GTA 5 How to Easily Earn Money and Unlock Police Cars

Game: GTA5
Time: 2024-01-10
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GTA Online has introduced an exciting new feature - the daily treasure hunt. Not only does this provide an effortless way to make money, with a $100,000 reward for each completion, but it also grants players access to unique outfits and the ability to purchase the park ranger vehicle from Warstock Cache and Carry. Please note that this feature is currently available only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

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The daily treasure hunt  
To begin the daily treasure hunt, head to the LS Tourist Board located on the north side of the map. Simply approach the board and press the designated button to initiate the process. You will receive an email containing information about three specific animals that you need to photograph. Remember, you can complete this task once every day, earning $100,000 for each set of animal photos.

Unlockable Rewards  
By taking a single photo, you will gain access to purchase the park ranger vehicle. However, if you manage to capture photos of all three animals in a single day, you will unlock the coveted "Zist" outfit (or "Zoilist," pronunciation may vary). Additionally, if you continue participating and take a total of 10 photos, you will unlock the trade price for the park ranger vehicle.

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How to convert the park ranger vehicle into a police car?  
You can completely black it out which will pretty much get rid of the park ranger decal on the side and just make it look like a blacked-out police SUV it's pretty cool. Or you can choose any color you like to paint the vehicle.

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Animal photography Locations:  
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Keep in mind that there are only three animals to photograph per day, making it a manageable task. With a bit of knowledge about their spawn locations, you can easily complete the treasure hunt and earn your rewards.

How do start the wildlife photography challenge?  
1. Complete the Paparazzi Strangers and Freaks mission with Franklin. This mission is triggered by a text message from Beverly, who sends Franklin a message saying that he's entered him in an amateur wildlife photography contest.

2. After completing the mission, Beverly will send Franklin a text message with a list of 20 animals that need to be photographed for the contest.

3. To find the animals, You can refer to the information in Animal Spawn Locations.

4. Once you locate an animal, use the Snapmatic app on your phone (press up on the d-pad twice in a row) to take a picture. Make sure the animal is alive, in the full frame, and not looking at the camera.

5. After taking a clear shot of the animal, use the "Send to LS Tourist Board" option to submit your image and tick that animal off your daily list.

6. Repeat this process for all 20 animals to complete the Wildlife Photography challenge.

Remember that you can use the Nano drone or thermal goggles to help locate and photograph the animals.

The new daily treasure hunt in GTA Online offers players a fantastic opportunity to earn $100,000 daily, unlock exclusive outfits, and acquire the park ranger vehicle. By visiting the LS Tourist Board and photographing the designated animals, you can steadily accumulate wealth and enjoy the thrill of this exciting feature.