MLB 24 Cornerstone Cards: Everything You Need to Know

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-03-06
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In MLB The Show 24, Diamond Dynasty introduced Cornerstone Cards. There are still many players who are confused about Cornerstone Cards. This guide may help.

What are cornerstone cards?

Cornerstone Cards in MLB The Show 24 are essentially Captain cards, featuring players with special abilities that can significantly influence the outcome of a game. They are designed to be the backbone of your team, providing unique boosts that cater to different playstyles and strategies. These cards are pivotal in building your dream team, offering a mix of legendary talent and contemporary stars that can tilt the field in your favor.

How to get cornerstone cards?

Acquiring Cornerstone Cards is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that every player has the chance to benefit from these powerful assets from day one. Upon the commencement of each new season within the game, players are rewarded with a Cornerstone Choice Pack, which is automatically added to their inventory. This pack allows players to select one of four seasonal player cards to serve as their team's Cornerstone Captain, making the choice a critical decision for shaping their team's identity and capabilities.

MLB 24 Cornerstone Cards

What are Season 1 cornerstone cards?

For Season 1, MLB The Show 24 has introduced a compelling lineup of Cornerstone Cards, each offering unique advantages. Players can choose between talents such as Nolan Arenado and Byron Buxton, known for their exceptional batting, or pitchers like Kodai Senga and Greg Maddux, who can dominate from the mound on opening day. This diverse selection ensures that players can tailor their team's strengths according to their preferred playing style​.


Selecting the right Cornerstone Card for your team is a decision that requires careful consideration of your team's needs and your gameplay strategy. Here are some factors to consider:

- Pitching vs. Batting: Decide whether you want to solidify your team's defense with a legendary pitcher or boost your offensive capabilities with a powerhouse batter.

- Player Abilities: Each Cornerstone Card comes with unique abilities. Assess these carefully to determine which player aligns best with your team's strategy.

- Team Composition: Consider the existing strengths and weaknesses of your team. Choose a Cornerstone Card that complements your team's current lineup and addresses any gaps.

Ultimately, the choice of Cornerstone Card should align with your overall team-building strategy and how you envision your path to victory. Whether prioritizing defense, offense, or a balanced approach, the right Cornerstone Card can significantly enhance your team's performance on the field.

In summary, Cornerstone Cards are a pivotal addition to MLB The Show 24, offering players the opportunity to significantly impact their team's dynamics and success. By carefully selecting your Cornerstone Captain at the start of each season, you can set the stage for a victorious campaign, leveraging unique abilities and strategic advantages that these cards bring to your squad.

Tips: Diamond Dynasty is all about building a dream team of old and new players from baseball cards. Cards can be obtained through packs, which are purchased with real money or MLB The Show 24 stubs, the in game currency.