MLB The Show 24: What Controller Should You Use?

Game: MLB The Show 24
Time: 2024-02-26
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mlb the show controller

MLB is so dependent on input, the input delay of your controller can be the difference between you hitting a perfect cluckshot or being just laid on a fastball. These are the controllers we recommend for MLB The Show 24.

Input delay is one of the reasons we enjoy playing on Xbox more so than PS5. PS5 for whatever reason just has more input delay. Unfortunately, both the standard PS and Xbox controllers are bad for MLB The Show. For the Xbox controller, they haven't worked since MLB The Show 21. The sticks don't register correctly all the time which screws up input delay and causes your PCI to stutter and the input delay on PS controller is notoriously bad.

If you're playing on PS, the best controller to get is the DualSense Edge.

It is pretty spendy as far as it goes but it has fantastic features. First of all, it has two back buttons you can set your trigger links. Thumb sticks are interchangeable and you can create up to four custom profiles. Lets you impact you know your different buttons and how sensitive your sticks are all these settings mean you can make this controller exactly what you need for MLB The Show

We would also strongly recommend you play it wired, because that's the best way to limit the input delay as much as you can.

If you're playing on Xbox, you're looking for a PowerA controller. They are all wired and you can find them at basically any retailer between $29 and $80.

We recommend that the FUSION Pro 3 Wired controller and it had some similar features to the Dual Sense Edge. You can change out the thumbsticks to different heights and it does have back buttons. We used the standard $29 controller all of MLB The Show 23 and loved it. The $80 controller does have a noticeable difference in build quality. It just feels a lot more sturdy and nice but that $29 works great as well my opinion.

PowerA has the best input delay of any controller we've ever played with MLB The Show and they should be your go to if you're on Xbox

They could really help you!

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