Best Controller Settings for MLB The Show 24

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-03-16
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MLB The Show 24 Controller settings are important. Yet so many creators go ahead and bang out the same guide on day one of the new game without even testing anything. We do things differently here and are now providing you with the best Controller settings after extensive testing!


mlb 24 offense
mlb 24 offense

Baserunning Interface – Analog Select
Swing Input – Buttons
Hitting Interface – Zone
Directional Camera Shift - On
Directional Hitting Indicator - On
PCI Anchor – Preset
PCI Anchor Reset - Batter
PCI Anchor Dots - On
Plate Coverage Indicator – On
PCI Center – Diamonds
PCI Inner – Wedge
PCI Outer – None
PCI Color – Yellow
PCI Opacity – 70%
PCI Fadeout – Outer
Guess Pitch – Off
Vibration – On


mlb 24 defense

Pitching Interface – Pinpoint
Pitching Ball Marker – Pitch Trail
Pulse Meter Display – Bordered Circle
Throwing Interface – Button Accuracy
Accuracy Chevrons – On
Throw Cancelling – On
Catch Position Indicator – Drifting Ball
Dive/Jump – Two Button

Player Lock

mlb 24 player lock

Player Lock Throwing Interface – Button Accuracy
Player Lock Throw Mapping – Fielder
Player Lock Baserunning Interface – Analog
Player Lock Infield Reaction – Assist

Here are the best controller settings for MLB The Show 24. Be sure to play around with them to find what feels best to you.