Which Class Should I Choose in Diablo 4

juego: Diablo IV
tiempo: 2023-06-01
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Diablo 4 Classes

Many players are unknown on what classes are best for them to start off in. So, here's an article where we give the good and bad for all classes.


They are big, brutish and love to smack something so hard it literally will split into two. Barbarians have a lot of positives to them, Their Berserking gives them stat boosts improving power and attack speeds. They are very tanky and can take a beating like no other. Can DPS at range and the one benefit which surprised me the most is that Barbarians when specked properly can be very quick in their movements. In addition with the added benefit of carrying 4 weapons they can take advantage of having 4 legendary weapons active at the same time, while the other classes can only have 2 or 3. But for their negatives there are a few to take into consideration. One they are fury dependant. So you need to implement damage to be able to get access to stronger attacks. They have long cooldowns especially for their shouts and they can be very slow paced especially in the early game. But regardless Barbarians in D4 are a force not to be taken lightly, and would be a good starting class if you're just getting into this ARPG.


Necromancers during the Open Beta felt very god like. But regardless of that there are some benefits and negatives to the class. First off, they are very versatile when it comes to damage, with varying ways to cause significant damage and AOE affects. They are surprisingly tanky, their defense stat is decent and the added benefit of your summoning being used as meat shields. Or more like bone shields it adds to your survivability. And finally they have a vast array of crowd control effects which come very handy in sticky situations. Now for the negatives. They are tanky, in the beginning they can seem pretty squishy. Kind of like a fresh jelly bean, and after a while it hardens right up. They are corpse reliant meaning many of their skills require a corpse to activate. They do have some skills or abilities where corpses can appear but it s not as frequently as you would expect. They feel a little slow when it comes to scaling late in the game, and finally their skill tress are a bit more complex and would not benefit for new players entering the ARPG genre.


Druids saw a lot of negative feedback from the open beta and honestly I understood it as I wasn't as impressed with the class, but in all honesty we were only given a small taste of what's to come and I feel they can be pretty beefy. So what are some benefits, well first off they are versatile with the different methods of damage output. Many of their utility skills are defensive and make them a very tanky class. They benefit from a high burst output of damage and depending on the skills or aspects used can massively increase your followers damage and effects. However the negatives that you should take into consideration are that they have low mobility and primarily rely on attacking in place rather than continuously moving around. Rely on positioning and feel very tough and slow when it comes to leveling. This guide will help you level up your Druid efficiently and effectively. But overall it s a fun class to play around with especially with the transformations you can do.


This class was surprisingly fun to play with and felt extremely powerful, and to be honest It was a pleasant surprise cause I usually feel sorceress are very squishy. Some notes on their strengths. They have great movement. Some skills provide quick teleportation away from sticky situations. They can deal damage across the screen. And I mean across the screen. You can stand in one place and send out lightning bolts that find their own mark. They have remarkable crown control effects, and strong defensive skills that help you take a beating when required. But for the negatives. One you are mana reliant and without mana, you can consider yourself a walking pin cushion. Even though you can do damage from far, you will find yourself in close combat many times and can be a cluster of spells, colors and imagery. There are few party abilities in helping your team, and many of your crown control effects are dependent on buffs rather than affects. But overall I will say Sorcerer is damn fun and super recommended to try out especially for a run or two.


I left Rogue til last cause I honestly thought this was the best class for me. I m petty that way, take it as it is. Rogues are super fast. They are the most maneuverable class in the game and great to get out of sticky situations. They are versatile with a plethora of different ways to cause damage from close or far. They can deal high damage in a very quick pace and have a large amount of crown control affects and attacks. But with any good class comes some negatives. They are non, Rogues are best. No fine, even with their great strengths Rogues can be very squishy. Yes you move around fast but once you get hit you will feel it in your life bar. They also rely on positioning meaning you need to be in specific spots for specific skills especially ones where you need to hit a specific target to gain additional damage output on them. They also use combo boosts to increase damage output but overall this class is enjoyable but comes with a deeper and more target focus requirement which can make them a bit more daunting for newcomers to the ARPG genre.

Those are my strengths and weaknesses for the classes in Diablo iv and to be honest not everyone will agree with all of that, and that's fine because in the end these characters are yours to play with and experience. So I gotta ask, with Diablo IV releasing what will be your hierarchy of characters and what will you be starting out with?