile, which players can use to buy common skins such as Snowflake Girl AKM and Guardian Armor M16A4. For some extremely rare Mythic Outfits/Skins, like Fool's Vengeance Set and Pharaoh X-Suit AWM skins, they cannot be directly purchased with UC. Instead, players can exchange lucky crate coupons in the game store for a chance to acquire these Mythic items.

Besides these popular skins and sets, players can also use UC to buy Royale Passes. The base Royale Pass costs 600 UC, but it allows players to level up faster and earn 2,500 UC in rewards. An upgraded Royale Pass can provide players with rewards worth 30,000 UC.

Although it is possible to earn a small amount of UC through activities or challenges in PUBG Mobile, the quickest way for those needing a large amount of UC is to purchase it with money.

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